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Glyphs (How to get them)



Should Gameforge increase the maximum number of character slots with the elin gunner patch?



So what happened to impact and balance values?



Is it worth still?



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  • Seio -

    Replied to the thread disappointed.

    Quote from Sirgoulas: “Quote from Seio: “You mean merchant? Press H and you can see how much gold you make per dungeon run. It's 600g to 720g. Gold/silver plate sells for a lot more than material costs. Although, it's 100k design... A big…
  • Enjoymaker -

    Liked Andrea’s post in the thread Team [BOARD] Team changes.

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    Noyn is our new trial moderator - welcome in the team!
  • Tante.Herbert -

    Replied to the thread Glyphs (How to get them).

    Quote from Gorekid: “thank you gameforge for hours of pain looking for nothing ” Thats enmasse for you...gf just too lazy to translate it themself
  • jockerina -

    Liked Bargg’s post in the thread disappointed.

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    Quote from Ismar: “I mostly do pve, so apparently everything I do is considered grinding. Nevermind the times I have seen +15 ppl do IM abnm repeatedly, guess I imagined that in the glorious patch before. ” I mostly only do pve too. I don't grind. I…
  • If I recall correctly from some fan translated Korean patch notes, you can’t use a race change to change to Elin gunner. It said Elin gunner was some kind of event and only temporarily, so they didn’t make race change available. Now, I don’t know…
  • Enlightenedbri -

    Liked Glacial`’s post in the thread disappointed.

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    The only disappointment I have is that the current patch relies on cash shop items rather than actual in-game drops. The gem droprate difference between boxes and dungeons are insane. (Hidden Content)
  • Glacial` -

    Replied to the thread So what happened to impact and balance values?.

    Quote from senita456: “So apparently they're still there, just not displayed? ” I think so, in the "Stats" section instead of the "Combat".
  • Shiro -

    Replied to the thread Is it worth still?.

    Thread moved to a more appropriate section. :elin2:
  • Kyumaru -

    Replied to the thread Is it worth still?.

    sorc "revamp" ? Did I miss something?
  • Queen Excalibur -

    Replied to a comment by bladefurry on Athena’s wall.

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    BLADEFURRY ewwwww that p2w slayer?