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  • After this response we realise the moderators want to keep doing what they been doing instead of stopping their downhill attitude towards the board. After all, this answer bringed nothing positive or relevant to the issues fowarded by the members of this board or any sign of consciousness about their own actions. Just a lot of excuses and: "If you don't like it, deal with it". If you check the latest 3 pages of threads in this board, the ammount of locked threads is literally ridiculous in compa…

  • Still Waiting

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    At this point i couldn't care less with words. Rather see actions.

  • Quote from Noyn: “And of course, making gold easy to earn ingame makes buying shimmering jewel boxes & keys less attractive. ” Thats what players want and how it was before these boxes/practices came up so agressively, which made many players leave. TT price dropping would be nothing but fair after its exponential recent increase in few years.

  • probably one of the most stupid bans ive seen recently. As if we dont see on a daily basis names with way more offensive content. And no, having the name of a political identity should not be offense to anyone as it is just that, a name, what that name represents in tera is his character name. Nothing else. By this logic a ton of players would be banned by now. This is mostly a german company behaving way too sensitive on a name that is written deep in their history. These situations are gamefor…

  • Quote from Greensheep: “At first: I will say it maybe many times again in this forum (before ppl wonder why this thread get locked) "Personal things have no business here" The ban is between "You" and "GF". Stop pulling the community as meat shield for your justice. If you want talk about the another "useful" stuff make a new thread about them (Like 3rd party programms etc) ” I actually like this thread cause its threads like this that inform the community about a matter that has been dodged and…

  • Agree with the OP, the censor is real. Quote from Vayus: “I will close this thread at this point now before this turns into spam ” The thread was open for free discussion between the forum users, it is not a decision of any moderator whether it should be closed or not. Specially when there was no spam or off topic. Then you wonder why threads like these pop up. Same happened here: Quote from Shiro: “Andrea already answered these question here: GameForge when you will do something about PROXY & H…

  • I guess they dont get many applicants for moderator so that is also a reason why moderation in this board is literally a blindfolded copy paste fast replies and close every thread. Shiro is one of many examples, but maybe he is having a depression or something we also dont know. In my humble opinion the one at fault here is the person who is responsible for the moderators and gives them the freedom to behave like this, to be counter productive and upset their community on a daily basis. Like the…

  • Maybe they ban us all in this thread too and close it lol. Pathethic

  • Major shout out for @benox who alike others has been banned for nothing more than pressuring the responsible subjects into improving/fixing the game we play. Rest in Peace banned friends and the question will still remain, when will they do something about proxy and hack in our game. Edited & Warned | Shiro

  • I agree with the op, exclude them and give them rewards for their work. Its the ethical thing to do.

  • no rewards bg jackpots

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    Seems our community manager has a lot of work which I understand due to the high population and activity in this game, maybe they have to hire another one.

  • Quote from Uhrzeiger23: “Quote from benox: “Anyway, still lot of problem are not fixed, & GF dont do anything behind apply patch... - Proxy - proxy modules - class balance - matchmaking system ( SynQ ) - CAP in BG - unfair consumable in PVE ranked system - ” Wellthe question ist who destroyed tera? BHS/NEXON/GF or Proxy dev ” both

  • At least by being censored you get the immediate sense that it is forbidden, but like this, its more of a free promotion and miseducation of the playerbase.

  • Quote from jinh: “Quote from senita456: “As someone being in Mystel server all the time I can wholeheartedly confirm that the gold sellers bots / people(?) are way out of control, they used to be rare, now I see these asking for GMs in game once in a blue moon too much asking? ” What would a GM every now and then ingame accomplish against gold seller tho? At best, a faster ban, but that's about it really. They come back with different account on a daily basis anyway ” Well they man…

  • Quote from Uhrzeiger23: “Everything is max gear lol who doesnt have max gear yet ” I wonder too, who doesn't? Who gears max gear Ninja? And still didn't see a response of where is the source on the gear those players are wearing besides assumption? And why don't you post lowest DPS charts for dungeon clear, since the goal is to be able to clear next content the baseline starts there. I mean if you want to be taken serious on your statistics, they can't be simple copy pastes you know. We all know…

  • Quote from tobtheking2: “Gonna update my recent post with new highest EU Rankings: 1.) Archer EU 4.1m/s vs Archer KR 4.5m/s === Difference of +9.7%dmg 2.) Berserker EU 6.6m/s vs Berserker KR 6.9m/s === Difference of +4.5% dmg 3.) Brawler EU 3.3m/s vs Brawler KR 5.1m/s === Difference of +54% dmg 4.) Gunner EU 4.4m/s vs Gunner KR 4.4m/s === Difference of +0% dmg 5.) Lancer EU 2.5m/s vs Lancer KR 2.8m/s === Difference of +12% dmg 6.) Ninja EU 3.7m/s vs Ninja KR 5.2m/s === Difference of +40% dmg 7.)…

  • Quote from Kraxler: “you dont get perma ban if you say stupid thing for the frist time. If a person is a toxic scumbag who spam all the day with hate speech and what not no wonder they get perma banned ” @senita456 context was about a particular individual(and even if not, there are countless cases of similar situations), who even if using a somewhat repeated message(which was highly educated and well formed), it was only due to the lack of answer/response from the ones responsible for it. Unfor…

  • Meanwhile, the OP has been banned. That's our answer LOL . Zero maturity publisher. Instead of stablishing an official foothold on the serious matter they let it grow even more pathetic.

  • Class Balance

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    Quote from Uhrzeiger23: “Well, if they reduce CD from CA to 30min then yes but so? not really Seal is p2w so not really ” That only makes it even more unbalanced, the lack of availability is also a factor. CD doesn't matter when you clear multiple dungeons and have multiple battleground matches in less than 30 minuts, and i am sure some people also have real life cooldown during gameplay. For as much as you can try to deny, it affects class balance, and people feel it in both BG's and Dungeons. …

  • Class Balance

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    Quote from Uhrzeiger23: “Well yes, they nerfed brawler back in the days but now he was talking about CA/Seal ” Don't they affect class balance?