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  • Für den BuddyUP code nim einfach ieinen aus diesem Thread.

  • Ich würd einfach schätzen das es ein Schreibfehler is und eig ein SSl Fehler gemeint ist. Da könnte folgender Link helfen.…er-beheben-so-gehts_32795

  • Guild Bank

    Arlos - - Player Questions & Answers


    Quote from The Pitchgod: “2jjeiq.jpg If the GSkill has a chain that links it to another skill on a row before you have to max that first. If it isn't linked check the GLevel/skill points needed ” You do not need to max out the previous skill. Having it on lvl 1 is enough.

  • How to avoid insta deaths?

    Arlos - - Classes


    Quote from Miriad: “Quote from LeviathanX: “Sorry, are you seriously talking about "I don't have to dodge because I am lancer?!" Read some boss guides to learn about one-shot mechanics and how to avoid them. That is the only thing to help you. ” Nop. Im talking about "im a lancer so i should be able to take one or two hits from bosses". I think thats pretty reasonable, right? when you play with a tank, you expect to last longer, right? you expect to be able to take a beat, right? whats the diffe…

  • 1) Da Yurian der einzige deutsche Server ist ja. 2) DPS. 3) Du kannst dir ein paar Guides hier im Forum durchlesen ansonsten ist es am wichtigsten das du lernst zu überleben und deine Skills immer schön durchliest. 4) Ja gibt es und du kannst mal im Bereich deines Servers hier im Forum nach einer Gilde für dich schauen. Ansonsten einfach im Allgemeinchat nachfragen. 5) Leveln und dann ein wenig Gold dafür bezahlen. Nix aufregendes. Aber bald is das Awakening für alle Klassen da und da erlernt ma…

  • Quote from Om3Ga: “They dont check lotto if you buy it online. Everyone can. ” Many online lotto pages aren't legal as well.

  • Die sollten beim nächsten einloggen aktiv sein.

  • Quote from Ulith: “hello why isnt slayer getting awakening?? ” Cause no one is playing it.

  • Can i run TERA?

    Arlos - - Player Questions & Answers


    You can start it but you won't be able to enjoy it.

  • Mount Skills

    Arlos - - Player Questions & Answers


    Quote from Miriad: “I have a mighty phoenix, i was lucky enough to get it from the rng box in my first try. Unfortunately i cant remember the stats because for me they are completely pointless once you are using your mount, but i think they were hp and mp regeneration. But one thing, is there a mighty phoenix available to buy? i thought they were only available through rng boxes. ” The phoenix from RNG boxes can be sold on broker. Not sure if Drake refers to the new ones but Phoenix passives are…

  • An sich sind über LFG nur Lvlbeschränkungen gesetzt. Du kannst halt net mit nem Lvl 1 char in the Lvl 40 Ini. Ansonsten kannste alles machen also z. B. mit 5 Mystis die Lvl 1 Gear anhaben in AAHM rein. Übers Initool widerum kann man sich erst ab 7-Mann Inis mit 2 Heilern anmelden aber im Moment haben wir nur Abgrund als 10 Mann Ini wo ihr zu zweit anmelden könnt. Tanks werden im generellen übers Tool nur einer erlaubt. Aber ansonsten kannste auch mit 5 Tanks laufen wenn du Lust drauf hast.

  • Quote from Sisko: “guardian missions aren't grouped content, the healers there never heal anyway, and the tanks rarely ever hold bosses still. how am I supposed to get my own healer+tank if I'm FORCED to participate in it ungrouped? new players can't be picky anyway, because they don't even know anyone. the flight guardian missions are even worse with their 0.5-1 boxes per mission average, and that's with the 30% acceleration upgrade. there are tons of reasons why guardians are unviable as a sou…

  • Quote from Om3Ga: “I wasn't kidding with my last post (unlike the one before). If lootboxes would be removed we would get even worse loot systems, just look at Fortnite and the "battle pass". There are so called "seasons" and every season you need to invest money into a battle pass which grants you max loot. While with lootboxes, i got them for free by just playing normally. Havn't bought a single lootbox in my entire life. Lootboxes gone means they force people to pay for additional loot. ” For…

  • Quote from ThePenguinSockpuppet: “Firstly, Magnificent Costume Box is a box dropped from Banyaka's Treasure Chest, its free. I dont believe Guardian Boxes, Unsurpassed Etchings Boxes can be bought either. More importantly, the Dutch law seems to state some loot boxes can be considered gambling but not all. The issue seems to be if the contents of the boxes have any real world value which they dont in Tera. ” Any box that can bought in the Tera Shop has real world value since you get TT through p…

  • Quote from Jixxy: “Das das Problem immer noch besteht und sich um die Dinge die den Spieler "bevorteilen" würden nahezu in Echtzeit gekümmert wird, dieses hier aber komplett ignoriert wird, sollte hier mal mehr Nachdruck der Community folgen... Selbst wenn es schwierig zu fixen sein sollte, glaube ich nicht dass es schwierig wäre, das Problem von SONNTAG AUF MONTAG zu verschieben. Auf diese Weise würde ein Großteil der Spieler das Problem nicht mal mitkriegen... ” GF wartet darauf das die Zeitum…

  • Server Merge email with wrong items

    Arlos - - Bug Reports


    Quote from sumergirl: “Ah well i gues GF thinks they players are bunch of idiots who will not notice.... that they made mistake agaain ” You are saying that GF thinks about us players. I highly doubt they think of us.

  • Quote from Buschfunker: “Quote from Rayazs: “Quote from Avadon: “Quote from Sisko: “Quote from Avadon: “Implementing the retaliate glyph will very negatively influence the pvp scene. Implementing it or not won't change a thing for the pve scene. The choice here is really simple - brake something or change nothing. ” <blip> the PvP scene! PvE shouldn't be forced to suffer just because of some savages. ” Did you read what I wrote or not? How many times, after lvl 65, have you used retaliate in a d…

  • Falsche Items erhalten.

    Arlos - - Bug Reports


    Quote from WildWerner: “Sei froh, dass Du überhaupt was bekommen hast. Als gestern der Code per Email gekommen ist, habe ich überhaupt nichts bekommen. Fehlermeldung "wurde auf diesem Account schon eingelöst". Und nicht nur bei mir, allen anderen ging es auch so, jeder hatte diese Fehlermeldung. ” Das liegt daran das du den Code schon beim Stream eingelöst hast. Alle die ihn damals nicht eingelöst haben kriegen jetzt die Items die er beim Stream gegeben hat.

  • Quote from Trappiez: “And you can easily get 10 boxes per boss, that's not even a lot. ” Small guardian missions don't even have anything that is worthy of being called a boss. Well to be fair only the legendary guardian mission has something worthy of being called a boss.

  • Quote from Rayazs: “Well cause you implied that all the missions easily give 10 boxes ” Everyone here was talking about the big missions why would anyone suddenly think in this context about the small ones?