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    It’s time to save Christmas! Some of Lakan’s evil minions have used his nefarious illusion magic and transformed themselves into fat little Santas. Now these phonies are running amok, spreading out across the lands and stealing presents from the children of all races and creeds. Find and hunt down these sham Santas before they cause any more havoc!

    As if that weren’t bad enough, these scoundrels are obviously planning something big… they’ve got hordes of combat items stashed away in a few big treasure chests. In each chest you’ll find 10x [Event] Ancient Wyvern Bones which can be exchanged for superb rewards.

    Go hunting Santas on these weekends:

    Friday, 7th December, 12:00 PM – Monday, 10th December, 12:00 PM

    • Fey Forest
    • Oblivion Woods
    • Tuwangi Mire
    • Valley of Titans
    • Celestial Hills
    Friday, 14th December, 12:00 PM – Monday 17th December, 12:00 PM

    • Blessing Basin
    • Essenian Crest
    • Blightwood
    • Timeless Woods
    Friday, 21st December, 12:00 PM – Monday, 24th December, 12:00 PM


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  • FlareStar -

    Replied to the thread BuddyUp! Codes.

    BuddyUp Code: Evhel.Flauros#5081 0/3
  • Cyberion -

    Replied to the thread Mangelhafte Informationspolitk seitens GameForge.

    Quote from feeluck: “bei gravierungen war mir bewusst, dass neue rezepte anstehen, allerdings bin ich davon ausgegangen, dass alle bisherigen materialien wie baumkristalle auch irgendwie verwertbar bleiben.bei den ölen genau dasselbe. ” Dann hab ich…
  • YustForFun -

    Replied to the thread Artisan Refining Tool.

    Also diamonds costs now more production points (500 instead of 300) without any change
  • YustForFun -

    Posted the thread Artisan Refining Tool.

    Hello People, did I miss the information that our Artisan Refining Tool get changed and is now useless or didnt they mentioned it? For me now there is something called Craft Kit what looks exactly the same costs the same so why remove the old and make a…
  • YustForFun -

    Replied to the thread Mangelhafte Informationspolitk seitens GameForge.

    @Aureli könntest du auch Nachfragen/ uns informieren wegen dem Buff Veliks Kleiner Helfer (Kraft und Konsti zB in LU), ob die 30% Talent-Exp Boni bleiben und wann man seinen Brawler zu einer Elin machen kann. Dankeschön schonmal im Vorraus
  • Tera Rising -

    Replied to the thread Is Tera worth starting for a new player?.

    Quote from Codela: “You're welcome - I'm always happy when I can make people laugh. ;) As I am not sure what message you want to convey with your answer and since you haven't delivered any substantial points or arguments whatsoever, why don't we soon…
  • Darknova -

    Replied to the thread Event issues already.

    One question though: is this event rewarding enough? I'm reluctant to get into it, so feedback would be appreciated.
  • Aureli -

    Replied to the thread Mangelhafte Informationspolitk seitens GameForge.

    Okay, vielen Dank für dein ausführliches Feedback! Wir werden weiterhin daran arbeiten den Informationsaustausch zu optimieren!
  • Aureli -

    Replied to a comment by Lysardh on Aureli’s wall.

    Wall Reply
    Vielen Dank für den Hinweis, ist angepasst! :)
  • Uhrzeiger23 -

    Replied to the thread Neuer KR Content 20.12.2018 Max Lv.70.

    Quote from Om3Ga: “Kein einziger kluger Spieler wollte das Talentesystem. Das waren eher forum idioten oder diejenigen die keine Ahnung von Spiel haben. ” Du meinst eher die Leute, die keine Ahnung hatten, wollte Talents net. Komischerweise sind die…