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  • just do 42x GG a day and hope for the best

  • just like the title says, will Batu be effected with double/triple loot?

  • Quote from Shiro: “@senita456 Thats not a Slayer nerf. Overhandstrike cooldown just resets when you activate In Cold Blood. But non-club member will have 40 weekly runs and 80 with club. So you need to run each dungeon 5 times or 11 times with club to reach the weekly cap. And I'm sure no one will run 11 times Bahaar, Grotto HM etc. every day. I look forward and I hope Bluehole will change some things like obtaining from more EXP from Dungeons etc. ” but i did 10x runs one day and im not even ha…

  • they didnt even bother making a decent event for new year or chhristmas

  • Oldschool server please

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    Quote from Naomasa: “Endlessly farming LoT again on 5 Min CD with 2 Chars? Nah thanks, I'll just afk in Highwatch then. ” no HW though.

  • Okay hope something gets changed, as 455+ doesnt even drop SC materials and we need them.

  • Quote from Miriad: “Maybe i didnt understand. If you mean if you can dismantle things like diamonds, ashes, superior metals, and high level materials, no , you cant. As far as i know. But maybe im wrong.. i didnt try on all of em. And sadly asking about it as an option is fine, but will never happen lol. At least not anytime soon.. and not because players actually ask for it.. ” i only meant HO+ Mats as in Draco Limb, weights

  • Quote from Miriad: “no, you cant. ” i mean, BHS what are you saying>>

  • so i have over 1K of HO mats (draco limb, weights) which i don't need any of them, and if i want to dismantle them, they give nothing to benefit me, can't you change dismantling them to Metamorphic emblems?

  • Archer LF DS static

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    Archer LF DS static sk 1-5 have 100+ clears on VSHM SCHM and did FIHM. Discord: Panic#8766

  • BuddyUp! Codes

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    Kernel.Panic#7945 - Panic#2378 - Toxic-Panic#8295 - Internal-Panic#3771 - Kill-Panic#1941 - Realistic-Panic#7067 - Panicked#3298 - Satanic-Panic#9433 Not.Panicking#6523 - - Kernel-Panic#1414

  • Looking for a static

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    *Content removed and user warned / Zancara

  • Event for elitist only

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    event servers are more active than killian tbh, there is only 3 statics left playing PvE in killian cause they played alone since the beginning, it was expected that killian would die once PvP died, even i at some point was interested in PvP, but its not worth to do any PvP activity atm, even CU it's braindead, mass PvP Guild for top guild in the game should require more effort than getting the larger number of players and attacking and defending without any obstacles or walls, there is really 0…

  • to be honest i just feel like there is a bunch of retards working at BHS that don''t know how to improve and continue upgrading a game.

  • even the costume item, the server is flooded of it change it already

  • i always have had laptops, my I3 used to run tera and now my I7 runs tera it just depends on how much FPS you want. and your specs are pretty great

  • Quote from Kraxler: “Bahaar isn't even that hard most people die to the multiwave attack which is balanced obviously around low ping :^). I can and will never clear Bahaar in this way. Ofc that's another story but most people can't clear it because every single fps and ping counts in this dungeon .. atleast for multiwave attack. And i doubt this mechanic is "new" because we had similar attack in RKEM with double S - Pattern but this time it's 4 times. But well the timeframe is lower than RKEM. B…

  • double loot should be fine, but permanent, loot is so bad. really, RKEM had great loot and was fine, then AAHM came with shit loot and RKEM loot got nerfed aswell, so overvall this loot needs to be reworked, and same goes for gearing. i knew long ago once SC patch came that this system was gonna get fucked up and as i expected that happened.

  • but mystic is better than priest :GWsetmyxPeepoCry:

  • Quote from eutri: “So what, are you saying LKHM should drop veils? Old dungeons don't drop new stuff because their mechanics weren't designed with Apex in mind, BP would be the prime example with Lancers cheesing last using the big blue shield. Essences drop from any 446 and up, whereas prior to the RRH patch they were only obtainable from RKE. Veils now also drop in DRCHM and GLSNM, while during HO release AAHM was the sole source you could get them from. Besides if you just up the difficulty a…