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  • Since you didn't read my post I will just quote me . -------------------------------------------------------------------- "That doesn't make any sense at all. He's talking about a full sized loading screen that is easily noticable by whoever passes behind your screen at any time and you're talking about his small ass avatar, just because it's an Elin aswell." >> Or does the problem lies on the fact that the Screenshot is "too zoomed in" that you can clearly see the details ? because if that's th…

  • Quote from treehistorian: “I can see most of the people that see absolutely nothing wrong with this must just live in their mother's basements where no one sees them and other's opinions don't matter as long as they are correct on the internet. For those of us who don't play elins or play around other elins, it makes a difference though. Some of us have jobs where we want to play tera during an hour lunch break to do some dailies on alts that have nothing to do with the naked elins running aroun…

  • Quote from Glacial`: “Up to you, just have fun. :3 What you SHOULDN'T buy: jewelry, misery gear. If you're going for the gold: - The most valuable things from beach event: the new wings. - The most valuable things from Festival of the sun: the new swimsuits. ” What she said. I'd personaly go for the Talismans from the Festival of the sun Tokens since they are pretty hard to farm and the dungeon that drops them is really hard and something that you probably won't learn to farm soon enough.

  • Quote from Astraia: “I only have two links to give you: One and two I rest my case. ” I'm pretty confident you didn't read the before you post them ;p I can tell you with certainty that "the peoples" is not correct ever and in no parallel universe.

  • The temperatures are rising, and the peoples....peoples....peoples.....peoples.....peopleS.....peopleS...................... To be fair I am not a grammar Nazi but that was funny , especially when you realise it's in an Orinal post by Gameforge.

  • Quote from zajeb: “Quote from sikamikanico: “so i used the item and then i used the appearance change voucher with i bought with gold from a player. about 30k gold. the problem is that the appearance change voucher item CANCELED the changes that i did with the chest enlargement item!! ” To keep it short. This is your fault. I don't mean to offend you but anyone with brain would understand that appearance change voucher RESTARTS the whole appearance thus all the changes you made with items that c…

  • Although I couldn't find any answer for it on the official page they annouced it this offer should be a part of the Steam Summer sales, since Tera is a Steam game now as well. So the same Package on Steam will be discounted until the end of Steam Summer sales that is July 5. There is close to zero chances that the discount will end sooner for non-steam users. So there, your answer is most likely July 5 20.00 GMT+3

  • Quote from senita456: “I much rather would love an elin brawler And yeah,add a MALE race for brawler would be fair too. ” Who plays Male characters in 2017 lol

  • Quote from Poofpoof: “How boring *yawn* As if Tera lacks classes -_- This game needs more content (and im not talking about dungeons/Battlegrounds) ugh... ” I see people saying that all the time and I think it's such a huge missinformation, since what pretty much everyone means by contnt is "ways of being productive" I don't think anyone would complain if you had more Freedom in Dungeon Entrances (even with decreased drop rate) more ways to be productive like, farming Bams/Monsters for raw Gold …

  • Are you a Mighty Human Lancer a Fierce Castanic Valkyrie a Cute Elin Sorceress a Sexy Popori King or simply the coolest guy in Town ? Post your cool Pictures here !!!…d343338dd58c3a42315fb2704 Thread Merged | Andrea

  • Visual Bug

    GiatiMporw - - Bug Reports


    I know it's a much inferior Bug to the actual problems people have but I just feel like mentioning it. So this spesific Hair Style for the Elin Race is extremely buggy with almost anything she wears. 1) In almost every case the pony tails are bugging showing like they are inside her. Example : // 2) The hair doesn't change look when she wears something that's "heavy around the neck" resulting in some costumes look totaly messed up, like so : i.imgu…

  • Quote from Borsuc: “Steam thing? More like, Gameforge thing, you get more TT from a poor country, not the other way around. From steam you lose this "privilege" since it treats everybody equally. (well not like they are in equal situations to begin with) ” I see thanks for that. To be honest I find this a cool feature. Like the guy from above that he lives in Romania, the ammount is almos double the normal ammount. It's a more personalised fair way of doing business.

  • Quote from Torasu: “Quote from ethan0879: “Quote from Torasu: “Quote from ethan0879: “BTW Which is the deadline to use the BUNNY code? ” I sent Iaito a message but no reply yet. ” Nice! Once you obtain answer from him, just tell us please! ” Got answer from Iaito "BUNNY code available until 17th of June." ” 10/10

  • Quote from Synx: “It's about countries. ” But I login from the same country in both Steam and Website. You are saying that the Steam prices are even for everyone, everywhere?

  • Do we really get 20% Less Tera Thalers by buying them from Steam? I hope I missunderstood something because that would kinda suck. ( I mean it kinda makes sense since steam probably gets a cut, but why should the cut be on us, I don't get it. )

  • Quote from Arlos: “It could also be that the extra days will only appear after a relog. ” Indeed multiple hours nad multiple relogs have happened since then. The issue is still there though.

  • Quote from ethan0879: “Quote from Torasu: “Quote from ethan0879: “BTW Which is the deadline to use the BUNNY code? ” I sent Iaito a message but no reply yet. ” Nice! Once you obtain answer from him, just tell us please! ” +1 I see more people have this issue. I don't know if it's actually and issue or you will get them at the end of your Club but lets wait for an official answer.

  • Quote from Torasu: “They should appear as soon as your current club membership ends. ” That's odd. Thanks for that anyway.

  • I just activated the New Bunny code (Thanks for that btw it's a cool gift) and I noticed that I didn't recieve the 3 Days CLUB Membership. I already had 35 Days CLUB so I was expecting the 3 Days to add on my existing days and result to 38 Days CLUB Membership. Is this how it's suppose to work or it's bugged? Any else activated the code already? Thanks upfront for the Feedback.

  • Quote from Eliannah: “Quote from GiatiMporw: “Sure some people still play. ” "Some" And this is TERA EU, just noticed that the "All time peak" is 5 times inferior to NA's one LUL ” Yea thanks for taking it out of context. Not entirely your fault since my english are bad in general. The Fact and only the Fact is that a huge part of the playersbase left the game for the Reasons I mentioned. They are pretty serious reasons and a deal breaker for…