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  • Its more like he complaing that nearly nobody plays fair and thats why you won't have any challenge.

  • Gibt da nen alten Spruch. Wenn etwas nicht kaputt ist repariers nicht. Man kann natürlich auch eine halbe Seite Quark zu einem nicht existierenden Problem schreiben.

  • Would like to see the tournament live but I think it will cross my vacation next weeks. Hope someone can record it. :] One minor hint to point 1. If belt is forbidden you don't need to list it at the no crit resi example. good luck

  • In my company it was a few weeks ago, at this forum I would say a few hours.

  • @Matrixo @Rafera you have the right to critisize things yes you don't have the right to insult persons (or lets say nobody can hinder you but you will face the consequences) Double standards are another point. Either everyone should be banned for saying what he says or nobody should be banned. And if it doesn't work this way mods should be either trained or replaced. (<- critic without insult) Why do you think I don't have troubles with mods, cause I know how to write in an appropriate…

  • If they can't remove it at bg entry, maybe they could make bg queues impossible as long as you have the potion active. It should work nearly the same way like the gearscore limit except you check the item code instead of the gearscore code.

  • Thats not how it works. Call your boss at work a retard and you can search for a new job. The rules are simple. Don't saw off the branch on which you are sitting. Don't offend someone who can and will take action against you easily. I understand his frustration, I agree with his points and I don't wanna see him banned. But now its to late.

  • Maybe Unborn was right in most of his points or even all but cmon, you don't insult the group of ppl which can ban you legally exactly for this and he knows that.

  • Fw 2k17

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    Why is it so hard to post here a position for an ingame mod. Someone with a lot of time and knowledge about the pvp game who will do the job for some free tera club time. Let him watch and record random bg matches as observer every day and allow him to forward hacks/bugs/cheats directly to the support. Support bans the revealed abuser after a short look over the attached vid to the incident and its done. Do this a few weeks and if you are not afraid of banning this type of player the actual pla…

  • Salix - ein neuer CoMa

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    Hab nur ein paar Stunden investiert, bin aber schnell vom Glaskanonen Arcanist zum unkaputtbaren Soldiertank gewechselt, den fand ich deutlich angenehmer zu spielen. Oh und das ist eine beeindruckend vage Schätzung. Fehlen dir öfter mal irgendwo 500 Stunden? .__. Auf alle Fälle würde sich die Com sicher darüber freuen wenn du alle Fragen so fix beantworten könntest wie die letzte.

  • Salix - ein neuer CoMa

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    Quote from Salix: “WoW früher mal, Ark auch ne Weile, LoL seit der Beta, No Mans Sky (jaja, ich weiß...), Grim Dawn und vieles mehr. ” Wenn ich da mal nachhaken darf, welche Klasse spielst du im hübsch aufbereiteten D2 Klon. Auch von mir gibts ein hallo und viel Glück..du wirst es brauchen.

  • Der Kunde mag König sein, jedoch ist das hier kein Shop in dem man einkaufen geht sondern ein Forum. Davon abgesehen erwarte ich von einem Kunden ein mindestmaß an Zurechnungfähigkeit und Benehmen (oder Aufträge im Wert von mehreren hundertausend Euro, ab da werden Menschen eher als sonderbar gewertet egal was sie machen ^^) während er sich an ihm zur Verfügung gestellten Orten aufhält um seinen Interessen nachzugehen. Ein Teil unserer Com erfüllt nicht mal eines dieser Kriterien und du erwartes…

  • How quickly time flies I started playing long before this pool merge happened, thats why my memories don't comply with yours.

  • Quote from Rafera: “ Regarding the BG score system, it would be much simplier and better to me for it to be based in personal rating since it also follows the seasonal resets. Each BG is ranked by PR, and a BG general ranking equal to the total of all BGs PR together. Like you had: 1400pr skyring, 1100 corsairs and 1300 fraywind. Your BG ranking score would be 3800. That way would make sense to have to be active on all rather than farm the same wherever people are comfortable for it. Score decay…

  • That doesn't make sense. I remember that I played before the all-in-one pool merge from a DE server together with the FR server ppl. Maybe your 2nd was: Pool 1: Killian+Icaruna+Zenobia, pool 2: FR + DE server + rest of EN servers And I'm sure that at this time the germans cursed the french players for call it less capable of walking straight on a line (even if this was always only a casual problem while the french premades doing well). Edit: You are right with the pvp+pve part. …

  • @Unborn 15vs15 works in cs only if you have 15 ppl which are able and willing to coordinate each other. With 5 man queue you will nevertheless need at least one full premade that wants to defend (and I doubt this will be enough against an attacking premade which can show up on a lot of different points) while the others are going on rampage. For the actual casual version it's idiotic. You will either have not enough ppl defending inside or outside and if one attacking team have a handful of dece…

  • Da steht, dass cs auf 15vs15 reduziert wird. .__. Hm, na das wird ein Spass. War jetzt schon schwer genug ausreichend Positionsverteidiger zu finden. -.- Inner ladder+tank 3, mid flag+cannon 3, outer ladder 2x1 und dann blieben noch 7 zum rausgehen und das ist schon die Minimalbesetzung bei der die wenigsten Spieler in der Lage sein sollten einen rush zu stoppen.

  • Quote from Seio: “Pretty obvious, these should never be matched together. Only people who don't speak english will pick an FR or DE, which makes communication impossible. This has to be changed so that only INT servers matches with each other, only DE server matches with each other, and only FR servers matches with each others. ” Once upon a time there were two pvp pools (int/fr-de) and it goes well for a while until the pvp population decreased to a point where a pool merge was the only thing t…

  • solution tt box which allow you to buy title, tt depending on difficulty of title

  • disappointed

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    It would help if someone who started fresh on one of the new servers could give a timeline of playtime/rewards converted in gold/progress in gear of the first week/month. Without cashing to avoid discrepancy to the average. With the worst possible start positon (=new player on new server with nothing) it should be easy to see how good or bad the changes are in general.