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    As a token of our appreciation for your continued support and patience during the maintenance this week,
    we would like to send you a couple of items we hope you'll deem useful during your adventures!

    You will receive in-game, 4 mails (1min between each mail) containing the following items:
    1. x2 Item XP +10%
    2. Zeta Instance Reset Scroll
    3. x2 Strong Canephora Potion
    4. x2 Strong Bravery Potion
    Note: Event active from now until Sunday 23:59. Can be claimed once per server & account.

    Have Fun!
    The TERA Team

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(Constructive) Feedback about the last patch.



Questions Regarding Server transfer and LF guild



Silver Talent



FeedBack : Zerk Unleash/Script Issue



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  • Fenix -

    Liked Athena’s post in the thread Maintenance Maintenance 16/10/2018.

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    242f78f398bb531742288adebcc9eb.jpg Nous allons effectuer une maintenance des serveurs le 16/10/2018 à 09h00. Les travaux de maintenance devraient se terminer à 12h00 (heure de Paris). Les serveurs ne seront pas disponibles pendant la maintenance. Si…
  • 13thgrave -

    Replied to the thread Gilde Mondlichter.

    Die Mondlichter sind nun auch wieder in YouTube und Instagram erreichbar: instagram.com/mondlichtertv/ youtube.com/channel/UCkHE22j6U…w-yoWA?view_as=subscriber youtube.com/watch?v=dKnVbhVm4zY Geplant sind in Youtube Erklärungsvideos zu Dungeons,
  • LLoyderino -

    Replied to the thread (Constructive) Feedback about the last patch..

    Quote from The Pitchgod: “Quote from Eliannah: “6 : There was apparently some expected change about consummables not running out if we're not in combat, i'm not entirely sure if we were supposed to get that. But that would be one hell of a welcome…
  • Phar -

    Liked Repairrr’s post in the thread Cheated GoLSHM Rankings.

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    we're glad you left also
  • LLoyderino -

    Replied to the thread Questions Regarding Server transfer and LF guild.

    Quote from Pikashuu: “I have heard that Mystel is still active, is it true? ” According to moongourd.com/eu yes, Mystel has more daily uploads compared to Killian :elin12: (Hidden Content) Quote from Pikashuu: “Also anyone can help me get an active…
  • LLoyderino -

    Replied to the thread Silver Talent.

    Greetings, You can farm Silver Talents by farming top tier dungeons like Grotto NM/HM and Dark Citadel HM :elin17: (Hidden Content) Of course it's RNG wether you are going to get the Silver Talents but it's still better than nothing, I think it's about 30…
  • DorotyN -

    Liked Sisko’s post in the thread Top DPS classes after second awakening update?.

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    Quit posting your toxic shit in the forums, you're not welcome here.
  • LLoyderino -

    Replied to the thread FeedBack : Zerk Unleash/Script Issue.

    Quote from tobtheking2: “or just remove unleash completly and buff the other skills as compensation. ” This would be so amazing, sadly for how Unleash is designed it pretty much asks to be macroed/scripted which is quite sad. :elin11: If we manage to make…
  • LLoyderino -

    Liked irinabelina’s post in the thread FeedBack : Zerk Unleash/Script Issue.

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    Hello dear Game Forge @Athena and all Was not a very constructive/long term decision to destroy zerk attack speed/duration of unleash because of Outside Hackers/scripters. Only 1% of community are seriously hacking and using this scripts. I dont find…