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      Hello community

      I love achievements and I thought, maybe it's not a bad Idea for an achievement thread guide.
      we have different guides for different achievements here.

      If you are also an achievement hunter and you have tips and tricks, post your tips or tricks here please.

      Let's start our hunt.

      How to get green Raptor Mount.

      Step 1. Achievement Well Travelled

      Visit all Town in Tera

      Velika 8 towns
      • Lumbertown
      • Crescentia
      • Popolion
      • Chebika
      • Cutthroat harbor
      • Pora Elinu

      Allemanthia 7 Towns
      • Tria
      • Tralion
      • Acarum
      • Bleakrock
      • Frontera
      • Elenea
      • Bastion
      Kaiator 6 Towns
      • Dragonfall
      • Scythera Fae
      • Habere
      • Pathfinder Post
      • Zulfikar Fortress
      • Kanstria
      Step 2. Monuments Location

      Pora Elinu - in front of Eldritch Academy Entrance

      Tulufan - Arena of the Exalted in Colossal Ruins

      Acarum - in front of Citadel of Torment Entrance

      Bastion - near Camp Sunlight

      Dragonfall - at Temple of Sikander in Amena Quatla

      Habere - in front of Labyrinth of Terror

      Now you will get Well Travelled achievement. your new mount will be mailed to you.

      Southern Arun Vistas Achievement

      Northern Shara Vista

      6 Easy Archievements

      Sabex Armory Achievement

      The three buggy problem Achievement

      Water from the Sky Achievement

      Forsaken IslandAchievements

    • I'm sorry The other video with title *Southern Arun Vistas Achievement*
      is the Achievement Water from the Sky

      Southern Arun Vistas Achievement

      Southern Shara Vistas

      Take Center Stage Achievement Manaya

      Told you I could Fit Achievement

      Kaiator Vista Achievement

      Argon Vista Achievement

      Crap Dip Achievement *Killed 50 Red Lash Clawriders in Mistmoor Island*

      one with Nagas Achievement *Kill 10 Naga Battlemasters in Serpentis Isle*

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    • Hello achievement hunters.

      Now the achievements are categorized.

      like the example below and every place has his own color.

      Southern Arun,Northern Arun,Southern Shara and Northern Shara, for a better overview.

      Southern Shara
      Achievement Waterfall Vista. (Climbed the mountain where the waterfall southwest of Tria begins.)
      and here a Video or an explanation.

      equally other following achievements in this thread.

      Happy Hunting

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    • Southern Shara
      Achievement Waterfall Vista. (Climbed the mountain where the waterfall southwest of Tria begins.)

      Southern Shara
      One with Icereavers (Soloed 10 Icereaver Giants in Frost Reach). (note the map in the video)

      Southern Shara
      one with Lithikumas (Soloed 10 Patient Lithikumases in Blessing Basin) (go to Allemantheia, then Tralion)

      watch the Video

      Southern Shara
      Like a Rock (Kill 50 Magmar Teraliths) (go to Elenea/note the map in the video)

      Southern Shara
      one with Warmasters (10 Giant Warmasters in Feral Valley)(please note the map in the video)

      Southern Shara Towns (only achievements)

      Acarum (achievement Acarum Tourist)

      Bastion (achievement Bastion Tourist)

      Bleakrock (achievement Bleakrock Tourist)

      Elenea (achievement Elenea Tourist)

      Frontera (achievement Frontera Tourist)

      Tralion (achievement Tralion Tourist)

      Tria (achievement Tria Tourist)

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    • Southern Arun Towns
      Castanica (Achievement Castanica Tourist)
      Chebika (Achievement Chebika Tourist)
      Crescentia (Achievement Crescentia Tourist)
      Cutthroat Harbor (Achievement Cutthroat tourist)
      Lumbertown (Achievement Lumbertown Tourist)
      Popolion (Achievement Popolion Tourist)
      Pora Elinu (Achievement Pora Elinu Tourist)
      Tulufan (Achievement Tulufan Tourist)

      Southern Arun
      A Maze Mastered (Azarel's Labyrinth/Kill Tabruk 10, Labyrinth Stalkers 20,Azarel's Juggernauts 20)
      go to Cutthroat Harbor.
      Map below


      Southern Arun
      Crap Dip(Mistmoor Island/Kill 50 Red Lash Clawriders)

      Important:after ten clawriders kills you get "one with clawriders" Achievement- "One with Clawriders/Kill 10 Red Lash Clawriders"

      Title : Crabby -after 50 Kills-
      go to Cutthroat Harbor
      Map below


      Southern Arun
      Oblivion Vista (Climbed up along the ridge of the mountain to the northeast of Crescentia.)
      go to: Crescentia

      Southern Arun
      One with Basilisks (Kill 10 Basilisks)
      go to: Crescentia, then Bestial Vale

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    • Southern Arun
      One with Kumases: Kill 10 Desert Lightning Kumas in Aurum Road
      Southern Arun
      One with Nagas: Kill 10 Naga Battlemasters in Serpentis Isle
      Southern Arun
      Split them 50/50: Kill Kumas in Celestial Hills Torpid Kumas 50,Indolent Kumas 50.

      Southern Arun
      Vista Mix: Climbed up the mountain near the Tenebrous Mines

      thering Master (Inventory Expansion)
      (you can have one more line by upgrading all collect skills to 300.)
      Master all Gathering Skills: Mining 300, Plants 300, Energy 300.
      Title: Gathering Master and Inventory Expansion.

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    • Northern Arun
      Highest Mark: Climb the hills north of Highwatch and find the Wall of Wordcraft.
      Northern Arun
      Lost Clues: Found a puzzling monument in the Sundered Cave in Ex Prima.
      Northern Arun
      Ain't no Mountain High Enough: The achievement in the video is at: 4:05
      Northern Arun:
      6 Easy Achievements for Northern Arun
      Northern Arun
      Enshrined: Experienced all of the shrine effects.
      This is a Shrine near Spring Valley. Shrines are all around: Spring Valley,Ex Prima,Arx Umbra

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    • Northern Shara Towns
      Dragonfall (Dragonfall tourist)
      Habere (Habere Tourist)
      Kanstria (Kanstria Tourist)
      Pathfinder Post (Pathfinder Post Tourist)
      Scythera Fae (Scythera Fae Tourist)
      Zulfikar Forstress (Zulfikar Forstress Tourist)

      Northern Shara
      Argon Vista: Climbed up the mountain in the south Tirkai Forest.
      Northern Shara
      Bridge Partner: Found a puzzling monument on the Bridge of Grief.
      Northern Shara
      Kaiator Vista: Climbed the mountain that wraps around Kaiator from east to south. (Pet Bam Bam)
      Northern Shara
      Hello Darkness My Old Fiend: Rid Darkquaver Woods of Darkquaver Orisks. (Kill 50 Darkquaver Orisks)

      Northern Shara
      One with Giants: Kill 10 Vengeful Glacial Giants in Vale of Spires.

      Video: (note the map in the video)

      Northern Shara
      One with Warlords: Kill10 Inexorable Akalath Warlords in Amena Quatla.

      Northern Shara
      Susurrus Vista: Climbed the mountain near Dakonan Overwatch.
      Northern Shara
      Temple Run: Found a puzzling monument deep inside the Temple of Sikander.
      Northern Shara
      That Ain't No Flower: Kill 50 Lurking Storm Lizards
      (note the map in the video)

      The Power of Lore Master
      Quests, Quests and Quests.
      If you complete all quests (that you can find) your achievement-quest counter is still at 1350 quests. But you need 1500. So what can you do?
      repeatables are the way to go.

      Also daily rep quests,

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    • Achievements Rewards Part 1

      Gathering Master:
      Master all Gathering Skills (350) Mining,Plants,Energy.
      Reward: Title Gathering Master,Receive Extra Inventory with achievement

      You Would Think I'd Learn...

      Completed the achievements listed below
      Use all 6 types of bandages 100 times. 100 Keener's Bandages,100 Verdra Bandages,100 Sylva Bandages,
      100 Shetla Bandages,100 Toira Bandages,100 Luria Bandages.
      Reward: Raises your Max HP

      Hold on Loosely, but don't let go...
      Completed the achievements listed below
      Mining 50,Energy 50,Plants 50:
      Reward: Increases all gathering proficiencies and with the Achievements: Middling Miner,Energetic,Tiny Sapling.

      Instance Gratification
      Cleared ten dungeons with groups made via Instance Matching.
      Cleared Instances: (10/10)
      Reward: Decreases damage taken when knocked down.

      Song of Fire and Ice
      Inflicted critical damage on Kelsaik in Kelsaik's Nest (Normal) 5 times. "Easy with lvl 65"
      Reward: Decreases damage taken from enraged monsters.

      More Inventory Space
      Expanding your Inventory. Here are the steps.

      Veliak NPC Name Getty:

      You can buy further expansions for 3/80/100 gold pieces, bringing your bag to 80 slots.
      If you max out your gathering skills (300 in each) you get another free row of inventory space, for a total of 88 slots.
      Level 50 grants you both another achievement, and another row
      you'll have access to a questline which will further increase your available space.

      Quest Name: Bolstering the Home Front (This is a long quest line.)

      NPC Norag Kaiator (click on "spoiler" to see the picture)

      Deliver supplies to various towns

      50 Verdra Fibers
      50 Sun Essence
      50 Krymetal Ore


      50 Sylva Fibers
      50 Linmetal Ore
      50 Esence of Wind

      50 Shetla Fibers
      50 Normetal Ore
      50 Star Essence

      50 Toira Fibers (go to Acarum or Bleackrock)
      50 Shadmetal Ore ( same /Acarum or Bleackrock)
      50 Essence of Ice ( same/Acarum or Bleackrock)

      50 Luria Fibers
      50 Xermetal Ore
      50 Lightning Esence

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    • Achievement Rewards Items:

      All Mine: All Gathering Skills Max 350:
      Reward: Swift Gatherer's Neklace ( useful/increase gathering speed 30%)

      All You Need is Lore: Completed 200 Quests
      Reward: Loremaster's Neklace (Increase Gathering Skill by 10)

      Black Panther Mount (Permanent, 275 speed and FREE for Level 60 players)

      Explanation under Dakotacs Video:
      Display Spoiler
      The Black Leopard mount is earned through Reputation, which is available during endgame. You need to earn reputation from green daily quests so you are at least 'Friendly' status with the first 5 factions in your character profile. This allows you to buy the materials needed for the mount.

      The factions you will want 'Friendly' status are:
      - Invalesco, in Pathfinder Post (Val Tirkai)
      - Shariar, in Zulfikar Fortress (Helkan District)
      - Valsekyr Hunt, in Kanstria (Val Kaeli)
      - Hyderad Legacy, in Bastion (Veritas District)
      - Hands of Velika, in Velika

      Although, this takes a long time to do. Over 3 weeks is a common time frame to expect but it's up to you if you think the Black Leopard is worth it.

      Watch Dakotacs Video

      Pet BamBam

      Shandra Manaya The Argon Queen

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    • Allemantheia Unified Theory Institute Reputation Quiz
      Question and Answer

      Pop Quiz
      Who create the Core? Serion
      Where do High Elves get their mana from? The Core
      Serion stored energy from here within the Core. Where did the energy come from? Flower of Life

      Mechanics of Magic
      The three elements of kinetophysis are caused by external forces and motion. What are they?
      Velocity, acceleration, and vibration.
      What's the name of the science that explains the solidity and transformation of materials?
      Material studies
      What's the name of the science that explains interactions among machanical components?
      Theory of mechanics

      Fusion Confusion
      In fusion science, material components channel this force. What is it? Magic
      Fusion science combines what two elements? Magic and Machinary
      What is the most succesful example of fusion science? The Core

      Allemantheia capital city of the high elves founded centuries ago in the wake of the Divine War.

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    • Categorized Repeatable Quests.

      Hello Achievement Maniacs.
      Here are all repeatable quests categorized. - categorized to lvl 12 - 65-
      (now you have a better overview for your Diamond Laurel)

      Oblivion Woods
      Tuwangi Mire
      Bastion of Lok
      Tenebrous Mines
      Mistmoor Island
      Ascension Valley
      Jagged Coast (Cutthroat Harbor) picture

      Lake of Tears
      Colossal Ruins
      Aurum Road
      Cathedral Passageway
      Tempest Reach
      Quarantine Zone
      Feral Valley
      Temple of Dagon
      Serpentis Isle
      Hungry Caverns
      Sienna Canyon
      Tor Exsul
      Plain of the Damned
      Vale of Spires
      Balder's Refuge
      Khanovar Front

    • BAM BAM and World Bosses

      World Bosses
      First you have to know some important information about World Bosses.

      All these bosses spawn on all channels. That means:
      if we have more than one channel, a world boss can be on channel 2 or 3 or 4 or 5.

      If a boss is only up on 1 channel it probably means others are not up

      Note that their location and respawn timers are random. While some bosses only have 1 possible location, others have more than one spot where they can spawn. I also included the respawn time for each boss, may not be 100% accurate but it should give you a general idea. When I say for example 6-24, it means random respawn time between 6 hours to 24 hours.

      World Bosses Categorized and Respawn Time (click on the name to see the map)


      Arakia, Ovolith, 6-24

      Lanok, Giant, 6-24

      Barraq, Kumas, 6-24

      Atrocitas, Firmbrilisk, 6-24

      Deathglare, Basilisk, 6-24

      Abraxis, Crab, 6-24

      Tabruk, Vulcan, 12-24

      Trunus, Lizard, 6-24

      Solrachnus, Arachnen, 6-24

      Divine Reaver, Vulcan, 12-24

      Kanash, Crab, 12-24+


      Andras, Golem, 6-24

      Terkasia, Medusa, 6-24

      Kestol, Naga, 6-24

      Teriak, Giant, 6-24

      Dulagoras, Orisk, 6-24

      Nyxarras, Dracoloth, 12-24+

      Huzrat, Bloodtalon, 12-24+

      Kelthuzad, Vulcan, 12-24+


      Betsael, Firmbrilisk, 12-24+

      Yunaras, Barsicore, 12-24+

      Linyphi, Ovolith, 12-24+

      Maeve, Arachnen, 12-24+

      Draelteryx, Argon Raptor, 12-24

      Hursaras, Argon Robot, 12-24

    • so what ? I'm supposed to wait 50 times from 6 to 24 hours in the spawn areas of all bosses just to get ruler of shara and ruler of arun achievements ? that would take like ages...

      Leadership is something you earn, something you're chosen for. You can't come in yelling, 'I'm your leader!' If it happens, it's because the other guys respect you.

      Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts?

      Be polite; write diplomatically; even in a declaration of war one observes the rules of politeness.

      Ah, beware of snobbery; it is the unwelcome recognition of one's own past failings.
    • Not all Bosses have the same respawn time. Some respawn times are shorter like the respawn time of Lanok
      and Hursaras has a longer respawn time.

      But the informations about world bosses are only, if you need a tip about a world boss at a certain place.

      Maybe a Moderator has more informations about respawn times. that would be interesting.

      greetings Eyo

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