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  • So, for a good 3+ days now (including 1 full working day!) someone's been spamming Velika area chat with goldselling requests and no-one seems to do anything about it. No-one means Support and the Mystel GM. Oh, wait - Support doesn't care and there's no such thing as a game master on Mystel! z6gVShk.gif Just now:…be0963eb7c7e87c1e06ac597e Saturday night:…be0963eb7c7e87c1e06ac597e Before some moderator decides I'm 'defaming' gold sell…

  • FW CAP

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    Quote from Deflay: “Cuz at the end, it's everyones fault. People get triggered cause they see people in the enemy team with CA, so they just use it as well. That's how it works. And it's understandable. ” No, it's not understandable. While other people's actions are out of my control, it is my responsibility what I do. It's a very poor excuse to justify one's actions with someone else's. Just because someone sees nothing wrong in being indecent, this doesn't mean I have to drop to their level, n…

  • LKHM Last boss guide?

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    Quote from Momojunketsu: “can i really survive the aoe with Cring? ” Damage taken by this AoE is defined by your endurance (defence stat). Unlike the cage AoEs in SC last boss where it's flat 200k damage. So, since Corruption Ring has a glyph which reduces damage taken by the caster by 50% (obviously, the glyph must be enabled), the AoEs in LK last boss can be facetanked with it. I believe any L65 gear will do unless you have no hardy crystals. With sufficient gear, you can facetank the yellow l…

  • Quote from Aimovera: “I honestly see nothing wrong with them contacting you about misbehaving players. [extra shit] Misbehaving players can ruin a guild's reputation quite fast ” This pretty much sums it up. dMwdVV9.png To explain further, if I get a complaint about a guildmate, I ask them about the situation to get their point of view. Sometimes people do things without realising they aren't behaving very gentlemanly, or because they think it is the right thing to do without considering other p…

  • Quote from Eternyawar: “I'm really sorry for you pvpers for these low rewards. ” Nevermind the retarded rewards, including this "visual effects" temp potion. As expected, they ignored all feedback and this thread was just an excuse for not delivering the rewards they promised on time for the patch release. Giving rewards which take x-server results is just unbelievably stupid. How are players from 'PvE' servers expected to reach top 5 in the common pool? I'm just speechless. Better don't even bo…

  • Quote from Cuny: “It should apply right after she did the 3rd circle, since with every circle she gets one stack. ” I wouldn't advise waiting for the third stack. 'Waiting' for the second one is fine. One or even two stacks won't cause a wipe. Better safe than starting over. I do 'wait' until after 2nd ring AoE hits but that's about it waiting-wise.

  • Quote from jinh: “Guile was never upgrade-able to begin with, so no "ninja change". Misery... ” Totally forgot there was the Misery set! wtf

  • It's just no longer possible to upgrade Guile pieces. It's a ninja change with last patch they couldn't be bothered to tell us about, unless it's a bug. So, the answer to the main question should be to get the free Guardian set from the NPC in Highwatch, enchant it to +6, then upgrade it to Twistshard, enchant it to +9, then upgrade it to Frostmetal, enchant it to +0, then upgrade it to Stormcry, enchant it to +8 if you can afford it. Have fun! o/

  • This is the forum, buddy - you're not allowed to ask account related questions in the SUPPORT section. You can only post irrelevant shit they ignore anyway... or move to a more appropriate section. gNBThK6.png Can you log into the 'old' account management page? Do you have a dynamic IP or something? Have you logged into your account from another location perhapsy? Or maybe forgotten a VPN running before trying to log in? Did you magically get IPv6 activated which even more magically didn't affec…

  • GBAMs

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    Quote from Zancara: “You have to wait and see the message that the guild bam appeared. Today in example it was at around 9PM. ” OP isn't asking about today specifically but everyday. People were preparing for the guild BAM right after Civil Unrest. That's 6 pm CET. You don't seriously expect them to wait 3+ hours, do you? We already knew about the spawn location. Quote from Athena: “Guild BAMs appear within the guild war area ” Where's the new timetable? Latest so called patch notes were extreme…

  • It doesn't exist. All of those quests have been redundant for years. They just don't care to remove them. Only the black puma achievement mount quests can be completed. (Hidden Content)

  • L'information sur ce site Web a plus de 5 ans. Il n'y a pas d'animaux de compagnie de ce genre dans TERA pour le moment, même s'ils existaient à un moment donné, en particulier ceux qui ne sont pas disponibles à partir de quêtes ou de réalisations, ou à l'échoppe. Il y a quelques mois, différentes versions d'animaux de compagnie existants sur le serveur 'événement' avaient des compétences de combat supplémentaires, mais celles-ci ne sont pas disponibles après le transfert vers les serveurs régul…

  • Mystel down q_q

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    Can we get a server restart? Only chat was active for a few minutes, now we're (me anyway) are totally out.

  • What does unaffected mean - boss still goes mad even though you don't fail the timing or you just don't see the Plague debuff icon under boss's HP bar although it removes the power buff? I've only done RM once this patch and I was on mystic. No missed dispelling. I don't know how it feels as priest now but last year one could simply walk to safety either towards (between AoEs) or away from the boss (outrunning the AoEs). Lock on after you see the on-screen notification, then either go closer aft…

  • Did you enter the code in the Tera Shop? And did you check your Item Claim afterwards? Out of curiosity - did you create a new account tonight? Just to confirm - you were able to start the game and log into a server, right?

  • Skill shortcuts

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    It's a known bug, together with the UI reset bug.

  • TERA Store Limit

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    Yes, it's normal. Nothing to do - you'll gain normal access in time. It's just a security measure, I'd imagine. No official statement about it.

  • You've right not to be happy and you should've taken screenshots of what people said as reasons to kick you. If they kicked you for no good reason - for example you went afk for 10 minutes or were just running around doing nothing - you can report them for bullying you. How do they know you're not doing as much damage as expected? Gameforge do tolerate damage metres as long as results are not used to badmouth people. If someone uses only combo attack or goes to a dungeon without crystals and won…

  • Quote from SisterofVi: “Since the original question is thoroughly answered and solved this thread can be closed. ” It's ridiculous enough reading this from moderators. No need to spread their narrow-mindedness, seriously. If he's feeling dissatisfied, it's OK for him to share that. If he got confused, chances are he's not the only one, so instead of dismissing his feedback Gameforge might actually do something about it like adding a proper warning to players not to purchase the voucher unless th…

  • That's why you make your research before acting. The tradable Tera Club voucher is not worth buying with money. You can just pay for TC directly and it's about 13 Euro.