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    • [CLOSED] Want to become a Moderator in Tera (EN) - Here's your chance!

      We are accepting applications for the position of TERA board moderator (English section).

      What are the responsibilities and requirements for Moderators?

      • Be at least 16 years of age with a valid legal picture ID (not school ID) (Do not attach your ID to your application! If you are accepted we will ask for it later.)
      • Have a lot of time to devote to the position, including the IRC channel (At least a couple of hours a day)
      • Wide knowledge of the game storyline and game specific terms or shorthand, and a good understanding of other activities
      • Be helpful, respectful and reasonable - the most important job of a Mod is to help the players!
      • Be able to work as a team and receive constructive criticism if necessary
      • Speaking English

      What useful information should I include in my application?

      • Why do you think you would make a good Moderator
      • How you can fulfill your duty in responsibilities and requirements
      • Your TERA experience here in Europe or in other communities
      • Do you have any previous experience as a Moderator
      • If you have ever been banned in game or forums, what the reason was, or any experiences with Support
      • Anything you find relevant in your real life that could apply to the position

      Applications should be about 300 words. Applications that are too short will be rejected. Your ID is not needed now, but it will be required before starting.

      Please send to:

      Please include the words 'EN-Moderator' and your forum name in the title of your e-mail
      (ie: EN-Moderator - Anemsalok)

      Thank you,
      your Tera-Forum Team

      ps: Please keep in mind that it might take some time before we are able to answer you, since the decision-making procedure is quite long :)