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  • New UI SUX

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    Hey Guys, please refrain from insulting each other. Different strokes for different folks.

  • Quote from Yatobou: “Whether or not your map is locked or unlocked is information saved on the server and not in your local files. So, what you can do to "access" this setting is this: open your options and go to UI settings, click "reset all" at the bottom. HOWEVER if you click "apply" or "OK" then, certain settings in your UI will be reset along with it (UI size and such), including the fact that the map will now be permanently unlocked and movable. If you don't want the other settings to be b…

  • Hello, as this issue is resolved now I'll close this thread. I also moved it into a more appropriate section.

  • Fix Vanguard NPC. Thanks.

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    Hello, as the issue is now resolved I'll close this thread. I also moved it into a more appropriate section.

  • Hello, I merged the duplicate thread into this one and moved it into a more appropriate section.

  • Hey, moved the thread into a more appropriate section.

  • Hello, I'm sorry but for such specific questions you probably have to contact support. What I found out about TERA using iovation comes from Enmasse, but is probably valid in EU too. Quote from Spacecats: “A little bit about Iovation. It's a service we use to track and identify banned players and fraudulent users (like people who use stolen credit cards), preventing them from logging back into the game or making new accounts. ”

  • Ich kann deinen Frust nachvollziehen, ich hab es lange Zeit versucht 3 Charaktere immer auf Diamant oder Meister zu halten... vergeblich. Diese beiden Reiter die ich oben genannt habe mache ich trotzdem noch auf fast jedem Charakter, da es wie ich finde eine relativ nette Wochenend Unterhaltung ist wenn man mal um 9 Uhr morgens nicht weiß was man machen soll. Ne Tasse Kaffee, gute Musik und dann kann man ein wenig Achievements machen ganz ohne Stress.

  • Hey Shikasa, es kommt jeden Content vor, dass Instanzen rausfliegen und neue reinkommen. Die Achivements für diese Instanzen die gerade nicht aktiv sind werden dann unter den Reiter Spezial verschoben, welcher nicht zu den Punkte zählt, welche du für die Lorbeeren brauchst. Du könntest aber mal den Reiter "Gegner und Erforschung" und "Pflichtrundgänge" machen, die Achievements dort variieren meiner Informationen nach nicht und zählen jeden Content.

  • Hey Aryd, are you maybe using some VPN software? I know that you get an automatic 24h ban by using VPN services, which gets reset to the 24h period everytime you try to login. Please try contacting support again, they are the only ones that can tell you for sure why your account got blocked.

  • Menu icons bug

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    Hello, I forwarded the issue.

  • Ninja Skills

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    Moved to a more appropriate section. Can you tell me on which target you a trying to use these skills? If you are hitting the target dummys in HW, they don't take damage. I was playing my ninja yesterday, but everything seemed to work fine for me.

  • Parcel post bug?

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    Moved to a more appropriate section. Does the indicator vanish after you open the Parcel or does it stay?

  • Heya, moved the thread into a more appropriate section. Consumables do not stop losing duration if you are not fighting. I do know that some consumables do not lose duration while the character is not logged in, but there are also exceptions to this like the combat accelerator potion, which also loses duration while your character is logged out.

  • Hey Guys, I moved the thread into a more appropriate section. As it was already mentioned, Bluehole removed this slot with the new UI, but you can always rebind another slot to use with C. To both side of the main skill bar there should be a little "+/-", with this you can show/hide the 2 extra skill bars.

  • Hey Rias, I moved the thread into a more appropriate section. Currently I'm not at home so I cannot check if there is an option somewhere like there was with the old UI. You can always hide it though, the default Key for hiding the mini map would be "N".

  • patch when? :)

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    Quote from Bkackr0: “I have a question. When first classes get awakening, classes who don`t get awakening, receive a power buff or dmg buff, something like 20% or 30% more dmg, my question is, with new classes awakening, this buff will be removed or add to the first awakened classes to? ” Hi, all 6 classes that get the awakening today will lose the compensation buff.

  • Duplicate Thread. Im moving it into the archives.

  • Most of the time these disconnects and lagspikes are because of the players connection, I tried Yurian and Mystel and there we're no disconnects for me in the last few days. Can you tell us the error message you get when the client closes?

  • Hey foxy, I'm really sorry it took a little bit longer to actually enable the event. As the event is already active I'll close this thread.