Pinned Account Security How to Keep it Safe

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    • Very interesting.. I've been playing Lineage II for a total of 4 years now. I've never changed my password even once.
      The super-booper secret is to NOT play outside your home and use the world's top anti-viruses. Simple as that.

      Hey, my password is still only 5 digits...
      ......The One you love to hate......

      10/31/2011 - Final day of Flawless Shojin, best of luck.

      Final day of glorious CM "Silvanoshi" and CR "Sealath", best of luck to both of you

      who's next?
    • to be honest that really has no point in this thread, that is thread is about how you can keep your account safe, that is more about how EmE and frogster keep out account safe i thought i'll point that out.
      Useful for the (no offence meant) 'Noobs'.
      Also a great idea is to get something like an Authenticator. Like in WoW.
      That way you can even log in yourself without the code, which changes 'randomly' every 20 seconds.

      That is a great way to make sure your account can not be hijacked, even IF people know your password.
      The con is that you can go somewhere else and forget the authenticator if it isn't a mobile one.
      But seriously, that sucks, yes. But it is better then losing your account for any reason.

      So Authenticators might work greatly!
    • I would like to have a Pin-Code system cause its a really good secure way to avoid people hackin you.been using it in some other games like Aion,Dragonnest and seems to work perfect.
    • Shadowness;548062 wrote:

      Thats really kind. But i really think basic PIn system from Runescape is quite enough, isnt it ? :D

      I share this thought, cause NCsoft use it in Aion aswell, with random/different spawn-nummeric

      note: and keep all info in mind of the first post ofc. This cobination should be en epic safetytool :)
    • Vexyde;739327 wrote:

      I would really like to get an Authenticator for this game! An App for smartphones would already be nice, a HW is always beter of course.


      the authenticator would be a very good idea to implement. saved many of my friends lifes
    • on Sunday someone asked me if i have lagg and after i replayed yes ,he asked me about my account password. Just don't give passwords to strangers or any personel info, even if they say they work for frogster or that they are Game masters.
    • crazzejam;276190 wrote:

      GameMaster/Admins will never ask you for your USERNAME or PASSWORD, reason being is because a devs have access to all information on a database, if your are stuck gms still won't ask for username/password, this sounds very obvious but i'm suprise to hear people get conned by fake GMs, i believe anyone impersonating a GM will be punished, so don't give your password to anyone without valid proof..

      Too many people fall for this :D Great thread ;)
    • Just a question: how to delete my account? as support of this game sucks and don't show any readiness to resolve my problem i just want to delete my account and forget about frogster and TERA EU. Is any way to delete my account?
    • I always love those emails stating you tried to sell your account, especially for a game I don't even play. Never click on the links; always find the true URL and enter that into your browser manually.
    • lol it's shame but it's true !!

      ----------- > this support is awesome... i get 8th answer and all of those answers are the same and even if I complain they send me next AutoReply (same as previous)
      my complain sounds: "I don't want to get bot answer (copy -> paste) I want to contact human not BOT"
      < -----------

      I have the same problem all " ishkabar - Tera Technical support .. " is writing it's as same as 1st reply that means he is copy pasting nothing more :S

      i played Aoin online from start up to the end of ... and now aion is free my account is one of the oldest but i'm ban for like 150 hours even more that means those kind of ban = = on porpuse ..

      Keep account safe :D :D :D u cant do anything if u do smt wrong u are ban forever not even 12 or 24 hrs block !!