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  • Get ready for even more PvP action!

    Patch 79 introduces a new battleground, improvements to existing battlegrounds, special PvP gear and more!

    New Battleground

    Target your enemies, cut through your foes and earn points for victory in the
    Shore Hold. Who will win the upper hand on this fast-paced 7v7 battleground?

    Equalized Gear

    Various battlegrounds have been updated, with the biggest change being that
    you’ll receive equalized gear in certain arenas. Your skills make every difference
    between victory and defeat!

    PvP Gear

    Fortunately, not every battleground will use this equalized gear. You can now
    take all those hard-earned PvP points and exchange them for new gear. This
    stuff not only looks fantastic, but the stats are tuned specially to meet your
    PvP needs!

    Training Dungeon

    Take your gear on a trial run and optimize your damage output! In the training
    dungeon, you can fine-tune your combat skills without having the boss breathing
    down your neck. All the while…

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Talent pages?



patch 79 - ingame DPS meter and shinrameter



Skin endommagé


Pinned Dear Atmorph, here is your Shop-Feedback :)



Proposal: Please don't nerf Bahaar



Recent Activities

  • Torasu -

    Replied to the thread Talent pages?.

    It's a no-brainer feature request, but apparently BHS is too retarded to give QoL to their players customers.
  • Torasu -

    Liked Jarhead’s post in the thread Talent pages?.

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    Why can't we have the possibility to build different pages of talent like we do for glyphs? Or at least switch for pve / pvp talent?
  • Hotasduck -

    Replied to the thread patch 79 - ingame DPS meter and shinrameter.

    Man, the proxy ghost hunt is soooooooooooooo 2018 Can't believe in 2019 people are still crying about it
  • Hotasduck -

    Liked Galtero’s post in the thread patch 79 - ingame DPS meter and shinrameter.

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    Hello, i'd like to add some points to this 1) the dps meter is only in the training dungeon, and point being it only shows overall damage per second, not actually a detailed breakdown of skills which is the actual point of benefiting from shinrameter…
  • sati -

    Replied to the thread patch 79 - ingame DPS meter and shinrameter.

    "But WE gave you a DPS METER!!!!!!!@!@!@!@" - random BHS TERA Department manager
  • Elesyan -

    Posted the thread Skin endommagé.

    Bonjour, Certains skins en vente à l'hdv sont marqués comme étant "endommagé". Ça ne semble pas concerner de skin en particulier mais seulement certains qui sont en vente. Mais du coup, cela signifie quoi ? Que les skins sont devenus…
  • Xtortion -

    Replied to the thread Dear Atmorph, here is your Shop-Feedback :).

    Would like to see the "Dyeable Martial Artist's Keikogi" in the shop again
  • Teixas -

    Replied to the thread patch 79 - ingame DPS meter and shinrameter.

    their " meter" only works inside the training dungeon not ot mention it doesnt provide the information you actually would want ot know from a dps meter: HPM on core skills, Crit rate, uptimes the folks that solely look at dps are basically only looking…
  • Teixas -

    Replied to the thread Talent pages?.

    Quote from Miriad: “Quote from YustForFun: “Especially since some talents are more pvp orientated ” like? ” the ones specifically stating that do extra damage vs knocked down targets certain utility talents that would make to sense anywhere else…
  • Teixas -

    Replied to the thread Proposal: Please don't nerf Bahaar.

    We already had the nerfed version of bahaar from the get go. a it was said the only " nerf" left is from those new amplifiers that merely make the waves not ignore damage reduction. Still a fun run, tho a bit of a HP wall