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    Would you like to start again from scratch? Then seize the opportunity and level up as much as you can!

    You'll receive special rewards from the League of Levelers each time you level up a character from Tuesday, November 13 until Tuesday, November 27, 2018 (10:00 am CET).
    This mysterious society has an eye on promising heroes and will send you a variety of great items for each milestone in your ascent.

    You can look forward to receiving via the "Ingame Mail" at level 64: the Adventurer's Equipment Box. Open it at level 65 to receive a complete Twistshard set and jewelry!

    Further highlights are also in store:
    • Reach level 2
      • 100% XP Boost (1 day)
      • Smart Box: Argon Hunter's Armor (7 Days)
      • Smart Box: Manaya's Weapon Skin (7 Days)
    • Reach level 10
      • Wings of the Adamantine Queen (7 Days)
      • Argent Fellhorn Helm (7 Days)
      • Village Atlas (7 days)
    • Reach level 20
      • 15x Valiant Potion
      • Flying Skill: Abyssal Wyvern (7 Days)
      • Travel Journal (7 days)
      • 1500 Fashion Coupon
    • Reach level 35
      • 5x Strong Bravery Potion
      • 5x

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Talent Exp Farm



I lost my back skin after transfer.



New warrior crit cap?



Merge Killian and Mystel already.



PSA Talentxp



Recent Activities

  • YustForFun -

    Replied to the thread Talent Exp Farm.

    We would need a 3x boost for a year to get up to them but its to early to see how fast we can progress lets wait a week or two and then we can say more
  • Tomo -

    Replied to the thread Talent Exp Farm.

    running 500dungeons for 1 weapon try is also much fun :kappa: but yeah, i am interested on how we should catch up in only 1month with 30% boost. we need the 30% boost for like 2years, and then we are equal to the standart they are in 2k18, but after…
  • Glacial` -

    Replied to the thread I lost my back skin after transfer..

    If you are sure that it wasn't a 7 or 30-day version (just throwing in the possibility for that) then you might want to contact support explaining your problem and they might reinstate your missing items. Head over to
  • Glacial` -

    Replied to the thread Warrior New warrior crit cap?.

    Just a quick question, did this value change since healers can reduce the bosses' crit resist factor?
  • Om3Ga -

    Replied to the thread Merge Killian and Mystel already..

    How about: - Merge Mystel and Killian - Call the new server Mystel :rofl: - Enable open world PvP for lvl 11 - 64 - You can only gank players at 3 levels difference - Enable open world PvP for lvl 65 vs lvl 65 - Safe zones in all towns/cities
  • Glacial` -

    Liked Galtero’s post in the thread Forwarded Proposed change for Gear Enchantment System.

    Like (Post)
    Greetings everyone, greetings @Athena @Atmorph Now with a few weeks into the new Patch, im sure many of you already had your experiences with this. Im talking about the enchantment and upgrade system. You know it yourself, some players run around…
  • LLoyderino -

    Replied to the thread Merge Killian and Mystel already..

    Why merge Killian into Mystel if you can merge Mystel into Killian :elin23:
  • LLoyderino -

    Replied to the thread PSA Talentxp.

    Quote from Torasu: “that spamming the same vanguard ” This is wrong, according to Patch Note 76 this change regards Guardian Legion Missions: Quote from Gameforge: “ - Guardian Missions reduce your attack power if you complete the same mission…
  • Uhrzeiger23 -

    Liked john4iri’s post in the thread Merge Killian and Mystel already..

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    Quote from kokojam: “Just make one server omg. Why to make it PVP or PVE? ” Population is way to low for many servers. Even German and French servers dont have a reason to exist. People who want to speak their native language they will still do…
  • kokojam -

    Liked eutri’s post in the thread Talent Exp Farm.

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    Quote from Viral: “here is a good question for you guys, is it any fun to farm talent exp like a zombie, i mean no one can tell me legit that THIS is a fun thing to do?! :elin18: ” Did you somehow suddenly forget what genre TERA was