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  • Quote from Xargok: “Since... What about my character name? What if there is another character with the same name after the merge? There is a possibility that you’ll need to change your character name after the merge if there are other characters with the same name. One will keep their name, and the others will automatically be renamed and they will need to use the functionality in game to choose a new name before entering the server. ...can you at least EXLUDE characters that wasn't online for l…

  • I mentioned this along time ago -.- a lot of people INCLUDING atmorph I think shut me down -.- that's when my love for tera started to waver

  • ah.. ok.. thanks to all that replied!

  • so I read the faq something else I noticed was the "item claim items will be deleted"? so does that include the account bound items? ie the ride book and items you get when you bought the super dooper (because i forgot the name) veterans copy? because if that gets deleted also that's a major slap in the face, more then being forced to delete chars. CE edition?

  • havnt played for a LONG while but slowly getting back into it. I remember when I was on my healer I had 4 blessing spells, when I checked today 2 were gone but 1 was still active for 2m? they wernt in the spell list either so as I havnt read the notes for updates for awhile did they remove buff spells?

  • and nothing about costumes you took off on characters you had to delete?

  • not like I trust gameforge anyway, so I changed my password as well, safety first! maybe its gameforge getting ready to delete characters eep!

  • Quote from Kapt: “I really think the people who complaint are people who refuse to buy more slot. It's too hard to even imagine that a normal person has invested time/money on MORE than 16 chars that they cannot remove a single one.” of course people refuse to buy new slots, you "could" see this as a sort of blackmail by gameforge, ie buy our products even though you don't want to or cant afford to otherwise you'll lose your chars. I refuse to buy extra game slots simply because gameforge as a c…

  • Quote from MarkBlax: “As my reply was meant for them also Besides I dont see anyone as victim. Merges was and probably will be and in this matter they always worked the same. They could expect that when playing on more servers with lower at once population.” victims are the people who are forced to delete characters they've worked on, more so if they paid real cash on them. anyway.. something else I thought about.. what/if someone has say a max of 8 slots on 1 server full up and 2 on another but…

  • Quote from Iaito: “Quote from Hr1s7i: “If you have a maximum of X slots in one of the merged servers, that's your slot amount on the merged server. If you have 8 slots on Fraya and Arcadia but 12 on Zenobia, you get 12 as your max. Btw any new info regarding the names and the FAQ? /summon Iaito” Not yet unfortunately, but once we finalized it we will release the FAQ asap.” what about bought costumes on chars you've been forced to delete? and please temporarily remove the 24hr deletion lock pleas…

  • Because popo's have fleas lol wouldn't mind knowing though, the latest 'how many use' a specific race currently

  • Quote from Lawliet-kun: “Quote from DaKATTman: “so should I start deleting my chars off fraya now? as im full on arcadia and if so will characters we have to delete be reimbursed for shop items bought? <- some how I have a feeling no lol >.<” How about you and all the other idiots wait for the FAQ which will answer all your questions....” 'How about you' shutting your pie hole and stop being rude to other people Mr 76 posts

  • so should I start deleting my chars off fraya now? as im full on arcadia and if so will characters we have to delete be reimbursed for shop items bought? <- some how I have a feeling no lol

  • Quote from buku111: “@up like this?” lol well while moving yes.. stationary It shouldn't move THAT much even though we still havnt got it yet and its been out for ages now -.-

  • I'd be more impressed (not by that much) if the cloths had better physics

  • popori's are hairy beasts!

  • tera is an x86 program so unless the engine gets upgraded to x64 then your stuck like the rest of us in 32bit mode

  • Quote from Rias Gremory: “Quote from Bargg: “Killian, you should main that server. Or if open world pvp is completely out of question, Fraya is the best choice. Just don't expect any other PvP than CS in Fraya” So Killian is the best choice for both?” if you don't mind being pk'd a lot yes... but if you don't want the hastle goto fraya or arcadia

  • sorry to bump but its not working for me I got the red circle with the white ball spinning for about 5mins and nothing

  • server switch

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    Quote from IceBreakergamer: “is there a posibility to switch from a server to another ? tell me pls i wanna lvl my lvl 14 gunner to 65 in a PVE server (forgot what was its name ) then move to killian ?can i?” yes its possible but why waste money on gameforge?