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  • Thread been moved to feedback and suggestions. Remember that if it's posts about optimizing Tera, you should usually post it there! /Trappiez

  • Hello Gandra, You should send this to support, instead of making a forum post, as this is a matter that are out of us moderators' hands. You can contact the support at this link: I hope you will have your issue resolved, and if you have any more questions, feel free to pm me, as I will be closing this thead. Thank you! /Trappiez

  • Dreadspire Static

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    Sadly it's not possible to crossserver queue for Dreadspire, but thanks for your interest!

  • Fair proposal overall, as a player who runs dungeons myself a lot in that tier, I know that VG's can be a problem, especially since I need them for tears 24/7 - running more dungeons, doesn't feel super rewarding rolling_eyes I'll forward this, thanks for bringing it up, friend!

  • That is actually not a bad idea, I will forward this to our team. Thanks for posting the idea!

  • Bahaar Loot

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    Can refer you to this post: Assa's rant about BahaHAA Essentially people would probably agree with you, but jump in there and partake in the discussion!

  • I wouldn't say removed is necessary, but a rework of the loot dropped would definitely be in order. I totally agree, that the current rewards are more than laughable. At this point, buying inventory expansions is probably the only thing worthwhile, 'cause the chance of getting CA's, which is probably the only thing worthwhile, is so low.

  • Dreadspire Static

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    Hi team, I'll make it short. Looking for: DD or T for Dreadspire Progress: Currently staticly going to floor 7, (Lakan) When: More or less every day at 18:30/6:30 pm Who's in party? - Deep, +9 Lancer - Dipa, +9 Warrior - Duck, +9 Priest - Trappiez, HO Warrior If you're interested, answer to this thread or pm me on discord, Trappiez#1337

  • Implying people will ever run with mystic

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  • Talent Exp Farm

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  • As potions like Strong Bravery Potion, Lamb Bulgogi, Superior Noctenium Elixir's, Nostrum's and so on, become increasingly more expensive, it is extremely hard to keep up in hard dungeons, where you wipe a lot, in particular dungeons such as Dreadspire and Bahaar's Temple. The increased Vanguard requests helped a lot, but they help very little, if you wipe a lot. My proposal is, to make sure that you get more out of your consumables, by removing the time consumption out of battle. In other words…

  • As Bahaar's Temple is the absolute hardest content in the game right now, a lot of people are wiping over and over again in the dungoen, including my party. The entrance to the Temple is really pretty, and is actually really well-animated. But after having seen it 500 times, you'll grow tired, of even the prettiest grapphics. Please implement a teleportal at the start of the bridge, so it's possible to teleport to the rooms, if you wipe, in order to avoid all that unnecessary running. Thank you …

  • The talents were implemented today, and they are extremely confusing, as to descriptions and in-depth walkthrough of the talents. Some examples could be: 9b0ff97d4aea8ea82e8e2b30b9df15a2.png8786e19c90ab5ff0eb036479b38a8b28.png21102bc183beb53b178a39548623f238.png Overall, you get the meaning of the talents, but these descriptions are really unclear and not super helpful. This honestly just looks like a google translate or the likes. Please fix this. /Trappiez

  • Yeah yeah, I wasn't referring to that. I agree, that we should all get at least some kind of starter, but I think it's stupid, if Veteran players get extra points, just because they've played longer. I mean - that would be real p2w. But yeah, I totally agree, that without any kind of starter pack for talents, it's gonna be hell to farm it.

  • I mean, just because you've played a long time, doesn't mean you should get a headstart bonus on stats that actually alter your gameplay. At least not in my opinion. I mean, I have veteran myself, but I see no reason why I should have extra talent points. That'd be like giving out a high tier artifact weapon in World of Warcraft, just 'cause you've played it for several years, which wouldn't be fair at all.

  • Some testing was done on the resolve regeneration in NA versus the resolve regeneration in EU, (credits to Tempest, for doing this), and it was found that the resolve regeneration is HEAVILY different. Below I've linked two gif's, that clearly show the difference between the two: NA regeneration: EU regeneration: I don't know if this is intended, but I can't imagine it is, thus it'd be nice to have …

  • Yey, more bugs

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    Thread moved to a more appropriate section. /Trappiez

  •…3f76296544c5a6e7f5f2e2960Never tried without TC, but I could imagine it'd be slow, seeing as 400 darics takes like 20 or 25 min. But honestly. The enchanting chance, combined with the amount of mats it takes, is absolutely unreachable for some players, who don't do 500 dungeons a day. For example, let's take a look at the picture on the right. 70%? That's 26 enchantment attempts, which means 104 diamonds, 4082 golden plates, 780 silver plates, and 546.494 raw gold.…