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  • Attack of the killer insects! Venture back to the Rift’s Edge from Tuesday, 18th September.

    For just a few weeks this dungeon is once again accessible in both normal and extreme flavors for anyone who loves annihilating giant flora and fauna. On the menu: Yativio, Vesporax and Koleogg!
    You can enter both versions of the dungeon daily—or twice daily if you’re a Club member—until the release of patch 75 in October. Take on this special challenge by traveling through the teleportal in the Timeless Woods, or by using instance matching.

    Rewards? You bet!
    (Details about it will be shared during tomorrow's maintenance).

    Normal difficulty
    • For 10-player raids
    • 1 daily entry (2 for club members)
    • Designed for item level 439
    Extreme difficulty
    • For 5-player groups
    • 1 daily entry (2 for club members)
    • Designed for item level 453

    Display Issues
    Since we are not able to fine-tune everything for our EU-specific dungeons, there are a few known display issues with this event:
    • No mini-map is displayed in

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  • Skoza -

    Replied to the thread Stamm sucht Tank.

    Danke :D Also meldet euch, gute Leute von anderen Servern sind auch herzlich willkommen :thumbup:
  • strick3n -

    Replied to the thread Le niveau 65, je suis largué.

    Effectivement, l’équipement et les cristaux n'offre pas de variété, tout le monde joue avec un équipement identique, avec des lignes identiques, et des cristaux identiques. Pour les cristaux, du moment que tu possède des niveot pour les pièces…
  • Zobenz -

    Replied to the thread Where to get polished arunic ore????.

    Quote from Miriad: “Quote from Zobenz: “Here is what I would do if I were in your position with no resources and having just upgraded to twisthard: 1. Find a guild - having a people to go for runs (even if they don't do these dungs, you can always…
  • Momojunketsu -

    Replied to the thread Training room.

    Love the idea also!
  • Aureli -

    Replied to the thread Rangliste.

    Das Problem wurde bereits weitergeleitet und wird schnellstmöglich behoben! Vielen Dank für eure Meldung.
  • Aureli -

    Replied to the thread Weitergeleitet Titel für Schlachtfeld nicht vorhanden.

    Wie lady.kill bereits sagte, wird das Problem bearbeitet und so schnell wie möglich behoben.
  • Delinth -

    Liked Moler’s post in the thread Loot Box's are against the LAW so why do i still see them in TERA?.

    Like (Post)
    Pork and alcohol are banned in Sharia countries so I guess pigling meat and those summer wines should be removed as well, righty? 30% of Killian population would agree it's haram. Also put burkas on female characters.
  • Momojunketsu -

    Replied to the thread Old-school HH raid recruitment.

    Let me join Mate!^^
  • Momojunketsu -

    Replied to the thread Where to get polished arunic ore????.

    @Miriad Have you found your Answer about Arunic ore? Please confirm if you do, otherwise i would close this thread. You my open another thread for more discussion about TERA here: "Discussions-about-TERA"
  • Zobenz -

    Replied to the thread Item XP + 30%.

    i cannot find the announcement for these boosters to backup my claim but I remember it was said there that they are added in shop for a limited time.