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  • It’s time to save Christmas! Some of Lakan’s evil minions have used his nefarious illusion magic and transformed themselves into fat little Santas. Now these phonies are running amok, spreading out across the lands and stealing presents from the children of all races and creeds. Find and hunt down these sham Santas before they cause any more havoc!

    As if that weren’t bad enough, these scoundrels are obviously planning something big… they’ve got hordes of combat items stashed away in a few big treasure chests. In each chest you’ll find 10x [Event] Ancient Wyvern Bones which can be exchanged for superb rewards.

    Go hunting Santas on these weekends:

    Friday, 7th December, 12:00 PM – Monday, 10th December, 12:00 PM

    • Fey Forest
    • Oblivion Woods
    • Tuwangi Mire
    • Valley of Titans
    • Celestial Hills
    Friday, 14th December, 12:00 PM – Monday 17th December, 12:00 PM

    • Blessing Basin
    • Essenian Crest
    • Blightwood
    • Timeless Woods
    Friday, 21st December, 12:00 PM – Monday, 24th December, 12:00 PM


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Dark Isa

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  • Kapt -

    Replied to the thread All I want for Xmas... Double drop event.

    I think we used up 4 years worth of double loot coupons at the recent double loot event. So see you in 2022. On a more serious note, double loot seems like a taboo around here. Kilian players won't be able to take advantage of it anyway :lol: .
  • Kapt -

    Liked john4iri’s post in the thread Forwarded Merge Killian and Mystel already..

    Like (Post)
    Quote from Om3Ga: “GF treats you very very well and you know it, you just play stupid. Any other decent and clever company would have banned people like you. Especially the ones that cheat, do defamation of the game on forums etc. If GF would be mine…
  • k.christine -

    Replied to the thread Support.

    Hast du dich da schon angemeldet? Mit den Daten vom Forum kannst du dich nicht beim Support melden da brauchst du einen seperaten Login
  • Nigirakisu -

    Replied to the thread Enough with that cuteness.

    Quote from Darknova: “Also, no, Nigirikasu, you're NOT whining because it's unfair to the rest, no matter how you try to sell it as such, you are whining because you single out Elins as you hate them, and not because they get more stuff than other…
  • Darknova -

    Replied to the thread Enough with that cuteness.

    So essentially the usual whining again ("Baww, I hate it, how dare others like it! This is so sick ewww! A whole nation is pedo! BAD!" et cetera). Add to that the ass-pull reasons without anything to back it up, and some convenient definitions of what…
  • Hnery -

    Liked senita456’s post in the thread Forwarded Another Missing Item....

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    Sooo...the other day I asked where in the world speed potions are now, and from what I get they're gone, gone from the game, at least the source is, you can't gather more speed potions in the game, those genius developers evidently forgot about those…
  • Eliannah -

    Replied to the thread Enough with that cuteness.

    Implying Elins are even "cute" to begin with. I never understood why so many people got such an obsession for that race, which at the end of the day is nothing but a pile of pixels. But then again the humanity is living dark times, and people don't mind…
  • Glacial` -

    Replied to the thread Help with UI please.

    It shouldn't be affected with settings, more likely to be caused because of a corrupt .gpk file that has missing textures. Or in a different case do you use any kind of UI mods? Doesn't matter if you think it can mess it up or not, it just might do that…
  • Dark Isa -

    Replied to the thread Prime Aim sucht aktive Gleichgesinnte.

    ~ PUSH ~ Hallo ihr da draußen, Tanks und Heiler sind einige da und wollen gerne viel laufen, leider fehlen uns die DD´s. Wo seit ihr??? Wenn ihr Gildenchat aktiv und nicht TS scheu seit, dann ganz schnell bei uns melden. Wir beißen nicht. Falls…
  • Nigirakisu -

    Replied to the thread Enough with that cuteness.

    Quote from Darknova: “How is it a joke, or how does realism even matter, when in the same game we are fighting gods, demons or dragons? Really, one character being a bit smaller than the other matters a whole lot in that case in breaking…