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  • Why can't we have the possibility to build different pages of talent like we do for glyphs? Or at least switch for pve / pvp talent?

  • Quote from LinaInverse: “for mass pvp or for dueling? :)” Mainly for mass pvp! Thank you all for suggestions, i think i'll go for a keen III on gloves then!

  • Hi everyone, I would like to ask you a little suggestion about etching for a pvp reaper. Actually I'm running with an energetic III on weapon and an energetic II on glove for a total of 40 atk speed. The question is: should i use an energetic III on glove too and max atk speed and cd reduction or should i go for a keen/pumped III? 37~38 atk speed (dunno how it will be if i remove the 2.5% of energetic II) will be enought if i change it? Thanks a lot.