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  • hopefully il be able to login soon.. manage to get in for 5 minutes just 20 mintues ago. then it just crashed. didint even get to claim my darkans flame yesterday.. sucks

  • I currently cannot connect to any of the 4 servers we have on eu i tried reinstalling multiple times and i wish for some help! when i try joining nothing happends. and when i press refresh all of them disappear. (at server selection screen) in game.

  • Hello! when i login and try to select server [mystel] nothing happends if i press refresh all of them disappear. i tried reinstalling multiple times. using both steam and the non steam version of the game. help me please.

  • Thanks all GM's/Moderators for making this event/dungeon thingy xD Judica from Mystel here! we tried the dungeon yesterday and it was superfun, i wish we could have more things like this "maybe a bit glitchy" but its really fun to just try stuff like this i hope to see more of these kind of stuff in the future! if u want to see how we did? XD

  • Server: Mystel Guild: Veritas/Dementia Praecox Players: Judica - Brawler Blues - Priest Casual.rage - Warrior Kommandos - Warrior Elandrienrei - Valkyrie We are a new static but we known each other for a long time, we played the patches fihm,sshm and now vshm (together) while some took a break some went to play with others. I am sure we can complete the dungeon and we dont give up in the first hand. took us around 7h to finish vshm and we hope we can be a part of this (event/test)

  • Hi Community! i recently sent a feedback ticket regarding 2 much behemoth essence on endgame players. i feel that adding the marrow brooch to the behemoth essence shop would be very useful, tho marrow brooch drops once per hh run and its impoosible for everyone in a raid to get it unless u run 3 runs a week just wonder what the community thinks! they could add the behemoth belt aswell, for those who want to gear their alts without going that hh ph1-2 give me ur thoughts in the comment section be…

  • Quote from Bargg: “That's ridiculous reason for ban. Sometimes people change lfg message to troll their friends, like just when you fill your party up someone (note: not the party leader, but the lfg window will say the lfg is by the party leader anyways) might make lfg again saying "player x sux" while the party leader is completely oblivious until he opens lfg window again. After the dungeon has been cleared if someone has to go after 1st run most likely.” yeah i know, that happends, but someo…

  • Quote from Borsuc: “And we're supposed to take your word for it? What was your LFG again?” I dont know what the LFG was they wont tell me, but i had 3 lfgs up yestoday, 1 was RMHM Priest/Kek DPS Tank/healer 20k/run and HH Need DPS but i was only leader of the rmhm and the tank/healer LFGS, but we where 2 in the tank/healer LFG and im 100% sure the person i was with wrote it, so some troll in the rmhm run most have written it i belive. because i didint do it

  • yestoday i got banned for having an LFG i dont know what it said, but somebody put the words "Unknown" has a small weine r" in the Group goals Message and i got banned 5 days for this, i tried to get information about who did it, but supporters wont even tell me the name of the lfg but i ended up getting this message nbkXoWR.png is this how we treat the community nowdays? this is just really unfair, i get banned for someone elses LFG. if someone feel guilty feel free to contact support and tell …

  • please

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    This is a Message to all tera admins/developers/modders. please for the love of the community MERGE!

  • Merge

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    Well ofc Tera Eu needs more Advertisement but i belive it shouldt be 2 much work to fuse/merge a server for a high skilled developer team, and tera would earn more money in a server merge than they would if they let 1 by 1 transfere.

  • hahaha... thank u gameforge for giving us happy hour, now those who can afford and want to waste their money on something that should be free.... playing on a server like this should be something gameforge should had fixed long ago.... servers with 200 active players. is rip...

  • Quote from bladefurry: “man i know your feel tho, we are a sking a pve merge for like 1-2 years, gf answer is alwys the same :" we 'll see if we can do a mege", all they want is that you spend your money in a trasnfer voucher and go whtever you want ...” Well its time for the GM's to stop slacking and start doing something people accutaly appriciate only server who where happy with their event was killian, when the GM' was spawning mobs outside velika.... killian is the only server they care abo…

  • Hello, i play on Veritas and yestoday it took me 2 hours to astablish a Forsaken island party. also with the instance matchmaking i was queueing for 6 diffrent dungeons and it took me 1h to get inside... iv heard from many people on my server the amout of people are horrible and transfering is no use tho its the same on ever single server except killian "who for some reason have their own server matchmaking... i dont know if any developer will see this or even care about this, but playing like t…