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  • Moreover PL in 3v3 team is reduced thanks to the rank gap, if gap is above 200 rating, you wont get matched, but Krawler is right, no need to pl this because ppl don't get high rank on this battleground. I don't think the new rewards will change anything. @Athena we still didn't get pvp rewards, it has been 18days since the end of the season, do you know when we will get the reward ? =/

  • Launcher vide

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    Bonsoir, Je vous conseille de faire ceci: - Mettre à jour ses drivers sur le site du fabriquant (c'est mieux) ou sur - Mettre à jour DirectX 11 ou 9 (dépend de votre PC). - Mettre à jour Adobe Flash Player et Shockwave Player. et - Utiliser CCleaner (Nettoyeur/Registre). - Vérifier si vous avez de la place dans vos disques durs ( C:, D:, environs 10Go de libre). - Avoir le dernière…

  • I agree with Buschfunker too on CS, but i'm a pleb noob pvp forum slayer.. ! CS Priority: 1st objectives, 2nd "kills", 3rd survivability. •Attack phase: Only objectives. •Defense phase: Objective (inner), then kills. FWC Priority: 1st survivability, 2nd objectives, 3rd "kills". •Unequal team: Only focus kills. •Equal team: Survivability first, then objectives (bams only last few seconds so it's better to focus them, you can kill after), then "kills". When I write "kills", I'm not necessary speak…

  • I don't think it's worst this month ^^. From season 3 until now, i don't see any change, there are always been 1~3 game of fraywind or corsair. It's just the season 2 (the first one) which was the most active because pvp players had not left TERA yet because of the awakening unfair balance. Anyway, I agree with @Buschfunker , It would be better if only players who have done 3vs3 Skyring could be ranked in this top ranking. Maybe a moderator can forward this suggestion ? @Athena

  • Good job to everyone ! (Even those who have tried but are not in the rankings). Globally the average rank of players are increasing (except for the first season): Season 2: Over 3700. Season 3: 3422 Season 4: 3507 Season 5: 3548 So the game does not seem to be more dead than the two previous seasons. Greetings,

  • Le nom de ta session sur ton ordinateur == ton nom d'utilisateur (là ou tu vas pour aller dans Documents, Images).

  • Who is the strongest?

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    @Morddamek What do you want to do when you say "PvP" ? Are you looking for the best class in 1v1, Fraywind Canyon, Skyring, guild fight ? In my opinion: 1v1 - DPS: Warrior, TANK: Lancer, HEALER: Mystic Fraywind Canyon - DPS: Sorceress, TANK: Lancer, HEALER: Priest Skyring - DPS: Berserker, HEALER: Priest Guild Fight - DPS: Berserker, TANK: Lancer, HEALER: Mystic. Note (Guild Fight): A lancer will have less impact if he doesn't have good players with him. The berserker/gunner will have less impac…

  • Essayez comme cela, en supprimant tous les retours à la ligne inutile (NOM_UTILISATEUR normalement la ligne existe déja mais avec votre nom d'utilisateur, supprimer juste les retours à la ligne): # Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Microsoft Corp. # # This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows. # # This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each # entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should # be placed in the first column followed by the corr…

  • Bonjour, Avez essayer ceci ? : Si oui, pouvez-vous me donner les lignes écrites dans votre fichier C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

  • Quote from Youdontknowme: “ive not heard of a 2nd nerf after that 30%. Is there a source? And What about thrall of wrath no nerf at all? Also, does anyone know if war, slayer and cyclone reset get nerfed? Couldn't find info ” First Nerf (30% Thrall of Sovereignty): 2018.01.25 patch notes | K TERA Second Nerf (Significantly decreased PVP damage of Thrall of Lord & Vengeance) : 2018.04.12 patch notes | K TERA It's the two nerfs mystic already had on Tera KR about their Thrall PvP Damage.

  • (Sorry for double post) Hello everyone, First of all, I really liked your feedbacks. A lot of players have enjoyed the crossword. I had the participation of Kaidun and Mystel server even if there was no reward for them (but I will try to give you the reward anyway ^^). Most of you did the crossword for the fun and didn't care about the reward. The maintenance ended 5 hours earlier, so it was less useful than expected. The goal of this mini game was to give you a good time during maintenance and …

  • Yes of course, You can send it to me via pm and i can tell you if it's correct or not.

  • UPDATE: Some of you told me that there was a problem with the word on the right of the number 22. Indeed Number 26 was missing, it's now updated. 26 - The opposite of noob. Sorry for this, there's no more mistakes. You can complete it in full.

  • Good morning! I propose for you, players of Tera, a small player event to wait for the end of the maintenance. This is my personal initiative and has nothing to do with Gameforge. The game and the rewards are my own responsability and it's not the responsability of gameforge. Are you bored ? You like Sudokus, and doing crosswords in the train? Or maybe you just like money? Come and test your TERA knowledge and logic with a special TERA crossword made by myself! I'm sorry i'm not a native english…

  • New Server Patch 69

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    Hello, @benox: Here: Patch Notes 69 – Hero’s Oath Quote from Athena: “From June 7th, patch 69 is bringing with it additional instances, a new battleground, and more powerful gear! But that’s not all, of course: we’re opening one additional server each for English and German speakers. This gives you the opportunity to start your career as a hero again from scratch and to take the new world by storm! ” I think it's the only post where we can find information about this. Maybe more communication/hy…

  • Congratulations to everyone ! Even those who have tried but are not in the rankings.

  • Salut, Je suis Slayer depuis longtemps. Slayer est rapide et mobile, ce qui le rend plaisant à jouer aussi bien en PvE que PvP. Il a vocation à être plutôt mono cible. Le brawler lui peut gérer plusieurs cibles en même temps, il a moins de mobilité que le slayer mais ça reste le tank le plus mobile. Le Slayer DPS plus qu'un brawler ( et encore c'est pas toujours le cas) mais c'est normal car le brawler est un tank ^^. Le brawler est à mon avis plus simple à prendre en main au début que le slayer…

  • Xplo, artilleuse 65

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    Bienvenue sur Tera ! Bon jeu à toi, n'hésite pas à me poser des questions IG si jamais t'en as !

  • Patch 68

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    Bonsoir, Les clés de l'ile de l'aube permettent d'ouvrir des coffres au trésor du bandit caïman (qui contient souvent 1 à 2 rubis). Ce coffre se trouve un monstre qui apparait uniquement dans les fragments d'énergie vitale qui inondent désormais l'ile de l'aube. Récolter un fragments d'énergie vitale apporte soit un bonus de dégât, soit de dégât critique, soit de réduction de cooldown, soit contre le renversement, soit rien, ou soit fait apparaitre un caïman, ceci de manière équiprobable. Il y a…

  • Salut ! Sur des reapers sous buff qui peuvent te chain stun à l'infini pourquoi pas mais sinon ce serait l'horreur ! Pouvoir stun en chaîne avec des collegues qui t'aident ça demande une bonne cohésion et un bon team-play (pour éviter des les renverser et réussir à stun en chain de manière optimal). De plus tous les stuns tu peux les éviter ou bien les contrer, si tu te fais prendre c'est que ton adversaire a bien joué et que donc il mérite de t'infliger quelques dégats Réussir un combo KD ce n'…