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  • This loading screen

    senita456 - - Fan Art & Media



  • This loading screen

    senita456 - - Fan Art & Media


    Hello Anyone has a non-text non-loading bar version of this loading screen? Gl2pxSKgfj7F2j5a-CYtcVbuEgannlPOOphHUf5Rj5MAdkMEf5hw_NxuBi5iEeG0pyVGrSNrM-TCEkbBIjAYP6NjTP2CnNd4_UBpLagNOff_IinLkOsYm4K3dby34rGht25XBuiPVjLHBZiJvBs1GL1_AAW91UMRYP8-5kL5098kjQaLL7rMu44lqLJOvXe8p3Wyyuo7TLlmwOCtAjCM1Y01gGEmRPHgq_xLtEql1PkTRHaACT_jndVRPFCUseAWLOhP-GMGpnMpaNwJ2a38jTP8uFlviVsNjCiVD3IEJ0Cu6CdRfxTjOq6kXwX35RrsAesUYJlldIP7eV7HUClHO61bioXDqUwzvqxgfVgkBbyF9dWX1TxcHNRqIKiaWZ1ZotDShMu3nG07DKh5dAdEYbiIkHXLR57EAmQYRLXr…

  • Quote from Borsuc: “ It's already impossible to get rid of heels which make literally zero sense on multiple levels especially during combat, plus I find them off putting to be honest. So once again where's my choice? ” +1 I really hate the heels I'll never understand why pretty much everywhere(including real life) women wear heels, HOW does heels makes a woman/girl more attractive is beyond my understanding. And its especially annoying on swimsuits, like, have you ever seen someone at the beach…

  • Meanwhile, back in June 2013:…ot-loremaster-quot-title/ W5qsIkkNrCYF7DQYNLVdvmvFcXDE6TdCjlzDkULgAYObpS_BeCqvrJxtOtMmB8sz5wOwdbdjQauOr7hxRCHPGOAseNlHcN2NCrhJOMMo4lhilUD-6kiNNsSJLjUqCKuTPvgymStRFKlOJQkuX5q_vMnsD2-aXjJS6tUoGyWMcwp1Y1sZGxLQ81o6qY-9PUkNl1tcqIuuTxBGqR0TjAMt0l5_bvT54cO-2ka5LHKdufRe1HI72NiJLwMyNGMZKeFRITbCOHmuykrd5r4Kt7z80hW8CPbos1swO7FKWxuNrua1N1Lrpggynrc73h1DSLcLfxtZ17iaJjV_YGKOvEBP-pGAnsStPLWcAvdxx1Q_RtIIqPQW0bNVp-8o6G9CuUshqr5gghzAPpjO3DcbpUSvN6th9RXKT…

  • Quote from LeviathanX: “1000 is already another lore achievement...” Then they'll just nerf the 1000 one into a 750 one and the 1500 one into the 1000 one.

  • I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just like the world boss killing achievements once required 50 kills per achievement as been nerfed, the Loremaster achievement will probably be nerfed as well down to 1000 quests or so.

  • Warrior Revamp

    senita456 - - Discussions about TERA


    Whatttttt? Mangle removed? RIP mangle jokes in global chat

  • Seems like the one who made that commercial was on drugs or something.....

  • Anything can be considered racist. Anyone that doesn't have your exact genetic pool could be potentially be considered an outsider, someone from another group,basically anyone who doesn't belong to your family circle. Racism makes much sense yep #sarcasm

  • I had 16 characters and all of them kept their names....not sure if I should be happy because I use original names or if I should be worried because i spent too much time with each of them... ...still the mess I found in my bank was awful.

  • You know its not really about the devs. Its about who fund them. Its very rare that a dev team as actually the money to create an AAA game without having to ask a bank or some investors a.k.a. "People who put the money and pretend to gain something out of it". And you know what's the fun part of this system? The fun part is that the investors, the banks, the "Whoever is giving the team the resources to work", will always be in the shadows, behind, and whatever happens to the final product will a…

  • I'm surprised that BH still hasn't introduced a more "hand-carrying" quest tracker like the one of some other MMORPG where you click on the quest and you character LITERALLY WALKS ON HIS OWN into the mobs. Because showing monster's location in the mini map and offering a free teleport for vanguard quests its apparently not enough yet.

  • Wow Celestial Arena and Solo Dungeons "cool PvE endgame"? lol I'm speechless.....

  • Just saying some people have some problems connecting with Tera or MMORPG in general I suppose. There was this English YouTuber called TheLazyPeon that have now almost 300k subscribers, last April of this year he made a small series of video where he levelled a gunner from lv.1 to lv.60...and then quitted. Reason? he thought levelling in Tera was too hard. Not only he didn't know about lv.65+ area(he tried to level after lv.60 in old Nexus area, in Khanovar Fort w/e is called), but he also misse…

  • It seems like the "last boss" in starter island gave some people problems. There was an Italian YouTuber a few months ago, one of the most popular in the Italian community among "gamers"(cancer word btw), who tried Tera (and was his first mmorpg), and when he got to first island's last boss... He says literally "2 hours to kill that boss!", and consider that guy is considered an "expert" in games among the italian community (and he does consider himself).

  • Quote from MarkBlax: “Quote: “the thing some of you EU players don't understand is that this kinda events never broke Tera NA, neither damaged its economy ” And what you and other haters dont understand is that some people just like the idea of gearing taking some time (not months but weeks and going dungs is not grind - go play for example BD to see what grind is) and dont like the idea of every newbie noobie running around in +15 Thats why I play here and I would probably play here even if NA …

  • Quote: “ They will lost too much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ” Explain me why your logic only applies to GF and not Enmasse. Why the "excuse" for GF is "Meh, if they do a good event they will lose too much $$$" while Enmasse as been doing those kind of events for years and didn't exactly went bankrupt. Its just an excuse. Also explain me why Tera NA has way more players than Tera EU if you say that those NA Events sucks so bad and Tera EU is the best Tera ever.

  • Meh if I had a fiber optic connection with at least 100mbps upload speed I'll be uploading the whole Tera program folder and make multiple uploads of every version of it in my unlimited Google Drive account. Sadly I don't have so good luck with that awesome launcher.

  • "Who cares about the story ?" Well some people do apparently. I don't understand why for some people its so difficult to accept that others may have different interests than them.

  • Its like those anime where the main character fight the villan for several if not MANY episodes and then, in the episode where he finally defeats it, the title is literally "<Villan name> DEFEATED!" .... like for real, who is the retard that writes titles in anime?