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  • Gold farming guide! BEST METHODS

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    Quote from Miriad: “Its incredibley how people keep referring to farm guardian missions. a) many many people dont have the ability or equipment (not until you are late twisthard - frostmetal) to effectively farm guardian missions. b) people have a life, they cant spend 24 hours farming guardian missions. Many people are thankful that they can spend 2 hours a day playing Tera. So, yes other alternative methods to farm gold would be fine. Many people need em. ” Well if the "many" people that you'r…

  • Quote from Miriad: “Im used to grind. Ive been playing mmoprgs since almost 20 years ago. Some of em for almost 10 years already .... grinding all the time. Thats why i know that there are serious problems with Tera. Talking about rewards. And keeping in mind how stupidly easy is to fail an enchantement. I mean, loook at this -> Yesterdey the whole day to just try to enchant 4 levels. 70% - fail 73% - fail 75% - fail 78% - fail I mean, seriously? one whole day for nothing, and this is more or le…

  • Quote from Sisko: “About the facts new players present here, and about the fact that no one takes obvious lies such as "everyone is 446" serious. Miriad is completely right with everything he has said about the game and the terrible state of its community. ” Its true tho, Tera has very few new players. And many of them give up before 65. Not sure how I'm whining about it tho? He said "almost everyone" if you want to use quote marks. Its obviously exagerated and mostlikely refering to actively pl…

  • Quote from Sisko: “The only one who is whining here is you, just because people can see through your thinly veiled propaganda, it's a really sad display you present of yourself here. ” What are you even talking about? What am I even whining about? Warned | Shiro

  • Quote from Sisko: “Quote from jinh: “it goes without saying ” This right there is a textbook example of trolling. Don't expect anyone to take your ilk serious, if all you can do is making outrageous claims. ” Says the one who calls everyone liar and complains about made up "facts and statistics" while doing the same exact same? Tera has very little new players, thus its a safe assumption that Tomo was talking about dedicated player / player actively playing the game. Not to worry tho, no one is …

  • Quote from Sisko: “either way it's p2w if you use gold to get it. ” No its not, p2w would imply you acquired said gold by using REAL money. You're just being stubborn/trollish.

  • Quote from Miriad: “Nop, sorry. Yes, polished arunic ore "drops" in 3 starts dungeon. a) be lucky that it actually drops because of about 10 runs it only droped twice for me. b) if it drops, it does in ridiculous amounts, probably one or two hahaha. c) be lucky someone else dont pick it. You end up with a decent amount? after how much time? a whole day? two days? a week? because sorry, i dont buy it. Not if you dont buy em for other means. I already enchanted my weapon, its right now +9 twisthar…

  • Quote from Sisko: “Quote from Tomo: “Almost everyone has at least 1 or 2 chars with gs 446. ” hahahahahaha NO. Maybe 20-30% TOPS. why are most forum posters blatant liars when it comes to facts and statistics? ” So...exactly what you just did? You seem to either be a troll or a fairly new player, it goes without saying that Tomo isn't speaking about players that started the game 3weeks ago. As to answer @Miriad Polished Ore drop in 3stars dungeon, I usually end up with a decent amount after a fe…

  • Quote from Sisko: “the crystals are the normal dungeon ones (Focused/Savage/Spiteful/Pounded), slaying is unviable in an environment where healers don't even heal you after you drop below 20-30%. there are tons of reasons why guardians are unviable as a source of income for anyone below SC-0 running it ungrouped. ” Slaying is not viable because healer aren't healing..? What? This is exactly what you want if you're using slaying, to not get healed and manage your own hp. Problem on Mystel is that…

  • Since last patch (?), IoD high tier bams on Mystel reward 180 meta emblem instead of 360 like on Killian. Additional vanguard event not working on Mystel? What about Yurian & Seren? Screenshot taken today : ezRx3U4.jpg

  • Funnily enough whoever doesnt believe how fast guardian can be, aren't playing on Killian and therefor cannot use slaying, which makes quite a big difference. And/or are simply not using consumables or are just bad. (Not to mention the trollers).

  • 453 elleon marks

    jinh - - Discussions about TERA


    Quote from White: “considering we finish dungeons like RMHM in 8minutes with mediocre party ” ??? Define mediocre please lol Top parties will do each boss in 2min to 3min (and there arent that many sub 3min kills on Lachelith). So mostlikely the average run of a top/good party is about 10min. And mediocre party will take about 15-20min.

  • Quote from Buschfunker: “So wait, let me repeat the last 2days. Pve players cry here for pve Talents while every dungeon what is inside the game right now, in the past and in the future will be clearable even without talents. But you still want talents cause your edick is to small when you compare your proxydps with the korean ones. Ohhh no wait. You cryed for dsu buffs even before the dungeon was inside tera EU. Then tera EU gave you a useless 23power buff and you guys were still able to clear …

  • Quote from ssion: “Quote from jinh: “Quote from Om3Ga: “Keep hiding in your PvE dungeons where you beat the same boss over and over again like braindeads and keep running away from PvP like the pussies you are. ” Just like you keep hiding in your BGs/VO fighting the same 20 peoples everyday since the past 2years ? ” just like you fight the same remodeled bosses from 5years ago with same static or lfg randoms all day every day? be honest, we do the same shit ” difference is, you dont see me trash…

  • Quote from Om3Ga: “Keep hiding in your PvE dungeons where you beat the same boss over and over again like braindeads and keep running away from PvP like the pussies you are. ” Just like you keep hiding in your BGs/VO fighting the same 20 peoples everyday since the past 2years ?

  • Quote from White: “Quote from Gyusza: “Quote from White: “also implementing Fishing? if i wanted to fish i wouldnt have been in tera this long you know? u trying to make the game dead even more? ” GF nothing to do with that, rather go and write to BH ” GF has something to do with it, when it buffs guardians with weekly events, wouldnt it be better if they buff dungeons loot weekly instead? ” He clearly quoted the fishing part tho, which has nothing to do with the guardians and their weekly event…

  • Quote from Miriad: “"In order for you to see your character's BuddyUp code, you need to have an eligible character (L40+)." Curious. In my case, i need a character between levels 1-9. Is this info updated? ” To see and give out your own code, you need to be lvl40+ To enter a code someone gave you, you need to be between lvl1-9

  • Astral Gift

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    Quote from john4iri: “I cant believe they really wanted us to use 1 char for 6 hours for this event. ” Probably not as the CD keeps going whether you're online, so you can switch to any character and switch back whenever the CD is up again. Is it a stupid change? yes. Does it forces you to play the same character for 6hours ? no.

  • Drake mounts

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    They're both 1.5

  • Quote from Nakuraku: “Quote from Mindstormer: “It says in the box to craft a minor battle solution, not major ” No. It's says major to craft as per highlighted item. ” Yes you are indeed crafting Major Battle Solution. However the TEST requires you to craft MINOR battle solution. So maybe you should "look again before posting". edit; made it easier for you. c30380ff-503c-4a8b-b12b-d8b72f7f93c6uKD2JZo.jpg