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  • Also, the moon is actually made out of cheese.

  • Tera Club Supply Box

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    I find the vials quite useful. Crafting is the easiest way to make money with close to zero effort in this game, assuming you know what you are doing. Sometimes there is a peak in demand for your goods and you need lots of crafting points fast, and having some vials available makes the difference between being able to restock your wares and potentially missing out on sales.

  • 3v3 equalized event

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    You see, in the Om3ga-world, the only allowed content is CS. Any thread that is not about stroking the balls of CS-fans will me trolled without mercy. The following is to please the great Om3ga so that he won't feel compelled to call me a little kid or even worse: All hail CS! All hail CS! All hail CS! All hail CS! All hail CS!

  • @Atmorph Please consider carefully the new proposed rewards vs what we are getting now. Triple rep and double rep is good, guaranteed rewards and is still somewhat worth a player's time if he has a bad day and loses a lot of games. I'm somewhat skeptical of the value (from players' viewpoint) of the suggested RNG, only for winners system. You should open that excel and make the necessary calculations to arrive at such numbers, for whatever system you decide to implement, that gives around the sa…

  • I'd just like to point out that the absence of logic is pretty hilarious when Kvakva goes "People should help the poor newbs" and then gets called out for being selfish. Next time someone tells me I should donate to starving kids in Africa I'm gonna call them out for being so selfish, its my money goddamnit!

  • Lol so anyways don't really care if CS is active or not, but I highly doubt removing Jackpot Hours would suddenly make people queue for it all day long. The problem with CS is that it's just so boring because there is so little pvp in it, but that is not the focus in this topic. To get back on track, right now we have guaranteed times when people can queue BGs and expect short queues and decent rewards, and I would just like to get some assurances that this will not change for the worse with the…

  • Fraywind is good as it is. Of course it makes CS less active when people are are given the chance to play more fun BGs that are not all about bashing two stupid gates. People getting to play something else than CS for a few hours every day quite reasonable imho. You still got 21 hours each day to bash that gate.

  • I have been enjoying some casual pvp lately, doing Fraywind every evening that there is 2x or 3x credits and the queue has been popping very fast and the BG has been both fun and felt like worth doing in terms of rewards. What is the plan to replace these jackpot hours after credits get removed? It would REALLY suck if we went back to those times when Fraywind never pops

  • I find 99% of gaming mouse useless because a) too big/heavy for finger grip use b) buttons located on the side. Wtf, I use my thumb to secure my grip on the mouse in place, buttons need to be on top. c) only 2 extra buttons on top, need 4 The ONLY mouse I know that doesn't fail these requirements is the Logitech g300/g300s. It's been out since like 2012, I'm afraid they are gonna stop manufacturing it soon and I'm seriously considering buying like 5 of them for storage as spares. Anyways anyone …


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    The new system is quite fun imo. Before I used to always solo the dungeons but it was a lonely business. Here are some practical tips for dungeon-spam leveling: Forget IM, you will never get in. Go stand in front of the dungeon and check LFG. 95% of groups are gonna be 5 Valks. Deal with it. Use consumables. I personally use Kaia's Dedication/Strong bravery/Bravery, inexorable draught (if I feel like I need it) and of course healing pots which are on 10 sec CD. Assume that everyone else will be …