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  • +1 for eq gear. Thing is, if they didn't add new gear / lvl crap this frequently, i'd be fien with it, but grinding same shit over and over just to have ''up to par'' gear is just not for me... :thumbdown:

  • Well it depends on what do you want to do, if you don't wanna grind, you can simply do some cs meanwhile (i hear new bg will be equalised as well ) so not really need to get gear i guess, unless you want to run those dungeons. for winning Cs and kumas you can get this fighter / hero (need also more credits then) items which should be good enough for instances if you fancy those, for me i just max all credit because the best gear now, vm3 is waste of time imo. BTW, if somebody flames you, do not …

  • so vm3 can go to hell, grind is too ridiculous!!

  • this and sometimes if Bs is off cd some warrior will rush to you and try stagger what not, most times very predictable, so you can KD trap and void pulse him, or kd trap, silence, sleep, stun, overrchnl, fireblast, void pulse, if you got all stuff off cd, all heavily depends on situation

  • Question 1, what ping you got? Question 2, did you press chain skill key, instead of bound key, say 1- shield barrage 2-spring attack, this way should activate 100% all the time when n ot huge lag!! AS for slayer, well it is easy to counter him, but archer is pretty ok, for bigger scale fights at least, and still the best Killsteal class in the game. :chainsaw:

  • Ghillieglade

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    Ok, thanks mate! So basically only useful is damage booster, because those trees drop HP mote, every one of them i think. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  • LOL, these crystals do some bonus? :D:D I just protected both BAMs, then ran past crystals, was like what a stupid decoration, haha, anyway, killed that thing very easily, was not even hard... all you need to do is go inside circle when he says that stuff about burning you, then outside of it when purple aoe, then on sides when middle stuff, the wind can just dodge or face tank, it does no damage haha, next time i check out these crystal :D:D:D

  • Make it possible to queue for more than 1 bg at the time.. like it is with instances.

  • Only reason why korean human team winrate is supposedly above 50% is the fact, that they are huge noobs, i mean noobs @ kumas side, i've seen some video where kuma kills the carrier, and just stands there and fights like a stupid noob (KTERA) and dies, losing diamond ofc. instead of moving back to one of other 2 diamonds and camping it with his buddies. OR kumas trying to out DPS heals.... With the new idiotic changes you will need even more braindead kumas, or ''wintrader kumas'' in order to wi…

  • Face it, fraywind was only fun when you got at least conjunct, doing it with victors gear was a pleasant experience for sure, full charge back crit for 10k? check. All new bg should come equalised, because grinding stuff for gear sucks, even more so when there is new gear every 6 months... for me it would be best if VM1 was still the best gear, and they just released new contents (new gear = / = new content, or very shitty content imo)

  • from that video seem kuma in USA is noobs... they are not even moving to the furthest point in map, but fighting there ant then

  • Castanic female obviously, elin looks weird with sword (or anything) and if you are like me, you would level it maybe to 30-60 and be like piece of sh...... have to race change....

  • Slayers

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    slayer backstab you? turn face to him, and / or jump, so you get KD'd instead of stun, retaliate, backstep or otherwise evade = gg, most slayer get mad when this happen and start to rage, easy win. hit him with restraining arrow too, supa slow slayer, most useful when they try to run away, booooom no no no, easy death :airborne:

  • People saying that are lowskill noobs, for sorcerer it is true, it sucks until level 48, but archer only get Rain of Arrows at 58, but without the master glyph it is very slow casting.. anyway, at 48 lvl you get stance, which will boost damages even more, but archer good all levels :hail: :hail:

  • What i read is 1:1 of forsaken world bard, and i say HELL NO!

  • Hi, popori supposedly faster stun kick, tho i am not sure if it's not been fixed already. Other than that, best race is the one you like best, only one i like is castanic female, so obviously playing that, not popori.. its only fun for trolling people. :thumbup:

  • this means 1 sec cd on it? good, no more macro abusing cancer...

  • Ey atmorph, how about RNG launcher box? For 200 eur chance to get a working launcher!!

  • Quote from Ayrshi: “I'm sorry but you can't carry useless noobs who can't PVP or defend 2 ladders - so there will almost always be a big loser team as long as such people, which are majority sadly, queue.” Signed in as healer alt... ok, debuff enemy, energy stars, team can't kill enemy 5v2...... at this point it is clear the outcome... gate broken at 5 minute left mark

  • If you have good pc, and no low FPS archer is very good for bigger scale pvp, like CS (only thing that can get queue lool) Best for Killsteal! even at low level, later you get boom stance buff, shootable traps, rain of arrow, plenty of tools to kick asz. If you have some fps problem, sorcerer may be better for you, it's also pretty sexy for above purpose because most noobs are not aware of whats going on behind them, boom quadruple kill, easy :D:D do note, sorcerer gits gud only from lecel 48, w…