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  • lol and updating the script is as hard as 1+1, shitty excuse. In fact, the script can be changed HOWEVER they want, for example instead of taking the higher value for talent level, they could even sum up the 2 values...

  • Quote from Galtero: “I'll try to explain my thinking point 1 : there has been no server-merges since talents got introduced, neither on EU nor on Korea point 2 : since server info and databases is based on developer work, Bluehole also has to dictate how a server merge works point 3 : If noone knows what happens with your talent points during merge, why risk it? point 4 : I did follow some discussions in the theorycraft discord a while ago, which also had a topic regarding the announced merge on…

  • Quote from tobtheking2: “You still dont seem to get it but just saying there is a difference between bank/charslots and talents Anyway, not gonna go into more detail but just enjoy pretending to be someone that actually knows how this game works! Good Luck with that :3 ” And whats the source of that information? You are both just guessing here, but at least Borsuc's explanation makes way more sense.

  • Quote from Tadeshi: “Quote from Passion4PVP: “do NOT add new patches after a while, we want oldschool server because to us it was fun, we do NOT look forward to the changes that were made to the game. do NOT add new classes (reaper is already kanker if lvl 65 patch, - no gunner, brawler, ninja and valk) this is a win-win situation for both ends, because the server will need low maintenance, but the people would keep playing if the server is a success. ” Regarding the stagnancy of such oldschool …

  • Item Shop Downgrade

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    Atmorph realized he made a mistake in giving those items for "so cheap" so he changed it?

  • Static LF DD + T

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    Yea, good luck Trappiez-sama, I hope u find ppl! :3

  • good classes for pvp

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    Last time I played a year ago when awakening was released Warrior was brokenly op, 20 IQ PvE-only troglodytes suddenly were able to 1 shoot people with no effort, much balance dMwdVV9.png Same for slayers and mystic, and zerk with some stupid infinite cyclone lock. No idea if they fixed this shít tho. Btw reaper requires no IQ and you can play it even with your feet since 2013, you can never go wrong with this thing in PvP. Just aim at the general direction of the enemy.

  • So what? +7 SC is nowhere near top, it's probably around 30% weaker than +3 HO. Worse than medium gear compared to vm in the old system.

  • ^That rule is actually really hateful. Kinda like an ad hominem... Idk, I feel like you are deleting those posts because you don't like the guy who said it, not for what he said. Not cool.

  • Quote from Kraxler: “Will never happen because even up to date server are almost dead (atleast dungeon wise) ” And why are the servers so empty? Because current state of TERA is an unplayable p2w/grind-fest. Since the +15 patch, every patch was about increasing the grind, adding new slots, etching, enchant levels, crit mounts etc. Everyone slowly quit after each such patch because their tolerance reached a limit and only the most nolife/whale players remain today. Therefore, reversing to the ori…

  • They'll stay bound to original character, I think.

  • Forwarded and forgotten. BhAIKTL.png

  • F for Killian

  • hmm more grind, just what this game needed. MMOs in 2018 in a nutshell. Suck the thirsty weaboos/perverts/loners dry because they are willing to pay. Game been going downhill since 2015, but theres always blind whiteknights ignoring the facts. If anyone has the common sense he avoids this game in its current state.

  • my post was deleted where i said why this game isnt Worth for New players so this time Thats enough information to understand when i say: NO, RUN

  • What would you do ?

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    Quote from Kaikanken: “That wouldn't necessarily solve the problem though. It's as if a guy broke his leg , and the doctors shot him in the head instead of fixing his leg . Game is not Beyond Salvation yet. This "what if" 3d could bring interesting opinions to the table for some actual changes (I know..I had a hard time keeping a straight face while writing that) . ” There's way much more wrong here than just the leg. The head is f*ked. And that is usually crippling and irreversible. Therefore i…

  • Quote from Bottler: “Greetings! Have you tried googling it? There are mods that can be very helpful in situations like those. Personally, i do not have any problems with it, i get used to stuff quickly. Sadly, it is not possible to resize the boss hp bar via in-game options, it was never possible to do so. Maybe they will do something about it one day. Yours faithfully, Mekushi ” Advertising third party stuff (mods) on the forums 1ExLqXp.png

  • I made a thing!

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    nice, but not as good as

  • Quote from Spatsu: “From last Sunday. 2aRtNxs.png ” Photoshopped, everytime I see a "is tera dead" thread or something similar, people always say its very much alive and never been better than now! 1ExLqXp.png

  • Show Off Your Character!

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    Yes officer, this thread right here User warned by ~Zancara I Spam