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    • Tera's Lore - The Real Thing

      This version of TERA'S Lore (chapters 1-3) is brought to you by senita456.
      Quoted from "senita456"
      Hallooo o/

      While I've seen many threads talking about Tera's lore(Some even created by myself),the other day I randomly come across a very interesting thread in another forum where an user named Asclei posted the translation of Tera's lore published in Tera's Tawainese Site(

      This is probably the most complete Tera's lore that can be found around,too bad its still an incomplete translation.

      - Asclei for Translation
      - Original Thread located at:

      - Tawainese Tera's Lore:

      - EnMasse Tera's Lore:…e-Thread?page=1
      (As requested by original poster)
      --Start Quoting--

      There are 4 chapters in total, and each divided into subsections, I will list the chapters with the subsections, along with the corresponding post # for easier reference:

      Chapter One- Age of Creation:

      01- Arun and Shara
      02- Creation of Arborea
      03- Birth of the first “god”, Manahan
      04- Birth of the next 31 gods
      05- First creation of Manahan
      06- Manahan’s curiosity; Arborea shattered
      07- Manahan in exile
      08- Repairing of the barrier
      09- The 33rd god; Mystel’s birth
      10- Creation of the different races
      11- Arun and Shara’s rest

      Chapter Two- Age of Divinity:

      01- Creation of the different races(continued)
      02- Birth of the Fairies
      03- Gathering of the Gods
      04- Flower of Life: Last gift from Karas to the Elves
      05- City of the Giants
      06- Isren's Death
      07- Sealing of the Sacred Lake
      08- Sikander's rampage
      09- Arn's children, stealing of Gidd's Spear
      10- Gidd's Death
      11- Empire of the Giants
      12- Giants ruling over the Amans
      13- First Divine War
      14- Birth of the Holy Empire
      15- Barakas, the guardian of "Arucana Kenaia"
      16- Day of Flame
      17- Second Divine War
      18- Destruction of the Holy Empire
      19- Separation of Heavenly Abode from the world

      Chapter Three- Age of Legends:

      01- Barakas' Independence
      02- Sacred Lake revealed
      03- Zuras' seclusion
      04- Lok and the Castanics
      05- Building of Allemantheia
      06- The conquering Elves
      07- Velik and the Humans
      08- Civil war of the Elves
      09- Balder's Temple - continues lower
      10- Exchange between the High Elves and the Barakas
      11- Independence of the Amans
      12- Building of Kaiator
      13- Sealing of the Heavenly Abode

      Chapter Four- Age of Mortals: (TBA)

      01- Battle between Shakan and Lok
      02- Velik and Kaia
      03- Castanics, in the search of Lok
      04- Lakan and the Arc Devas
      05- Empire of the Arc Devas
      06- Union between the Humans and the Poporis
      07- Barakas' invitation by the High Elves
      08- Invasion of the Argons
      09- Birth of the Valkyon Federation
      10- Argons' retaliation
      11- Army's return
      12- Island of Dawn
      13- Argons' long distance warfare
      14- Second exploration team to Island of Dawn
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    • Chapter One- Age of Creation:

      01- Arun and Shara:

      In the beginning of time, above the vast open universe, lived Arun and Shara.
      They witnessed endless wars brought upon by the never-ending conflict between chaos and order.
      Arun and Shara were very in love however, and thus they decided to leave the chaotic world that they knew, and created a space which they can call their own.
      Barriers were put in place to shield off this newly created space from the chaos outside that both Arun and Shara called home.

      02- Creation of Arborea:

      Arun and Shara named this peaceful space: Arborea.
      Pathways were also built along the barriers surrounding Arborea, these pathways were guarded by Mystel, hence they are also known as: “Mystel’s Path”.
      Two continents were formed during the creation of Arborea, and took on the names of their creator: Arun and Shara.
      A sun was created to provide a thriving environment for all kinds of life-forms to flourish. The breath from Arun and Shara became the life-force of all living creatures.
      ***SPOILER ALERT***

      senita456 wrote:

      You have been warned, lol. . . Yes, the Taiwanese version of the lore revealed who Manahan is in the 3rd section, lol. . .

      03- Birth of the first “god”, Manahan:

      Arun and Shara then used part of their own essences and created Manahan. As such, Manahan also inherited part of his parents’ power.

      04- Birth of the next 31 gods:

      However, Manahan is very powerful and has an unquenchable sense of curiosity, and perhaps might one day threaten the safety of Arborea. Therefore Arun and Shara used parts of Arborea to create the next 11 gods:

      senita456 wrote:

      (I tried to match names with…e-Thread?page=1 as well, it is a major pain to translate names, names in italics mean I cannot find the English equivalent of that name, and translated it to the best of my abilities)


      Later, Arun and Shara used parts of the gods above, including Manahan himself, and created another 20 gods:


      These 31 gods called themselves the children of the ancient gods: Arun, and Shara.

      05- First creation of Manahan:

      Having watched his parents at work, the curious Manahan tried to create something himself. As a result, Shandra Manaya was born.
      However at his young age, Manahan was still unskilled in the art of creation, and could only mimic what his parents did, therefore Shandra Manaya turned out as an incomplete being. She existed neither as a god nor the beginning of a thriving race.

      06- Manahan’s curiosity; Arborea shattered:

      As a growing youth, Manahan always wondered what existed outside the barrier surrounding Arborea. Driven by his ever growing curiosity, he broke through a part of the barrier which surrounded and protected Arborea.
      Due to his actions, Arborea itself shattered into several pieces. In this exact instance, another strange and unfamiliar space was simultaneously formed, later known simply as: “Yakaia”.

      07- Manahan in exile:

      Manahan’s reckless action brought upon an unimaginable danger to Arborea. Realising Manahan can no longer be allowed to do things at his whim, Arun and Shara banished and imprisoned him into Yakaia. Manahan’s powers were then used to stabilise fractured Arborea.

      08- Repairing of the barrier:

      Arun and Shara repaired the damage done by Manahan to the barrier protecting Arborea, and eradicated the chaotic energies that had seeped through.
      Arun and Shara were aware of the fact that the powers possessed by the other 31 gods, could bring about peace and prosperity to Arborea, but could also bring about catastrophic calamity to it.
      Arun and Shara also agreed that no god can be the supreme ruler of Arborea, as this will one day threaten the its stability.
      A stone tablet, “Arucana Kenaia” was created, containing the memories of Arun and Shara.

      09- The 33rd god; Mystel’s birth:

      Lastly, Arun and Shara created Mystel. Her existence differed from the others, as she existed to look after Arborea instead of Arun and Shara.

      10- Creation of the different races:

      Six of the wisest gods deciphered the knowledge in the “Arucana Kenaia”, and created the six main races.
      • Karas deciphered the tablet first and created the Elves(I know they are known as the “High Elves”, there will be an explanation for this later).
      • Zuras created the Devas(later known as the Castanics, also will be an explanation of this later).
      • Amarun created the Amans.
      • Tithus created the Giants(the main race which the Barakas belong to).
      • Gidd created the Humans.
      • Elinu created the Poporis and Elins.

      Arun and Shara were both very satisfied with the newly created races.

      11- Arun and Shara’s rest:

      Arun and Shara knew the gods will eventually involve themselves in the lives of the living-beings in Arborea. Therefore, they handed “Gidd’s Spear”(a weapon capable of killing and absorbing the powers of a god) to Gidd, who was known to be both wise and just.
      Understanding the will of Arun and Shara, Gidd vowed to protect Arborea.
      After Arun and Shara created a mysterious temple, they decided it is time for a rest, and both fell into a deep slumber.
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    • Chapter Two- Age of Divinity:

      01- Creation of the different races (continued):

      The six wisest gods led their creations and settled in different parts of Arborea.
      As time went by, other gods started to create their own races:
      Sikander created the Sikandaris
      Saleron created the Prions
      Dagon created the Yuantis.
      Glumo created the Vampirs and the Gulas.
      Yaeryn created the Jaris.

      However these gods did not completely understand the knowledge within "Arucana Kenaia", as such, "something" is still lacking in their creations when compared to the original six races.
      The gods, along with the races they created moved to, and starting to populate different areas within Arborea.

      02- Birth of the Fairies:

      Isren used the power of nature and the breath from the Ancient Gods to create the Fairies and Elementals.
      Since their "creation" process differed from other races, Fairies and Elementals differed in their characteristics as well.

      03- Gathering of the Gods:

      As time progressed, some gods lived amongst the different races, and some began to explore different parts of Arborea. One day, Mystel went and searched for all the gods, and asked them to congregate at the location where "Arucana Kenaia" was located.
      This is the first gathering of the gods, after Arun and Shara went into slumber. They all shared their knowledge and experience, recording them all onto "Arucana Kenaia", this gathering lasted for 10 years.
      After this gathering, the gods maintained a bond amongst each other, hence the different races got to learn about the existence of other gods as well, thus the beginning of multiple beliefs within the races.

      04- Flower of Life: Last gift from Karas to the Elves:

      Known to be the wisest of the gods; Karas questioned the arrangement of Arun and Shara.
      After teaching the Elves the usage of magic, and giving them the "Flower of Life", Karas silently left.
      The Elves missed Karas, but they also remembered Karas telling them that he will never return, therefore the Elves started looking for a way to live on their own.

      05- City of the Giants:

      Tithus bestowed the knowledge of construction to the Giants.
      Tithus admired the other races living in Arborea, in the same time wishing that the Giants would one day be the true ruler of the land.
      Tithus began thinking of ways to make this happen.

      06- Isren's Death:

      An incident caused Isren her death, now the other gods realise that they one day too, will die.

      07- Sealing of the Sacred Lake:

      After Isren's death, in an attempt to protect the Elins and Poporis, Elinu sealed the Sacred Lake within a barrier. Since Elinu is an expert in the art of concealment, no one knew about the Sacred Lake until the the barrier's removal.
      Because of her foresight, the Poporis and Elins lived together blissfully and joyfully through the Divine Wars.
      However, after sealing the Sacred Lake in a barrier, Elinu removed all her traces and disappeared.

      08- Sikander's rampage:

      Madly in love with Isren, Sikander went into a rampage searching for the truth about her death.
      Tithus tried to borrow Gidd's Spear in an attempt to calm Sikander down, however this proposal was rejected by Gidd.

      09- Arn's children, stealing of Gidd's Spear:

      During that time, Arn was the leader of the human, and he had seven sons.
      Tithus met with "Basade", one of Arn's sons in secret, and used "stopping Sikander's rampage" as a reason to persuade Basade to get him Gidd's Spear. Tithus promised him that it will be returned once the task is completed.
      After discussing with his brothers, all of Arn's children stole Gidd's spear and loaned it to Tithus.
      Gidd was extremely furious once he heard about what happened, he expelled all the human from the mountain they were living in, and cursed them to live an nomadic live forever, never to find a place they can call home.

      10- Gidd's Death:

      Gidd tracked Tithus down and asked for his spear to be return, but using the same old reasoning; "Sikander's rampage", he refused. The two gods broke out in a fight, and in the end Tithus killed Gidd with his own spear.
      Not only can Gidd's spear kill a god, it can absorb the essence of said god as well. However, the essence absorbed does not transfer to the wielder of the spear, it is instead being returned back to Arborea.
      However, only Gidd knew about this, leaving Tithus to assume that he has obtained Gidd's essence in the process.
      Although Tithus was confused as to why he did not feel any stronger than before, he has no way of proving his speculation as he was not clear about what abilities Gidd had to begin with.

      11- Empire of the Giants:

      Tithus wasted no time and involved himself in all aspects of the Giants' life; from daily matters to the passing on of knowledge, helping them to create an empire. The Giants soon felt proud that they have exceeded all the other races and in no time, they began conquering the continent in Tithus' name.
      The Vampirs were first to fall, and after knowing Tithus was in pocession of Gidd's spear, Glumo decided it was wisest to pledge his allegiance to Tithus.

      12- Giants ruling over the Amans:

      In their path to conquest, the Giants defeated the Amans, but were pleasantly surprised by their abilities in battle. Hence, they decided to enslave the Amans for their own purpose.
      Amarun was extremely upset that the Giants attacked the Amans without provocation, and rushed to see Tithus.
      A heated discussion soon turned ugly, and in their fight, Tithus killed Amarun in front of the other gods, and pretended to have absorbed his essnce. Using this opportunity, he tried to bend the will of the other gods. This planted the seed of the first Divine War.

      13- First Divine War:

      Tithus declared himself to be the new leader of the gods.
      Gods who were close to Amarun such as Saleron, Karas, Zuras, and etc. stood united in the opposing camp. While Thulsa, Akasha, Killian, and Lakan pledged their allegiance to Tithus.
      Due to earlier defection of Glumo and now Arachne to Tithus' camp, this created an opening for both Saleron and Zuras to be captured. Although Karas escaped, no one has seen him ever since.
      Tithus proceeded to put up a grand show of sealing the two gods with his "supposedly" immense powers, and declared himself the leader of the gods.

      14- Birth of the Holy Empire:

      The Giants' journey to complete domination of Arborea continued. . .
      Lakan began to endear himself to the Devas left behind by Zuras, and promised the Devas that they will be taken care of. Without any other options, the Devas accepted Lakan, and became a part of the Giants' empire.
      The Giants' conquest of the Arun continent was completed, and began their march towards the Shara continent.
      The Elves knew that it would be impossible to survive without Karas, hence they willingly submitted to the Giants.
      At this point, the Giants officially named their empire: "Holy Empire".
      The Elves saw their short-comings compared to the Giants in the field of magic, hence they secretly created a group of bodies dedicated to the study of magic: "Mysterium".

      15- Barakas, the guardian of "Arucana Kenaia":

      There was a group of Giants called the Barakas, and they were named to be the guardian of "Arucana Kenaia". They built a village near the location of the stone tablet and lived there.
      The Barakas were the wisest and most powerful magic users amongst the Giants, and they continued their studies of "Arucana Kenaia". They disapproved what the Giants had done, but neither can they disobey Tithus. So as time passed, they began to live their lives more and more in seclusion.
      During this time, Oryin made frequent visits to the Barakas and formed a friendship with them.

      16- Day of Flame:

      After Tithus became the of the gods through brutality and ruthlessness, he continued down the same path and applied the same methods in governing Arborea. The Giants, which Tithus loved and sided with, slowly became just as brutal and ruthless like their god.
      This however, acted as a catalyst in the formation of an opposing force amongst the gods lead by Yurian. Yurian believed that Tithus exercised too much control over Arborea, and in the process threatening the very balance of it. Yurian then visited Lok and asked his help in creating a special item.
      By using Lok's creation, Yurian caused the sun to went amok, and in one night's time engulfed three major cities of the Holy Empire in a sea of fire. This incident will later be known as "Day of Flame".
      Second divine war broke out because of this incident.

      17- Second Divine War:

      Shakan, Velik, Kaia, Zenobia, Bahale, and Ishara join Yurian in his campaign against Tithus.
      After a devastating war, the gods finally defeated Tithus. Balder stepped forward and prevented the was from escalating further.
      Balder removed one of his eyes and turned it into the new sun. Balder also received Yurian's backing and became the new leader of the gods.

      18- Destruction of the Holy Empire:

      Although Tithus had been defeated, Balder did not think it was right to kill him, so in the end Balder chose to imprison Tithus instead.
      Following Tithus' defeat, the Elves and the Devas announced their independence from the Holy Empire.
      The Giants figured that if they can rescue Tithus, they would restore their former glorious days. Therefore the Giants started to work on ways to free Tithus. This effort did not go unnoticed, and incurred the fury of the gods. The gods annihilated the royal families of the Holy Empire, and forbid the usage of that name ever again.
      After 565 years, the Holy Empire finally came to an end.

      19- Separation of Heavenly Abode from the world:

      Balder did not think the gods should interfere with the lives of the different races too much, therefore he ordered the separation of the heavenly abode from Arborea.
      Lok then created structures within the heavenly abode for the gods.
      Balder followed by ordering the gods to leave their weapons in the heavenly abode, as a way to restrict their interference and movement on Arborea.
      This began the peaceful co-existance between the gods and the different races of Arborea.
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    • Chapter Three- Age of Legends:

      01- Barakas' Independence:

      Although the Giants which plotted against the gods had been annihilated, the peaceful Barakas were spared.
      Oriyn came to the defense of the Barakas, and Balder agreed that one of the original six races should not be wiped out so hastily.
      Balder changed the appearance of the Barakas, and formerly named them as such, declaring that they were no longer the Giants.
      The Barakas were then accepted by all the gods.

      02- Sacred Lake revealed:

      After the war, peace had returned to Arborea. Goddess Elinu then released the barrier around the Sacred Lake.
      In the beginning, the other races were very curious about the Poporis and the Elins. However, due to their cuteness(yes, the lore did say "cuteness", lol. . . ), and happy-go-lucky nature, they soon began frequent interactions amongst themselves. The nomadic Humans had the most interactions with the Poporis and the Elins.
      Realizing that there were still duties for her to complete, Elinu asked the help of Balder's wife; Goddess Seren to look after the Elins and Poporis in her absence. This was how Seren became the patron goddess of the Poporis and Elins, and the Sacred Lake was also called "Moon Lake".

      03- Zuras' seclusion:

      Zuras had not been released from his imprisonment, despite Tithus' defeat. . . Of course, there was an explanation behind this, which only Balder and Elinu knew about. . .
      After Balder became the leader of the gods following the destruction of the Holy Empire, he seek Elinu's help in releasing the gods which had been imprisoned by Tithus. Goddess Elinu was an expert in the art of concealment, and was able to construct and remove any barriers without any effort. However, she only wished to live in peace, and hence her absence in the Divine Wars.
      When Balder and Elinu released Zuras from his imprisonment, they were surprised by Zuras' response. Zuras figured that as long as the gods don't interfere with the lives of the different races, there would not be a reason for him to resurface. Zuras felt he finally understood why Karas left the Elves; the different races had to learn to be independent and survive on their own.
      Zuras asked Elinu to erase his traces and let him live in peace, Elinu did so, but allowing Zuras the option of escaping from the barrier if he so chose.
      No one knew about this incident except Balder and Elinu.
      Lakan, who had made himself the patron god of the Devas, worried that Zuras might one day return, but soon abandoned that thought when Zuras failed to emerge.
      Although Balder wanted to release Saleron from him imprisonment as well, but after he heard of Saleron's threats to Tithus' former allies, Balder discarded the idea.

      04- Lok and the Castanics:

      The Devas grew more and more uneasy when they failed to see the return of Zuras.
      Balder asked for Lok's assistance in taking care of the Devas, and slowly Lok was regarded as the patron god of the Devas. The Devas were renamed "Castanics" by Lok.
      The free-thinking Devas quickly accepted the name "Castanics", and viewed Lok as their "adoptive" parent. Lok in the meantime also passed onto the Castanics his technological knowledge.

      05- Building of Allemantheia:

      After the fell of the Holy Empire, the Elves were determined to build their own city.
      With the "Flower of Life" as the central location, the Elves used their magic and the Giants' knowledge of construction, they built "Allemantheia".
      Although the Giants' possessed tremendous magical abilities, but at the end of the day, those abilities came from Tithus and not their own. The Elves however, were proud of the fact that they obtained their current magical knowledge from their own hard-work, and it far surpassed those possessed by the other races.
      The construction of Allemantheia took 12 years.

      06- The conquering Elves:

      Being abandoned by Karas at the very beginning, they had a very strong sense of self-preservation. Due to this very reason, the Elves spent tremendous effort in studying the power of the gods.
      The Elves knew of Shara's Spring in Shara continent, and attacked the Jaris which lived there. The Jaris and Fairies which lived at Shara's Spring in peace were no match for the Elves, and was driven to extinction.
      Mystel hid the entrance to Shara's Spring from the Elves. As a result, all that the Elves were able to find was a normal spring and nothing else.
      The Elves began a warfare in the southern part of Shara continent in order to obtain what they wanted.

      07- Velik and the Humans:

      Goddess Velik took pity on the nomadic Humans and decided to help them.
      Velik was created from a part of Gidd's essence, therefore there was father-daughter like bond between them. Hence she felt obligated in taking care of Gidd's creation.
      After removing the curse from the Humans, Velik helped them to settle in southern Arun, and forbid them from causing anymore trouble. This led to the creation of "Velika".

      08- Civil war of the Elves:

      To the Elves, the "Flower of Life" represented eternity. However as time passed, they realised that when they used their magical abilities drawn from the "Flower of Life", life nearby would cease to exists, and the surrounding would be reduced to sand.
      There were elves who suggested a limitation to the usage of "Flower of Life", and to co-exist with the other surrounding life-forms. These elves were known as the "Wind Elves". However, the remainder of the elves cannot resist the temptation of the "Flower of Life" and ignored what the "Wind Elves" suggested and continued with their original ways.
      The "Wind Elves" knew their race would share the Giants' demise if nothing was done. Therefore they attempted to seal away part of the power of the "Flower of Life". However this attempt failed miserably and caused the "Flower of Life" to went amok.
      All the highest elven sorcerers sacrificed themselves in an attempt to settle the "Flower of Life". Only Serion managed to survive.
      Because of this incident, the tension between the "Wind Elves" and the remainder elven population(they renamed themselves the "High Elves") reached the crescendo, and a civil war broke out. Allemantheia was destroyed in the process, and the "Wind Elves" were wiped out by the "High Elves".
      The High Elves rebuilt the current Allemantheia where the old one, also the grave site of the Wind Elves, once stood.

      senita456 wrote:

      Anyone capable of translating the missing part of the Lore its welcome :O

      Credits(Yes, once again):
      - Asclei for Translation
      - Original Thread located at:
      - Tawainese Tera's Lore:
      - EnMasse Tera's Lore:…e-Thread?page=1
      (As requested by original poster)
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    • Races section would be the best fitting as its basically the history of the races of Tera (and the gods alongside).
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    • Chapter three(Continues)

      09- Balder's Temple:

      There is a forest that Balder treasured in the Southern Shara continent. Balder would sometimes come here to get a brief rest. One day, Mystel came and visited Balder.
      After a conversation that they had, Balder commissioned the Barakas to build a temple in his garden. After making some arrangements, he entrusted the Barakas with the task of guarding his temple. The leader of the Barakas at that time was Qunso, therefore the Barakas guarding Balder's Temple was also known as the Qunso tribe. Following Balder's directions, Qunso and his tribe migrated to the Southern Shara continent and settled in the forest that Balder liked.
      Some of the Barakas meanwhile moved to Southern Arun and built "Balderon".

      10- Exchange between the High Elves and the Barakas:

      The Barakas are gentle, knowledgeable, and helpful to other races. The Barakas, a stark contrast to their Qunso counterparts whom preferred to keep a low profile, actively shared their knowledge(especially their art in healing) with other races nearby. The High Elves began visiting the Barakas due to this reason.
      The High Elves highly admired the knowledge possessed by the Barakas, and thus they were the first amongst the other races to be invited to Allemantheia. This slowly began the interaction of different races within Allemantheia.

      11- Independence of the Amans:

      The enslavement of the Amans did not change, despite the fell of the "Holy Empire".
      There was a dramatic reduction in Aman population because they were primarily used as a disposable tool by the Giants in their wars. Because they were seen fighting alongside the Giants, they were given the same treatment by other races, as they would to the Giants. This did not change despite the Divine War had ended.
      Luckily, Davan, the hero of the Amans, managed to escape and uncovered the whole truth to everyone. Goddess Kaia took pity on what the Amans had gone through, and decided to help them.
      The Amans have a strong sense of pride. Davan did not wish for Kaia's direct assistance to the Amans, but rather giving them an opportunity to fight the Giants on a leveled playing field. Therefore Kaia went and look for Lok.
      Lok then instructed the Castanics to manufacture items which can help the Amans to break free of their enslavement. These were then given to Kaia, and subsequently, Davan. Davan went to one Giants' encampment after the other(Northern Shara) to free his fellow Amans.
      Davan travelled alone for 23 years, freeing a great majority of the Amans, who stood up and fought the Giants. This time, victory went to the Amans. This also spelt the end for the Giants.
      Amans endured a long and arduous journey as slaves, but they used their own power to break free of that enslavement. Despite being treated as slaves for such a long time, they never forgot who they were. In the eyes of others, they personified a sense of unwavering justice.

      12- Building of Kaiator:

      After gaining their freedom from the Giants, the Amans came to Kaia's Temple, where Davan first met Kaia. Northern Shara is a bitter cold place, and not suitable for habitation. Taking pity on their condition, Goddess Kaia then drew the burning flames from deep within the ground, to help the Amans to establish themselves.
      Using the power of fire, the Amans built their city, and named it "Kaiator", and Kaia vowed to look after the Amans.
      After the Giants had fallen, Kaiator became the heart of Northern Shara. Because of their strength, generosity, and sense of justice, the Amans became the main force in Northern Shara.
      If the High Elves maintained control of Southern Shara with their magical abilities, then the Amans maintained control over Northern Shara because of the pledges of allegiance from others out of their own freewill.

      13- Sealing of the Heavenly Abode:

      Because of the destruction brought upon by "Day of Flame", Balder took the "Cerulean Crystal Orb" from the Mysterious Temple(I think this is the one that Arun and Shara built before the went into slumber). The power from the orb restored the damaged continents to their former glory.
      After the restoration, Balder thought it was time to seal the "Cerulean Crystal Orb" once again, in order to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.
      Balder looked for Lok, and asked him to build a containment unit for the orb. Because Balder and Lok were close, Lok agreed without hesitation.
      Thulsa however overheard the existence of this orb and wanted it for himself, therefore he started to plot against Lok.
      After Lok and the Castanics finished constructing the container, it was delivered to Balder. Thulsa planned to use the container as a means to steal the orb, however the "Cerulean Crystal Orb" went out of control when it came in contact with the unit.
      The energies from the orb began to destroy the Heavenly Abode. After Balder evacuated the gods from their abode, he commanded Lok to seal the Heavenly Abode along with himself in it permanently, for the safety or Arborea. By doing so, the energies from the "Cerulean Crystal Orb" were finally contained. However, residual energies still managed to split Arborea into two distinct continents(I assume that both continents were attached before this incident?).
      However the gods left behind most of their powers in the Heavenly Abode, realizing that they were not that much different from the other races in Arborea, began finding ways to survive on their own.

      Without the protection from the gods, a new page of challenge had begun. . .
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