Pinned [Collector Thread] Random crashes of tera

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    • Character: Samsoom
      Server : hasmina
      Time 04/18/2015 19:27
      Ping: ping was around 25
      Action: walking in velika

      win 7 32 bit
      8 gb ram
      4 gb GC 124 bit
      1 T HHD

      :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: HELP ME PLEASE
    • Character: Chifilly
      Server: Zenobia
      Time: ~21:30 BST (GMT+1)
      Ping: No problems, consistently around 17ms
      Action: Different things every time I've crashed. This time I was trying to harvest crystal (or whatever it's called, been a long time since I've played), another time I was in combat, other times I'm just walking.

      I can play other online games perfectly fine with no issues, and a couple of years ago I was playing TERA perfectly fine, and I thought I'd come back to it to try out the Gunner class, and then all this crashing happened. I enjoy the game when it's playable, I haven't evn been able to make it out the starting zone.

      Also, PC specs to show it's not my computer:
      OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
      CPU: Intel i7 4790 @ 3.60 GHz
      GPU: Gigabyte GTX 970
      RAM: HyperX FURY 16GB @ 1866 MHz
      FPS: Around 60-70

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    • Unsichtbarer wrote:

      Do you use any 3rd party tools?
      Any cheat or hack tools?
      Any speed increasing tool?
      It seems the server doesn't like, what you or a program of yours is doing there.
      To be honest, I'm not sure what was causing it. I restarted my computer and router, and everything was fine. The situation baffled me. The only reason I did that was because I was having a similar issue in a different game on a private server, so I just tried everything and it randomly worked in TERA too. Sorry for the false alarm :dash:
    • This is getting ridiculous, 2 years and they still haven't found a solution for this problem... it's only making me lose interest in keep playing this game because i can't even play for 5 minutes without the game crashing on me, even tho it's probably pointless but i might as well throw my info as well.

      Character: Lestiin (it happens on my other character as well)
      Server: Killian
      Time: 7/6/2015 4:00pm
      Ping: no loss of connection, was around 150 when it crashes and this is normal ping for me.
      Action: as soon as i log into my character i move around a little bit and the game crashes 1-5 minutes later.

      and i believe this is important; my ping on teamspeak is 150 but when i check my ping in-game i notice it spiking to 400 or even 1000 which might be the reason the game crashing, i have tried everything from disabling my Antivirus to changing my router's settings and portforwarding but i still have no idea how to solve this problem.
    • Still having this horrible problem.

      Character: Ruriya
      Server: Icaruna
      Time: 17/6/2015 Can't really transform the time.. only will say 22:19 (sorry ;( )
      Ping: no really loss of connection during the play.. had normal 3-4ms.. 15ms .. after a while i had 1 low spike to 100ms and back normal.
      Action: At the start after i log my character , no matter what .. even if i just walk around.

      Generally it crashes directly.. even if you check ping in cmd.. goes well and then suddenly bam.. dissapears. I never had such issues before in any game. I also checked if my internet is down as a friend works in my internet company.. but everything was ok he said. I had perfect internet during the time of the crash.

      P.S: Submitting it here, because i didn't saw it before my previous post! :)
    • Hi,

      I got the same problem. With internet connection seems to be everything ok, its max 15ms. when i got crushed it was 999ms and then back to normal max to 15ms. I always got crush like every 10-30min. In dungeon in city in stronghold and so on... My friend next room to mine playing on same server and he got same internet connection like me and he has't got any problems with game crush.

      Nick: Madeinrussia
      Server: Fraya
      Date: 20/06/2015 23:00 GMT +1
      Thank you
    • TERA Crashing

      Character name, Server, Date and time of the crash (including your time zone), Ping test result, and what you did when the crash happened.

      Character Name: Asimi
      Server: Celestial Hills - Roleplay
      Date and Time of Crash: 29th November 2015 @ 2pm
      Ping Test: 44 ms
      Jitter: 19 ms
      What I did: The game kept crashing after character selection so what I did was first: try running it as admin, repairing, repatching and now reinstalling. None have worked and have just left me constantly being dropped from the game after character selection. Error 0008:0000 keeps popping up, but my internet has been at the same constant level and it's been fine.
    • Chracter: Alnyla
      Server: Ascension Valley (Europe)
      Time: 29.11 and 30.11.2015 All day
      Ping: 19 - 20 all the time

      Alright. So I already created my own thread, but haven't received any help yet. This error 0008:0000 is driving me and my friends crazy. I've been playing for 5 days now. The first 3 days I haven't had any errors, but my friend did. He kept getting this error. Now I have it aswell. IF I am lucky sometimes I can get into the game, and I pretty much AFK so I don't have to keep trying for 4 hours to get in.

      I checked everything on my system. On my thread I have a picture of my internet speed.
      I checked the ping when I try and play - it is always 19-20. But right after I press play and wait till it loads to 100% it crashes giving me the error.
      No ping changes... 19 or 20.
    • Thank you for your response. I downloaded Tera via Steam. This must be some kind of a mistake? We are talking about Tera: Fate of Arun right? When I go to the Tera server status ascension valley is one of them on the list. Can someone please explain what's happening lol?
    • =/ unsichtbarer was faster

      The steam version of Tera is from the publisher enmasse who is in charge of Tera NA. To play on European server you have to use the common method and download the game via the launcher you can find on the Tera EU Homepage. Because there is no steam version for the European version.

      Toyochi - Nightingale - Yurian
    • Thanks Steven3D! I guess I should of looked into this a little more before causing so much trouble.
      Alright. I'll go ask for help there! Thanks for explaining it all to me! :)
      EDIT 2:
      One last question. Is there any difference between the NA one and the Europe one? Just got my first character to 35 and don't know if I should switch...