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  • Quote from Cyberion: “Even if it happens on 2 PCs at your home it is still an individual issue to me, maybe something is misconfigured in your router? As it was not asked yet, do you use a newly downloaded installer for the installation or some old one that has been downloaded years ago. Because some time in the past they made a cut and older versions of the launcher were no longer able to download updates.” I'm using the same launcher since f2p and it still works.

  • Drake mounts

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    Should be 1.5 and the only difference should be the look.

  • Astral Gift

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    Quote from Kraxler: “So no more afking and open them with alts to bypass CD .... They really want to force us to play the game for useless rewards . Atleast put in a 2.0 temp crit mounts. 1,5 are useless since they don*t stack with permantent one” But you can still afk. Just need to be on the same char and remember to open it once an hour.

  • Quote from Greensheep: “Dont get me wrong but its more are individual issue for your state. I never got problems with the luncher past 5 years. Even after swap between 2 different PCs and 1 laptop it always worked well, for every system i run. (even with modding, mostly worked well) I know your time is value but you are better off to ask the support in such cases or look around the support forum with similar issues. The only thing i dislike on the luncher is the massage after closing it before T…

  • 1. barely 2. yes but they are boring 3. 10% less toxic then the youtube comments say 4. depends a lot on the server I would say. On yurian there are elitist people but you won't meet them often since they are pretty much in their own world. if you ask for help you have 50/50 chance to find a genuine helpful person or a troll. 5. no

  • Beweis des Wandels

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    Wir können dir hier nicht helfen. Du musst damit zum support.

  • So you found the probably best hide and seek position.

  • Some items indeed have a level restriction but that shouldn't be every item you can't buy. About the rest I'm not sure. Maybe they are race or gender exclusives you can't use.

  • Quote from White: “is there a list with items that cannot be transfered through servers?” As far as I know there isn't but you can do it through a trial and error way or just post a pic here in the forum and ask people what can't be transferred.

  • Quote from senita456: “Was it? don't play much mystic to remember the details :X” Yes it was blue with a little green touch in my opinion but I suck with colors.

  • Quote from senita456: “FPZCRaedRTFylQ5_tJiuvzyPvIDtyMRD-yjH2p9w-ynltsgpEg3-xKemzDyUzKz0IXCxI3J0m9nkWqOhxYLgktwJxxXioYp9Qf8Z9QLxX0fFpvjplVmRDQa7oWTjpiOio610ltH8xyUYLUWdTMGPqQ9hH8E7cmBEirSwWPDllSYhwaGUtVsj4ELbbMVyH9O_vxaBOwEOoFfIPSCCZzxHWA-K3mwnJx0q3rI062O6eXJGDOYFavP6V8Z8DOLwmQAHn4OLZo0gkxoKu0i2TDYAyImRgiTiTr8x2QKPGqQQu76ytaq43oJSY_esd64PbQjhD5XUi87glXp1_XBopqvnAbHd7zAEL2P3tXFSOCXPO_xUjWKUS8PWLQwhXGhGS35ezyBfPPp9KBIT8WZVs5y7HD3lUn1r7XYbIVA8Srueq2I_N_bJpb_rX82XLsA_fCzOk2nW29IouWK2u8Sgmu0Tp87TsrMP8…

  • Quote from Nakuraku: “I got you point but in craft the highlighted item is the one you should craft yo level up. However the critical I made crafting did not count.” The highlighted items are the ones that are able to raise your crafting level. It can be 10 different and which you craft wouldn't matter. So naturally it won't work since you are maxed until you finish the test. So don't blame me for not understanding the game. That the crit didn't advance should be a bug better report it to the su…

  • Alle chars über lvl 40 werden in eine Warteschliefe gesteckt die einen Tag dauert und in der Zeit kannst du die Löschung wieder rückgängig machen. Du solltest in der Lage sein dich wieder einzuloggen nachdem du genügend chars in der Warteschleife hast.

  • Versuch mal das Ticket so lange zu melden bis du jemanden anderes als Kiareko bekommst und schau mal was der Mitarbeiter sagt. Außerdem ist nicht nur die Kommunikation zwischen Spieler und GF schlecht sondern auch die Kommunikation innerhalb GFs. Ich hatte schon nen paar Momente da hat der Support Aussagen getroffen, die den Comas widersprechen.

  • It's simple. You just need to learn to read. Since after all Minor Battle Solution is what you need and you try to get the points with Major Battle Solution.

  • It's a bit weird to say the least. Just move around a lot and wait. It's definitely possible to get it.

  • Quote from jinh: “Got at least 5 lib since they introduced them in the banyaka boxes, got one yesterday even. Some people got 2 brooches. Its just RNG. But yeah, I'm more interested as how to get VSES after their removal..surely it can't be cashshop only.” Entropic should have them but most people won't have any entropic left.

  • Kann es vllt sein das im ersten Screenshot ein Zeilenumbruch ist und es eig pro Stück 5249g heißen soll? Weil so kenn ich die Anzeige im AH gar nicht.

  • Talentsystem?

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    Quote from Kraxler: “3 Tage später: Leider wird das Talentsystem nicht außerhalb von Korea erscheinen.” Genau sowas erwarte ich.

  • Quote from Shunoa: “Ich weiß 5% waren schon hoch gegriffen, gemessen an den Leuten, die schon mit Full HS rumlaufen, oder den Proxyusern, die man nur aus Videos kennt, war auch nur eine Hochrechnung. Wo durch entstand den das Ungleichgewicht? Nicht durch das Awakening? Also wenn alle Awakening haben, wird es dann nicht besser? TS macht es rund, aber ohne ist es noch lange nicht unmöglich. Bedeutet jetzt nicht das es nicht kommen soll, aber dafür ist einer anderer Thread da. Man muss auch nicht a…