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    Guardians of Arborea, lend me your ears! From now, July 20th until 10 AM on Monday, July 23rd, you’ll earn additional rewards for completing missions for the Guardian Legion.

    Look forward to the following:
    Bonus Reward:
    • 10 Equipment EXP.
    • 125 Guardian Legion Reputation Points.
    • 5 Vanguard Initiative Reputation Points.
    • 5 Elleon's Mark of Valour.
    • You can receive the bonus rewards up to 40 times per day.
    • The rewards come in addition to existing rewards.
    • You receive the bonus reward every time you collect a “reward box”.
    Enjoy the event!

    The TERA Team

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Kaufe +8/9 Gunner Equipment


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1 second freeze whenever I tab back in to the game



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  • Harmoos -

    Posted the thread Réglage interface.

    Bonjour, de retour sur je jeu j'ai un éléments de l’interface qui me gène, le bandeau d'info sur les événement en cours(voir le screenshot) et je ne trouve aucun moyen de l'enlevez, avez vous une solution ? Impossible de réduire l'opacité, il…
  • Lixoz -

    Posted the thread Kaufe +8/9 Gunner Equipment.

    Suche derzeit nach folgendem: +9 Waffe +8/9 Chest/Schuhe/Handschuhe Zu erreichen per whisper/pm im Forum/Discord: Lix#2323. Bitte mit gewünschtem Preis eurerseits anschreiben.
  • Mr.Brownstone -

    Liked tobtheking2’s post in the thread Dreadspire Reset Scrolls.

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    "Hey, everybody. I wanted to update you on the latest news about Dreadspire. When Dreadspire goes live on Thursday, July 12, you’ll receive the Dreadspire Convergence buff while inside. Dreadspire Convergence increases Power by 33, Endurance by 23,
  • Mr.Brownstone -

    Replied to the thread Dreadspire Reset Scrolls.

    Yesterday, I was running DS and Kaprima jumped back, went out of the door and resetted, making us lose the run. I agree.
  • Kraxler -

    Replied to the thread Info about superior Guardian Legion.

    Quote from Nooblord42: “Actually you fools are doing it wrong. The boss needs to die for you to get rewards, you only need to hit the boss once. Rewards are based on ilvl you need 439 I think to get the 6rubys or 2 green noct if you have less ilvl…
  • Andrea -

    Replied to the thread 1 second freeze whenever I tab back in to the game.

    I also have this issue, sometimes my screen freezes for 4-5 seconds then it goes back to normality, I'm also looking for a fix honestly :P
  • Fusen -

    Liked Kraxler’s post in the thread Zu hohe Upgradekosten für das neue Heldenschwurgear.

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    Meine Vorschläge und damit wär eigentlich auch alles abgedeckt. schreibe meine Begründung in Rot Sachen die Gameforgen ändern kann: Lösungen für PP Flaschen Vorhutshänlder: 4k PP Flasche von 1500 Rufmünzen auf 500 senken wie auf dem Manahan…
  • Fusen -

    Liked Hsankor’s post in the thread Zu hohe Upgradekosten für das neue Heldenschwurgear.

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    Hallo Zusammen, Ich möchte hier ein Thema ansprechen, dass mich schon länger in Tera stört und wo ich Änderungsbedarf sehe: Die Kosten für das Plussen von Endgame-Gear und vorallem des damit verbundenen Produktionspunkteverbrauchs. Damit jetzt aber…
  • Xilokz -

    Replied to the thread Dreadspire Reset Scrolls.

    Tera 2018 .. When just playing the game costs gold....
  • tobtheking2 -

    Liked Matrixo’s post in the thread Good feedback on game management.

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    Pathetic responses and pathetic people in this game. Why you praise the game management or support? Everyday I see same people with same macros/proxy/teleport hack and nothing happen to them. People trash talking and nothing happen to…