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    Are you ready for the new Champion Challenges? From Friday, 17th August (16:00 CET) until Sunday, 19th August (23:59 CET) you can look forward to new dungeon challenges for reaping rewards.

    Event details:

    Mastering a challenge requires you to successfully complete dungeons during the event. You can view your current challenges by clicking on the little Elin button while the event is active. Each time you defeat the final boss of the dungeon, you will make some progress in the respective challenge.

    Ravenous Gorge - Clear the Ravenous Gorge 4 times and get the following rewards:
    • Item XP +10% (1day)
    • A random chance to get:
      • Stamp: King Blob the Large (7d)
      • Stamp: King Blob the Kind (7d)
      • Stamp: King Blob the Puzzled (7d)
      • Stamp: King Blob the Versatile (7d)
    Sky Cruiser Endeavor - Clear theSky Cruiser Endeavor 3 times and get the following rewards:
    • 5x Metamorphic Emblem Chest
    • A random chance to get:
      • Meruma's Hairstyle: Blue Tones
      • Meruma's Hairstyle: Red Tones
      • Meruma's Hairstyle: B&W
      • Meruma's

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  • akiria -

    Replied to the thread La guilde Bluedigital recrute.

    Bonjour Cleos, Je me présente akiria, j'ai 23 ans , je viens tout juste de commencer Tera avec la classe Artilleuse et je recherche des personnes avec qui jouer . Je souhaiterais donc savoir si malgré le fais que je débute , vous pourriez me prendre…
  • Cyberion -

    Replied to the thread Astral Gift.

    Quote from Seloxia: “Quote from Arlos: “Quote from Kraxler: “So no more afking and open them with alts to bypass CD .... They really want to force us to play the game for useless rewards . Atleast put in a 2.0 temp crit mounts. 1,5 are useless…
  • Eliannah -

    Replied to the thread Years later, still the same issue..

    @Uhrzeiger23 i'm not gonna listen to an obvious proxy supporter and prolly user too. And i'm pretty sure your "fix" was proxy related since your message was edited by a forum mod.
  • Castingbeast -

    Replied to the thread Astral Gift.

    Quote from Kraxler: “Make CAP finally bankable after 2 years Make Astral Gift now unbankable .... ” Check at "Item changes" for Cap On topic: I agree that making astral gifts unbankable was a dumb move, intended or not, it's pretty annoying that you…
  • Fubukaii -

    Replied to the thread Version actuelle inconnue.

    Bonjour, Bon hier soir après réinstallation complète du jeu , j'arrive à me co, et ce matin re-belote "version actuelle inconnu" reboot de box; pc; nettoyage rien y fait...
  • Litcrow -

    Posted the thread Can't enter any server..

    Hello guys. I know this problem is not new and has been out there for awhile and more now happen randomly to people not only in EU. So now 2 days ago I was playing all fine and normal then day later a problem has arrived "Current version unknown" on…
  • Trappiez -

    Replied to the thread Years later, still the same issue..

    What's most amazing is how you guys are still surprised, that we get no help, and that the issue still persists xd
  • Matrixo -

    Liked Glacial`’s post in the thread Powered Up World BAMs.

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  • Trappiez -

    Now follows Andrea.

  • Uhrzeiger23 -

    Replied to the thread Years later, still the same issue..

    i already told you where u get a fix it doesnt even a "hack" or something just a fix for it lol