We have taken all the solutions we could find on our forums, and merged them into this one thread. If you know a fix on an issue then please contact one of the Board staff and we will add it.
    Let me give you an overview of the structure:

    First of all make sure to check the following in all cases!
    • Run the tera-launcher.exe with admin rights
    • Check your firewall, anti-virus or other software if it blocks the access for TERA to the internet or at all. This normally involves the files "TERA.exe", "TL.exe" and "Tera-launcher.exe". If you use any kind of anti-malware software or other security software please check those as well!
    • Do not modify your game client in any way, if you do so, the patch process can be broken and you won't be able to play/update the game properly. Also a modification of the game client can lead to a permanent account block/ban.
    • Try to use the repair function of the launcher.
    • Last resort: Uninstall TERA and remove all remaining TERA files from your system and download the game again through the current launcher/setup file.
  • General issues and possible solutions

    TERA requires administrative privileges to run properly

    Follow these steps to do this :

    Note: You must be logged in to an Administrator account!

    — Find the TL.exe file.
    - Navigate to C: Drive -> Program Files -> TERA -> Client.
    - Find and right-click on "TL.exe" and select "Properties".
    - Select the "Compatibility" tab.
    - Checkmark the box that says "Run this program as Administrator".
    - Click "Apply" and then click "Okay".

    — Find the TERA.exe file.
    - Navigate to C: Drive -> Program Files -> TERA -> Client -> Binaries.
    - Find and right-click on "TERA.exe" and select "Properties".
    - Select the "Compatibility" tab.
    - Checkmark the box that says "Run this program as Administrator".
    - Click "Apply" and then click "Okay".

    Note: These locations correspond to the default installation location.

    Your TERA client should now have adequate permissions to run properly.

    TERA may require Windows XP Service Pack 3 or higher

    Some functionality problems were reported when running on Windows XP Service Pack 2 or older, it is advisable to upgrade to Service Pack 3 or higher. Windows Update is the easiest way to do this.

    I encounter graphical artifacts in-game and/or TERA crashes when I modify any video/graphic settings

    Update your video card drivers.

    To do this, go to your video card manufacturer's website, find the Drivers/Support section. Download the latest version, install the package, restart your computer and run TERA again.

    AMD Radeon - Latest Catalyst Drivers
    nVidia - Latest GeForce Drivers

    Note: If your manufacturer has provided other links, please visit those instead.

    You can't login into the browser nor in the client

    Usually this problem is linked to your computer-clock not being correctly synchronized. To synchronize your clock with a timeserver, do the following:
    • Click on Control Panel
    • Navigate to Time and Dates
    • Go into the “Internet time” slider
    • Choose “change settings”
    • Check “on synchronize with the internet”
    • Now click on “update now”

    Please do also check the forums for server maintenances or similar.

    Ping problems or Delays

    Often it helps if you change some things in the Registry. That will work for every game then.
    But you are responsible by yourself if you change things into you Registry.
    • press Start and type regedit in
    • then click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and then go to System and CurrentControlSet
    • now you select services and search for Tcpip, then you click on Parameters and after this on Interfaces

    • now you search for your local network IP for example
    • now check the directory for TcpAckFrequency and TCPNoDelay
    • if you don't have this files, then right-click->New->D-Word-Value(32Bit)

    • now select TcpAckFrequency, right-click and Select modify and type in 1 at the Value
    • the same for TCPNoDelay

    • now you need to go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE->Microsoft->MSMQ->Parameters
    • and search for TCPNoDelay, if this is not there, then just create it with a Right-click and a click on DWORD
    • now another right-click on TCPNoDelay and change the value to 1

    • restart your PC

    Stuck Character

    If you have a character that got stuck in game then you can report your issue here: Stuck Characters?

    I tried to register an account on the website and I got the following error "Failed to generate fraud prevention signature"

    Generally, you can resolve this problem by trying the registration with another browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc...).

    Also, you can try to delete cache & cookies of your internet browser to solve the problem.

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  • Issues with the Game and possible solutions

    XmlLite.dll could not be found

    You are missing the XmlLite.dll file, which can be added rather easily:
    • First you have to download this dll-file.
    • Copy it into you “C:/Windows/System32/”
    • Restart the game

    Error: 011336b1 Game Execution Failure

    This error can be solved by installing a security update for “Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package ATL”. An actual version can be downloaded here!

    "Fatal Error Exception" and/or TERA client crashes without notice

    There are three known instances which can cause these errors :
    • You let your computer go idle after logging in to the client.
      In this case, you can simply restart the client and you won't encounter the error again.
    • Your anti-virus or firewall is denying or restricting TERA.
      Turn off your anti-virus completely and restart the game. It is advisable to add TERA.exe and TL.exe to your anti-virus' exception list, so you can have your firewalls active without blocking TERA's access and functionality.
    • TERA requires administrative access to run properly.
      Take a look at the solution under 1. General Problems & Questions

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  • Issues with launcher and possible solutions

    General Issues

    User Authentication Failed

    • Be sure to check the general steps listed at the top of this thread.
    • It is not allowed to make use of proxy or VPN software, for example in order to avoid the active IP block for some countries. This might result in an account block or ban. If you still receive this message get in contact with ourcustomer support team.

    Launcher Already Running

    To solve this problem you must download a Update or you need to configure some systemdatas.

    For Windows XP
    • download this Update
    • install the Update

    For Windows Vista/7
    • download this file and then extract the file
    • now press Start and type in gpedit.msc
    • after this you need to click on Adminstrative Templaes
    • now got to Internet Communication Managment and after this on Internet Communication settings
    • now you seach for Turn off Automatic Root Certificates Update
    • behind this you should see Not Configured
    • if not you need to rightclick and go to Properties
    • now click on Not Configurated and then OK
    • restart your PC

    Hint for x64 (64Bit) Users
    Go to C:\Windows\SysWOW64 directorie and copy GroupPolicy, GroupPolicyUsers and gpedit.msc to the C\Windows\System32 directorie.

    "Launching" Issues

    Play button does not work

    • Be sure to check the general steps listed at the top of this thread.
    • Check your time settings of your system. Go to "change time and date settings" and check if you time settings of your local system are set correctly.
    • Deactivate the P2P setting in the launcher of TERA. Now restart the launcher and click on the repair option.

    Error: 000a:0000 insufficient memory – the game won’t start when hitting the “Play”-button

    As some files haven’t been downloaded completely, or haven’t been installed correctly, a memory-error occurs.

    Follow this to repair your client:
    • Start your launcher and click on “Launcher Settings”, then turn “P2P sharing” OFF.
    • Now close the launcher, and restart it after a couple of seconds.
    • Then repeat the above, but this time, turn “P2P sharing” ON.
    • Now click on “Click here to Begin Repair” and wait till this finished.

    Your play-button should work fine now.

    TERA launcher doesn’t start – the games doesn’t launch when pushing “Play”

    • Delete the file "gl.version"
    • Start "TERA-Launcher.exe"
    • Now the launcher updates itself
    • After patching, one is able to use the play button

    or :

    There seems to be a problem with a folder in your TERA-directory. You’ll have to reinstall the game into your TERA directory.

    Get black screen after clicking on play button but i can hear sounds

    To fix that, you need to modify the file S1Option.ini in \TERA\Client\S1Game\Config
    In that file you will find a line called "SCREENMODE=0". Change the "0" into a "1" and try again.

    Downloading Issues

    Run Tera launcher using /window command

    Some times the patch progress seems stuck, but most fo the times it's just the animation thats frozen. If you run the launcher into window mode then you will be able to see if it's actually stuck or what file(s) that is causing the problems.
    1. Open up your command prompt (CMD). The easiest way to find ti is to use your computers "search" or "run" function
    2. Now, when you have your CMD up, start by typing "cd\" (without the qoutation marks).
    3. Now type in "cd Program Files (x86)\TERA" and hit enter. (Or wherever you saved the folder)
    4. Finally, type "tera-launcher.exe /window" and hit enter.


    Right mouse button on Tera shortcut > chose Properties > in box Target at the end of the line put space and write /window > push OK button > run launcher.
    Example: C:\Games\TERA\TERA-Launcher.exe /window

    The launcher should now start with an extra window where you can see the progress of the patch even if it may seem stuck on the launcher. In case of an error you will be able to see that file thats causing the issue. If ur still experiencing issues then try deleting the .version file and repatch.

    Issues with patch process and download of the game client through the launcher including the message "No download error detected"

    • Download the following file (.exe) in order to fix the issue (Download).
    • Execute this file on your system.
    • Now re-run the TERA-launcher.exe in your installation folder of TERA.
    • The launcher will now correctly download and/or patch the game again.

    In case this does not help, you can go for a fresh install of TERA:

    1. Use the uninstall function of the TERA client.
    2. Remove possible remaining folders/files from the previous installation of TERA.
    3. Download the latest version of the TERA launcher setup here.
    4. Execute this file and the launcher should now correctly start the download and patch process again.
    5. Please make sure, that the TERA-launcher.exe and TERA.exe files are not blocked by your firewall or anti-virus software.


    If your launcher only downloaded a small file, but won't start the main download, you'll have to use this fix.

    Source delivers incorrect files – no secure source found – error with the HTTP-client-transfer – Error while downloading the manifest-file – sudden speed-decrease while downloading

    Two different solutions to this problems:
    • Start the TERA-Launcher
    • Go to “Launcher Settings”
    • Turn “P2P sharing” OFF

    • Click “Start” – “Control Panel”
    • Now on “Network and sharing center”
    • On the left select “Change adapter settings”
    • Now select your adapter (WLAN or LAN depending how you are connected to your router) and click on “Properties”
    • Uncheck “Internet protocol 6 (TCP/IPv6)”
    • Then select “Internet protocol 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click on “Properties”
    • Choose “Use the following DNS server addresses”
    • Now enter “” above, “” below
    • Click on “ok” and restart your PC.

    Launcher update problem

    • The launcher downloads an update to the folder TERA-Launcher.exe.update folder
    • It then closes the launcher so it can overwrite files in the main game folder with the TERA-Launcher.exe.update folder's files.
    • This is where it goes wrong; it tries to overwrite the files but for some reason the files are in use and can't overwrite them, so the update never completes, although it deletes the TERA-Launcher.exe file from the main folder.

    Having done this now countless times I feel, this has worked every time.
    • Copy/Cut the files from the TERA-Launcher.exe.update folder to the main game folder.
    • Delete the TERA-Launcher.exe.update folder.
    • Rerun the launcher.

    When trying to do this it is important to note that this might yield an error message saying that the files is already in use, just keep trying for a minute or two and it should sort it self out.

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  • How to submit a ticket to the support

    IMPORTANT! You need an own account for our support system. Please use the same email address you are using for your game account.

    Hello everyone,

    Here is a tutorial on how to submit a ticket, so that your ticket is made in a correct way and will be treated as fast as possible.
    1. Create an account on Gameforges support page.
    2. Create a ticket via the support page for Tera.
    3. Things you should do when creating a ticket.
    4. Things not to do when creating a ticket.
    First, visit the site

    You have two options :
    - If you already have an account, you just have to log in:

    - Or you do not and you have to create an account on the support page. Here are the steps to follow.

    1. Create an account on the support page for tera.

    On the landing page, click "register":

    On the next page, click again on "register ":

    You arrive to this page:

    Make sure to fill the fields like this: OBS! Use the same mail as you have on your game account.

    Confirm your registration:

    Go to your email to validate your account .

    When your account is validate, go back to the first page and log in:

    You can now create or follow a ticket:

    2. Create a ticket via the support page for Tera.

    Once you have clicked on "contact support" , you get this window (see page well to avoid unnecessary tickets) click on contact support at the bottom of the page:

    Then you get this window:

    Make sure you choose right section from the start or you will end up having to wait a longer time before the ticket gets answerd.

    Then you will have access to these windows, just follow the instrctions given in the pictures:

    OBS! Use the same mail as you have on your game account.

    If you wish to provide us with a screenshot, make sure you picture follow these requierments:

    Once these fields are completed, you can send your ticket:

    3. Things you should do when creating a ticket.

    We ALWAYS ask your account name and the email address linked to the account. Sometimes we will ask the name of the person concerned.
    Make sure you provide it right away, it will avoid that we are obliged to contact you for this information.

    Be sure to clearly explain your problem in the appropriate category, follow the predefined messages and fill the fields. You ticket will be handled faster if it's in the right section from the start and provides the right information right away. It save both you and us time.

    We will NEVER ask you for your password account.

    4. Things not to do when creating a ticket.

    Do not give us personal information when we do not ask for it. The same with your password, we do not need to know your password.

    Do not create multiple tickets for the SAME problem , and do not ask your friends to create one for you in addition to your own, it will only delay the processing of tickets.

    A modified screenshot will not be accepted, make sure you provide your screenshot as it is.

    Any motion to support abuse in any manner whatsoever may be punishable by a suspension of gaming account

    So, I hope this tutorial where helpfull for anyone of you.


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