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  • Regarding account creations and Adblock

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to make a quick post concerning this, since we've been receiving quite a lot of reports due to this problem recently.

    Currently it isn't possible to create accounts while any sort of Adblock is active, (eg. firefox, chrome). If you try to do this, what will happen is the account won't be activated correctly due to necessary information not being sent, and this leads to an automatic block on the account.

    For this reason, we would ask that if you want to create an account in TERA, please first ensure that anything like this is disabled, or use an alternate browser such as IE for the creation. You should also make sure that javascript is enabled in the browser that you use for this.

    For those wondering what they should do if they have already created their account with this active, you can easily just create another account on a different email address with this adblock disabled, and this should work normally. If this isn't possible due to you only having one email address, or if you'd simply prefer to use the same email, you can also send a support ticket to unlock & activate your account.

  • Hey,

    Kael wrote:

    if you'd simply prefer to use the same email, you can also send a support ticket requesting the deletion of this blocked account, so you'll be able to register again.

    A little change for this, the support can unlock and activate directly your account right now ;)
    - Nothing is impossible then keep the hope -

    Thanks Gaellou for this sign & avatar!