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  • As OP is banned and as the last posts went away from the main topic, I am going to close this thread. As (most of) you know we do not discuss bans of users on the forum, if Freundlich wants to discuss about his ban he can send a ticket to the support. However I can tell you that the ban is not related to this thread. In case anyone of you still wants to discuss that topic, you can open a new thread.


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    Just to add this here: If you want to report someone, please send a ticket: Thread closed.

  • Dear players, there will be a forum maintenance on 28th June starting at 11:00 CEST. The forum will be unavailable for up to 3 hours. There will be no upgrade of the forum software, only a server move. Your TERA team

  • Kann kein Support Ticket erstellen

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    Hast du evtl. einen Adblocker/JavaScript/...-Blocker aktiv? Falls ja, diesen bitte deaktivieren und nochmals probieren.

  • Bans are not discussed on the forum, your friends can contact the support if he has any questions or want to explain his situation. Thread closed.

  • Closed as requested.

  • Focus (Ninja)

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    -> Since mainterance Ninja FOCUS is Broken.

  • Unfortunately I cannot provide you an explanation what happened, maybe there just were some network issues in a datacenter. If you notice server issues again please open a new thread, I will close this one before this turns into a spam thread.

  • Did you already create a TERA account? Your account on is not related to your TERA game account. For further account related questions please contact our support: They can check your account status and also help you with that.

  • Any Item Claim mess news?

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    -> Maintenance - server merge: 02.05.2018

  • The issue was just fixed when you created this thread, thanks for the report anyways! Thread closed as the issue was solved.

  • Quote from Sunflare: “Quote from Lebtejebo: “Well its know issue that lowest mods do whatever they want.. And when i wanted to be a moderator on this same shitty forum reason to decline me was "not enough posts".. ” The last couple of EN community manager's accounts were created on the day they were appointed as such. One even said they'd NEVER PLAYED TERA before that. The "not enough posts" rubbish was just an excuse to reject your application. They can't have people who think independently and…

  • Hi, I'm the smart-ass moderator. Nice to meet you! Why your post was moved: Quote from SisterofVi: “Please do not comment in this thread, this is an info-channel only. If you want to discuss on topics mentioned in this post, please open another thread. Thank you! ” I just followed the request of @SisterofVi to keep the thread clean, no big deal here. About the thread in the German section: Please talk to the DE team directly about your complaints. Thank you!

  • Gagnez votre propre bourrasque de neige et un manteau d'hiver bien chaud ! Dès maintenant, la roue des gros lots vous propose les manteaux de tsar bleu nuit et colorable. Et la neige étincelante cristalline vous met dans l'ambiance : faites exploser un cristal de glace et laissez les flocons de neige vous entourer ! 21b462ed27accb636ffb9ba7ee7848.jpg Nouveaux prix Les objets suivants ont été ajoutés à la roue des gros lots : Champs de jackpot : - [Nouveau] Boîte à malice : manteau de tsar colora…

  • Gewinne dein persönliches Schneegestöber und einen kuschelwarmen Wintermantel! Ab sofort sind am Rad der Hauptgewinne der nachtblaue und färbbare Zarenmantel erhältlich. Für winterliche Stimmung sorgt der kristalline Funkelschnee: Schieße einen glitzernden Eiskristall in die Luft und lass dich von tanzenden Schneeflocken umwehen! 21b462ed27accb636ffb9ba7ee7848.jpg Neue Preise Die folgenden Gegenstände wurden dem Rad der Hauptgewinne hinzugefügt: Jackpot-Felder: - [Neu] Trickkiste: Färbbarer Zare…

  • Gain your own personal snow flurry and a super cosy winter jacket! The Wheel of Jackpots now has the Imperial Nutcracker jacket in blue and dyeable forms. To really set the wintry mood, there’s also the Crystallized Snow Explosion: shoot a glittering ice crystal into the air and be surrounded in dancing flakes of snow! 21b462ed27accb636ffb9ba7ee7848.jpg New Prizes The following items have been added to the Wheel of Jackpots: Jackpot segments: - [New] Party Box: Imperial Nutcracker Jacket + Cryst…

  • Quote from Matrixo: “@Vayus @Athena @Atmorph Can you unban @Unborn? Stop taking stuff personal, If I have the power to ban every one who talk nonsense to me, I would have banned all players in Killian. The guy bothered to share his opinion, we all know that he is a good player, HOW CAN YOU GIVE HIM a PERMA BAN ? Never mind me, but you are acting so Childish! Also @Vayus I remember having bad situations with u specifically! ” As my name was mentioned here I will reply to this, I am not sure why y…

  • Changez de sous-vêtements selon vos envies ! Dès maintenant, et jusqu'au mardi 20 février, vous pouvez acquérir des sous-vêtements qui améliorent vos statistiques à prix spécial. c7ce6d09b845221688c173b232a459.jpg Ne perdez pas une minute et procurez-vous ces paniers à linge à jusqu'à -45 % : - Panier à linge : sous-vêtements clairs - Panier à linge : sous-vêtements sombres - Panier à linge : sous-vêtements colorables - Panier à linge : mélange de sous-vêtements…

  • Lust auf ein neues Unterwäschegefühl? Ab sofort und nur bis Dienstag, den 20. Februar, kannst du dir werteverbessernde Unterwäsche zum Sonderpreis sichern. c7ce6d09b845221688c173b232a459.jpg Sei schnell und schnapp dir diese Wäschekörbe mit bis zu 45% Rabatt: - Wäschekorb: Helle Unterwäsche - Wäschekorb: Dunkle Unterwäsche - Wäschekorb: Färbbare Unterwäsche - Wäschekorb: Unterwäschemix 7bbd62ac9d786ffe6936e0e35614e3.jpg Jetzt neue Unterwäsche ergattern und durchstarten! Viel Spaß wünscht dir dei…

  • Got an itch for that fresh underwear feel? From today, but only until Tuesday, 20th February, you can pick up some great deals on stat-improving underwear. c7ce6d09b845221688c173b232a459.jpg Be quick and grab these baskets of undies with up to 45% off: - Laundry Basket: Light Underwear - Laundry Basket: Dark Underwear - Laundry Basket: Dyeable Underwear - Laundry Basket: Underwear Mix 7bbd62ac9d786ffe6936e0e35614e3.jpg Get yourself some fresh underwear now and start your adventure! Have fun, The…