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  • From a PVE point of view, this patch is not really better. Last patch, when they implemented new jewelry and the components to upgtrade them, mats were droping in 4 dungeons, it was nice for PVErs who could run 4 different hm dungeons to upgrade their jewelry. But, with new patch it only drops in 2 dungeons : GOLnm and hm, and DRC hm. Since those dungeons also drop Veiltroch, this makes every other dungeon just completly useless for the whole patch, not really any point keeping them ingame now.

  • Eliannah, retiens toi un peu plus dans tes propos stp, franchement si tu veux qu'on joue à déblatérer des préjugés sur les serveurs, je peux jouer aussi. Alors Nidalee, Eliannah est le parfait exemple des joueurs Français qui sont partis sur Killian. Il semble y avoir un pack "killian Masterace" dans lequel, quand tu transfert vers killian tu obtiens du skill, un égo surdimensionné (je me demande encore comment ils font pour pas s’étouffer avec d'ailleurs), et un profond dégout de ton serveur d'…

  • New UI SUX

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    Is the new UI not copy paste from BHS new 10 fps MMO, AIR ?

  • As I was main reaper during Desolarus and Timescape, I was awaiting reaper's awakening since a long time, but I'm also really desapointed. I'm playing on reaper since last patch and I don't like new skills at all, It feels so slow and clunky I'm aware that my rotation is far from perfect with new skills, Ult is meh, red sundering is slow, shadow burst is slow. Guess we have to wait for talents in order for reaper to have a smooth rotation and be a decent PVE class. Maybe at least I'll have fun w…

  • I agree jackpot event rather tends towards p2w and whales, but for once champion challenge had decent rewards. Though It would be nice to publish the chance for each item, I did many aanm yesterday and I always had 10 emeralds, I don't complain It's already a good reward, but in my guild, I think that between all our guildies only one had a costume. Thank you also for gardian event, I love this one . @Kapt If you need gear XP, tag underground BG saturday and Sunday, It gives 1600 XP for 10 min a…

  • @Trappiez I don't know what bugs you so much that people might have different opinions, skill level than yours. There are different kind of people who play Tera, some don't even use scripts and proxi you know ? Some people like me don't even have the chance of being unemployed and abble to farm 12h/day. I farmed gardians between noon and 13h and all my boxes (that I planned to collect later this week) have been gone with today's afternoon surprise maint while I was at work. Patch is old, we're d…

  • honnestly,I prefer doing 1 daily for 1600 XP instead of 13 for 120 XP each, and even if you tryed, you can't make 13 matchs of 10 min in 2 hours but wtv. I don't see why it is a bad change, especialy if you do it on many caracters. It's more XP than gardians x 40 (1200 XP) and more than AAHM (1375). Even, for casual or new players it's a really good change, you only have to be online saturday and sunday evening between 20h and 22h for 10 minutes.

  • As it is a useless item for Club members, but only club members can get it and it is untradable, maybe you can change it for 3h 30% XP item, everyone will be happy instead of being scammed.

  • just create reapers and name them "bank Page1", "bank Page2" ... It'll be easier to sort.

  • hi, for once a good change : Gridirion 2.0's daily gives 1600 XP for a ten min match (AAHM is just 1375 XP for comparison). Nice way to XP our beloved alts.

  • @karma2012 If you like casual PVP, just play for free, there are BGs that you can do without gear : Cancer Stronghold, Gridirion 2.0, 3s solo Q, If you like them you need 0 gear, just cristals (and there's a quest in highatch where you can get pvp cristals for free), no need Tera Club, no endless grind. and btw Naibliss, SC+7 is far from BIS.

  • Archers in PvE/PvP

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    Archer will be god tier for RE extrem, as they can solo the plant boss, just saying.

  • @Athena and @Atmorph Next time you create new stillborn servers can you please consider adding an int PVP and a French one ? You know some people there pay for Tera Club too and might apreciate to accumulate 3 months worth of banyaka's treasure chest instead of just having to suffer a stupid 12 hours maint for nothing. Seren and Killian don't have anything to do with the server merge, but we're impacted the same way that people who will get back 3 months of gold and silver talents Thanks in adva…

  • I only pvp on reapers, so I'd like to have talents in BG (25% attack speed on sundering strike, whipsaw ...,+20% stun duration). But I agree that talent that gives RNG reset on retaliate should be removed as it would break zerk's chain KD in 3s.

  • Few things were missing in patchnote : XP cap has been implemented on gear. You can't earn XP on your gear once you've reach the cap. Killing spee credits and shop have been removed. You can spend Bellicarium credits for enchanting mats. If you see things missing, don't hesitate to post here, Thanks in advance, Eternya.

  • Codes Frères d'armes !

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  • @Athena @Vayus Thank you for the 2 week-ends gardian events, I really enjoyed them. While I understand that it doesn't help filling LFG, noone really wants to run all unrewarding and boring dungeons from this patch. As much as I enjoyed slaying RKEM, AAHM is really a trash dungeon that you run only cause you're forced to if you need Veilthroch. I even bought some to skip a few runs. At the moment I'm still missing heroic armor, but I wonder if I won't simply wait for the next RRHM equivalent tha…

  • Sea shells, which is a recycled version of eastern eggs is the worst RNG, P2W event of Tera EU with letters event. As Kraxler, Idgaf about these 2 events, P2W and RNG are not the parts of Tera I enjoy the most . 3 years ago, I was only missing 1 letter, which I never had after buying some boxes with real money. This was the 1st time I spent real money (not accounting Tera Club) in this game and Gameforge will never see any cent coming from my account in any of their game for the rest of my life …

  • Jinh, I don't know why it's disturbing you that much that ppl can farm Veilthroch trough tokens when according to Kasea 60-65 % aahm clears where done with bugging cage : Upcoming Dreadspire Problems This means that at least 60% EU and NA population got their gear on 2 first weeks of the patch by using bug (not even talking about proxy modules used). Noone was banned and all these ppl still have their Bis gear. For me it would have been the same if gillieglade looted Veilthroch. As for AAHM bein…

  • I've just read patchnotes for patch 71 and I can say that I'm really desapointed for the leaderboards rewards. Sure, ppl used all kind of P2W pots to achieve high scores, (and sureley too, ppl used scripts, macro and proxy ), but for ppl who at least didn't cheat and tryed hard, an uggly title is really bs. For my point of view, with the mask echange tokens like in Ktera, it was a real good motivation to try hard, as looting a mask in dungeon is almost an urban legend. I don't know if we don't h…