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  • Hello team, I'm gonna go on a bit of a rant here, since I am actually kinda angery about something here. The topic is in the title: Why in the world are we nerfing Bahaar? This is actually making me kinda pissed, since there's absolutely no reason at all to do this. If anything this dungeon should be buffed. So what's happening? While I'm not sure exactly what is going to happen, I have heard several rumors: Lowered hp for the dungeon and less damage on the waves, matching the damage on phase 1 …

  • Moved the thread into a more appropriate section, more specifically into the questios and answers section, someone might be able to help you there! On my own part, I can't contribute with too much, other than I myself haven't experienced any particular issues, as you there describe. Hopefully someone will be able to contribute a bit more than me! /Trappiez

  • Static LF DD + T

    Trappiez - - Mystel - PvE - EN


    Hi team, I'll make it short: Looking for people to staticly do GLSH/Bahaar. Party consists of: - Mini, HO mystic, (currently has 2 clears in Bahaar as double heal, did a few tries as solo heal, reaching 20%'ish) - Gelboo, HO+2 Zerker, (currently rookie in Bahaar, but trying to learn as fast as possible) - Trappiez, HO+3 Warr, (currently at 95 clears in Bahaar) Obviously we'll be doing a bit of training in the beginning, to clear Bahaar, but generally we look to clear as many days as possible. If…

  • I moved the thread into a more appropriate section. Remember if you have question/suggestion to improve the game, that they should go into the Constructive Feedback/Suggestions section! With that out of the way, this is definitely a good question and definitely an idea I would like to see implemented as well. I will take the idea on to my higher-ups and see if we can forward to the dev. team. Thanks for bringing this to attention! /Trappiez

  • Hmm, I don't think you necessarily have to get static grups, especially not for lower tier dungeons like that. I'd say join a somewhat social/laidback guild, and you will be fine, tbh. Don't be afraid to talk to people, most people are relatively friendly.

  • Oh, another way to make gold, that I personally like, is of course the new cooking. For a minimal amount of gold you can make quite some money on selling Root Beers and Fish Fritters, maybe even p2w food that includes several types of other food. It takes a lot of time to gather mats, but in the end it's basically 90% profit, so that's really worth it, if you wanna put some time into this game.

  • I mean, I totally agree that the game isn't 100% optimized, but I run with mediocre specs, (not good, not bad), and I don't have any troubles at all, except for a bit fps drop, if I'm logged in for way too long at a time, which also happened to me in WoW, which isn't exactly a game made by a small Indian company, much less do I get crashes or blue screens etc. I'm pre sure, that smth is wrong with your PC, or that your parts simply isn't compatible with Tera, since it DOES have a really old endi…

  • I mean, to be fair, there's not lots we can do. Forwarding is our best option, hoping that it'll reach BHS/Gameforge sooner or later. We can tell them, that this is an issue and that we want it done, (believe me, I am one of those, who'd like the merge for sure), but it doesn't matter if they don't have resources, other priorities or whatnot. We just have to be patient, and hope that all those prayers will reach them sooner or later. We're doing what we can, but it's impossible for us to actuall…

  • These pictures are great, really nice job. I thought I'd add a bit more spice to it, tho I can't provide pictures, I have a list compiling, which I hope can help out as well: Ores: Cobala Ore -> Val Oryin, Arcadia, Ostgarath, Poporia Shadmetal Ore -> Westonia, Allemantheia, Val Elenium, Val Palrada Xermetal Ore -> Kaiator, Lorcada, Sylvanoth, Essenia Normetal Ore -> Veritas, IoD, Velika, Val Aureum Galborne Ore -> Val Tirkai, Helkan, Val Kaeli Plants: Cobseed -> Sylvanoth, Ostgarath, Poporia Ver…

  • Demande pour la classe guerrier

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    Thread closed, as this is, as Darkhazes said, the English forum. Please go to the appropriate forum for your language! You can find it, by scrolling down on the forum front page! /Trappiez

  • Hmm yeah, if you're starting at 0, I'd probably recommend boring farm as Guardians and IoD as well. It may be really dreadful, but you don't need a lot of mats to upgrade to FM+0, if you're enchanting from full xp.

  • Well sure, if you have lower gear, it'll take longer time, but as soon as you get FM+0, (which isn't too hard), it shouldn't be too hard to go into 439's, which, (with carry people - maybe you have some friends who can help?), should only take about 10 min. each, and then xp will rack up quickly.

  • Welp yeah, I agree it should've been in patch notes or something, and it should've maybe been more vocal, that it was "now" it was gonna happen. But the thread is more about the fact, that there was no information, which I claim is wrong. However your points are valid. I'll take that to our leaders, so small changes like that will be more vocal!

  • Well, it's been listed on both Korean streams, on the official Tera EU stream and it's been said in several patch notes given out by other publishers, that the Velik's Helper buff was gonna be removed at some point. It's not like we weren't informed at all - the timing might be unfortunate, but it's not like it comes as a surprise in my opinion.

  • Thread been moved to feedback and suggestions. Remember that if it's posts about optimizing Tera, you should usually post it there! /Trappiez

  • Hello Gandra, You should send this to support, instead of making a forum post, as this is a matter that are out of us moderators' hands. You can contact the support at this link: I hope you will have your issue resolved, and if you have any more questions, feel free to pm me, as I will be closing this thead. Thank you! /Trappiez

  • Dreadspire Static

    Trappiez - - Mystel - PvE - EN


    Sadly it's not possible to crossserver queue for Dreadspire, but thanks for your interest!

  • Fair proposal overall, as a player who runs dungeons myself a lot in that tier, I know that VG's can be a problem, especially since I need them for tears 24/7 - running more dungeons, doesn't feel super rewarding rolling_eyes I'll forward this, thanks for bringing it up, friend!

  • That is actually not a bad idea, I will forward this to our team. Thanks for posting the idea!

  • Bahaar Loot

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    Can refer you to this post: Assa's rant about BahaHAA Essentially people would probably agree with you, but jump in there and partake in the discussion!