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    We will be carrying out server maintenance on 13/12/2018, starting at 09:00 CET.

    The maintenance period is expected to end at approximately 12:00 CET.
    All game servers will not be reachable during this time.

    In case of any changes to the timeframe, we'll keep you updated through our forum and social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and Steam.


    1. Batu Desert

    Thank you for all the provided feedback – we’ve adjusted quite a lot of the Batu Desert event based on it, and as a thank you will provide 1 Liquid Mirage item to every player login into TERA between Thursday, December 13th 10:00 and 23:59!

    Camp-Reset Functionality
    • Added objects to interact with that, when used, reset all Boss camps
      • 1 Object spawns after 100x small monsters (behind the wall in the starting camp)

      • 1 Object spawns after 300x small monsters (where Kaprima will spawn)

    • Objects disappear after Kaprima is

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  • Neylya -

    Replied to the thread Fishing Rod bug or not?.

    It's wrong translation as far as I know. It is supposed to be 0.3% for both.
  • KekEfron -

    Posted the thread ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    Oi, da ich mich die letzten Tage ein wenig durch mehrere Forumposts gelesen habe um ein wenig mehr über Tera zu wissen als das was man von WoW usw eh schon über MMORPG's weiß, dachte ich ich mach mir nen Account und lasse offiziell bekanntgeben das…
  • eutri -

    Replied to the thread Dear Atmorph, here is your Shop-Feedback :).

    bank expansions on a massive sale please with that crafting revamp we need at least 2 additional tabs
  • Popowild -

    Replied to the thread Codes Frères d'armes !.

    Mon personnage : Akeel Le serveur de Akeel : (FR) - Seren Code Frères d'armes : Akeel#1234 Mon personnage : Baenu Le serveur de Baenu : (FR) - Seren Code Frères d'armes : Baenu#0820
  • Zancara -

    Liked kichakicha’s post in the thread Patched [UI Improvement Sugesstion] Cooldown Timers on the Effects Icons.

    Like (Post)
    Quote from Zancara: “Hello! I think that now is much better!! What do you think? ~Zancara ” I am super glad this issue is resolved. Many thanks. :elin37:
  • Athena -

    Liked Sodenia’s post in the thread Event issues already.

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    @Athena Thanks for the changes! I am looking forward to playing it again! :)
  • Sodenia -

    Replied to the thread Event issues already.

    @Athena Thanks for the changes! I am looking forward to playing it again! :)
  • Athena -

    Replied to the thread Retours sur le Désert de Batu.

    Bonjour Senshanth, Merci pour votre commentaire très constructif concernant l'évènement ! Vous pouvez trouver ci-dessous tous les changements qui seront apportés dès demain ! : Quote from Athena: “Nous effectuerons une maintenance des serveurs le
  • xDitoZ -

    Replied to the thread Heal lf Stamm oder Leute für einen Aufbau..

  • Athena -

    Posted the thread Maintenance Maintenance 13.12.2018.

    Nous effectuerons une maintenance des serveurs le 13/12/2018 à 09h00. Les travaux de maintenance devraient se terminer à 12h00 (heure de Paris). Les serveurs ne seront pas disponibles pendant la maintenance. Si des modifications doivent être…