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  • Thanks for reminding =)

  • hello darkness my old friend. Server issues have come again.

  • @Andrea any possible news?

  • GF Support

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    The reason to discuss was how your bank account will transfer money to theirs I suppose? :c jk but I would be interested if you could give more details in what type of tickets you got response fast. I only had fast response on payment issues, rest were slower.

  • If you'd like check Discord server for zerks and join the discord server created for zerk info, it might solve your cyclone questions and help you with more stuff =) (discord link without checking other thread : )

  • Discord server for zerks

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    I create this discord server sharing the combo I am using ( ) Glyphs and some tips I know about zerk, I'd like to possibly get more zerks to join, share combos, tips, glyphs, possibly figure out new combo to use since I noticed from moongourd people use different stuff Feel free to join, invite people, ask ranks thanks!

  • Quote from jinh: “Quote from Yoopi: “Quote from Bargg: “It's just the inventory icon. It's the elleon's weapon skin with bright trim "elleon's weapon skin of the sun" or something ” interesting, let me know if you have a screenshot of it or something to see it ” What? its literally the skin on the screenshot. ” Oh, then I think that's his skin, not how the actual weapon looks like :v

  • Quote from Bargg: “It's just the inventory icon. It's the elleon's weapon skin with bright trim "elleon's weapon skin of the sun" or something ” interesting, let me know if you have a screenshot of it or something to see it

  • Quote from Tianjin: “This one is really awesome i like it…0c023eedbb9784836b6ee096d ” YIKES I have that axe as a skin already, it's from golden labyrinth?? xD Such originality. Edit : POGGERS for mask with stats

  • Quote from Cute.Sorc: “get sum alts and u can use dem faster ” This is what im currently doing, but the reloging doesn't really feel like it should be that way D: Reloging for a second to use a scroll n log off :c sounds messy, not fun and not intended... I hope.

  • Both responses appreciated, idea such as give 1k instant pp is a good solution for future issues. I however have about 800 of these pots in bank x) maybe lowering cdr helps me in this situation a bit more.

  • Hi, does anyone else think we should possibly lower the cooldown of Vial of Elinu's Tears from 1 hour to something lower such as 5 minutes? I am having a hard time consuming the ones I have stacked up. The fact that I could create a new character and use them there, delete the character and repeat means game could be kind to me and my fellow gamers and simply lower the cooldown to a reasonable cooldown for us to consume it. 1 Hour cooldown on the item makes me forget it even exists and I would n…

  • Awakened healers changes

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    There is this thing I used to say about healers : Leech class. After awakening not anymore. From healers I ran with so far playing dungeons I know mechanics of only 1 held me alive from me doing my combo while facetanking (Yes zerk needs to face tank sometimes) getting me from -111% hp to 40% or so. Rest just let me die. It's no longer a leech class. As for mystic mana issues I never read on the initial post that you use pots and you have issues ' same time I do agree braindeadly spamming skills…

  • Quote from Rafera: “Spam *Edited by ~Zancara ” Read it yourself. You are most likely cheating, no family could afford having a dad that has another family at the same time. You can only be around one of the 2 families. joking. I do highly think the transfer happens so players (actual players not alts) who only play sikader, to play with other people, on a server with higher population. I do think the company isn't making the merge to make people who play on mystel and have alts on sikader do get…

  • We have it already, you can activate cyclone once by the skill and reset it while casting x3 max more times. If you get reset by first hit you touch a both with from cyclone and you instantly activate the cyclone again (Press combo skill - or simply click cyclone again) your 2nd cyclone casting time has started. Explaining : You might get cyclone reset at any hit of cyclone. Dps wise it usually helps, when you get that at the last hits and not the first ones. I am still testing berserker for man…

  • Oldschool server please

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    Quote from Tianjin: “ ” "For save her." What was seen, can not be unseen, me engleesh grammer iz hart 5 gud subject related : I disagree, do not release a new server (old*?) focus on what you have right now the future. Refering to GF/game managers.

  • Longer flight durations please I support the idea!

  • Quote from Matrixo: “Notice: @Buschfunker , @Sirgoulas Please go Discuss the rules in 3v3 Guardian Discord! Please, stop hijacking this thread! Update: -> I contacted Athena, and she was willing to help sponsoring this tournament with Item Shop Cash. -> According to her, the prize for 1st place is 25 Euro worth of Tera Shop Coupons, 2nd/3rd place is 20 Euro worth of Tera Shop Coupons I assume that this means, 1st place will get 25 Euro for each player in the team and same for 2nd and 3rd but wit…

  • I approve of this idea, good job to the person who had it!