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    Hello TERA players,

    It is our aim to always bring you the best possible gaming experience. We know that it is very important for you to be able to find other players for group content quickly and easily at all times. We are therefore delighted to announce that we will be merging some servers at the beginning of May!

    In the future, this will mean you will have lots of new players to form guilds with, trade with, face challenges together, or compete against!
    As part of the server merge, servers of the same language will be combined. We will integrate the newer servers into the older servers of the same language.

    The following server merges are planned:
    • 1 PvE server (EN): Sikander will be added to MYSTEL
    • 1 PvE server (DE): Saleron will be added to YURIAN
    • 1 PvE server (FR): Amarun will be added to SEREN
    • 1 international PvP server (EN): KILLIAN will remain
    You will find everything you need to know about the merge soon in our separate FAQ. We really hope the merge will help you enjoy the…

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  • dkang -

    Liked Kumas’s post in the thread Oldschool server please.

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    I left current Tera some time ago, just can't play this game anymore. I don't like how things are now, bluehole turned this game into something that i can't enjoy anymore. If such a server would exist as OP says, just here to say that me and many my…
  • dkang -

    Liked Kyureta’s post in the thread Oldschool server please.

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    So here's the deal, choose one of 3 periods: - vm 1; - vm2, before innerwears and reaper release; - lvl 65 patch. Personal favourite is vm2 b4 reaper, cause I started playing there but I'm pretty sure vm1 was even better if I had a chance to play it. No…
  • Poofpoof -

    Wrote a comment on Matrixo’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    angry sorc :p
  • Galtero -

    Replied to the thread Talentsystem?.

    less data means more variance. reaper should already give a clear indicator that there cant be that many logs from reapers. however the trend can be easily red, as all classes show higher top potentials Es gibt aus Korea einfach weniger daten, zumal die…
  • jiji -

    Liked Skaild’s post in the thread Talentsystem?.

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  • Rafera -

    Replied to the thread Nerf RMHM HP????!.

    Quote from tobtheking2: “We already have enough Data collected and we even gave you guys everything you need to message Bluehole ” Man you already collected enough Data and did their job, can't we message them directly as well?
  • Blood.Bath -

    Liked Jhxs’s post in the thread Gewinnspiel.

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    Da Tera doch sehr einseitig ist dacht ich mir ich veranstalte mal n kleines Gewinnspiel. Dieses findet am 30.04.2018 statt, somit ist der Einsendeschluss eures +es spätestens am 29.04.2018 um 18 Uhr. Machen müsst ihr dafür nichts, ausser mir Ingame per…
  • Rafera -

    Liked Sirgoulas’s post in the thread Nerf RMHM HP????!.

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    Quote from Eternyawar: “Don't know why you come here to complain that talents will break pvp balance when you claim in every pvp thread that pvp is dead. And anyway last season leaderboard proved once again that, as soon as there are good rewards, you…
  • Rafera -

    Liked HavocRL’s post in the thread Oldschool server please.

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    Actually, I think Wonderholme and smartboxes weren't that good. As I said in an earlier post, in VM1 era, ppl reaching lvl 60 had to follow a certain order to reach high tier gear. T12 in many dungeons, then OTHER dungeons to get some t13 gear that would…
  • Unborn -

    Replied to the thread Talentsystem?.

    EU has normal distribution and Koreans not? I call this graphs bullshit... Even Koreans should have normal distribution, unless talents are bugged somehow (oh wait... thats exactly what Bluehole said). EU hat Normalverteilung und Koreaner nicht? Ich…