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When tera gets proper performance fix?



Verkauf von Raidbroschen (Vergos Kopf)



Bug du clown aleister(labytinthe de la terreur



WTS +9/+8 slayer and warrior gear


[PvP] Patch 66: Battleground Rankings



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  • jiji -

    Liked Xanorra’s post in the thread Fan Arts.

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    Hab auch letztens wieder n Fanart gemacht und lad's einfach auch mal hoch :elin39: board.tera.gameforge.com/index…93d867e9c10e4d79c5f723c01
  • Borsuc -

    Replied to the thread When tera gets proper performance fix?.

    I cringe in this day and age everytime someone uses "70% of CPU!!!" without specifying the amount of threads and cores, as if that means anything. Unless you use a dual core I don't think it is possible for TERA to use 70% CPU.
  • Lupulsaiu -

    Liked Atmorph’s post in the thread [PvP] Patch 66: Battleground Rankings.

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    Hey all! As some of you might already know (more info about the patch hopefully by next week), with the next bigger patch TERA will see a reintroduction of some more openly displayed Battleground Rankings, looking like this: 4DhyiyO.png That being…
  • Armai -

    Replied to the thread Verkauf von Raidbroschen (Vergos Kopf).

    Und weiter geht's
  • Elesyan -

    Replied to the thread Remonté Bug du clown aleister(labytinthe de la terreur.

    La quête s'est validée alors que je faisais l'instance pour la huitième fois. J'avoue ne pas bien comprendre comment cette quête fonctionne.
  • Phar -

    Posted the thread WTS +9/+8 slayer and warrior gear.

    +9 Slayer Greatsword (energetic 4, dual stats) 2m +9 Warrior Twin Swords (energetic 4, dual stats) 2m +8 Slayer Cuirass (grounded 4) 1.1m +8 Warrior Cuirass (grounded 4, dual stats) 1.1m +8 Leather Gloves (energetic 4) 900k +8 Leather Boots (grounded 4)…
  • Zayu -

    Liked Spatsu’s post in the thread [PvP] Patch 66: Battleground Rankings.

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    You can't have a functional PvP leaderboard for a disfunctional game with a grind mindset playerbase. If the rewards are account shared you just go to the best class to grind for them esily. (MI was a good example of reward since you needed to play the…
  • Zayu -

    Liked exiled92’s post in the thread [PvP] Patch 66: Battleground Rankings.

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    E- Rewards based on IQ
  • tera -

    Wrote a comment on stecapoterra’s wall.

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  • Rafera -

    Liked Kraxler’s post in the thread [PvP] Patch 66: Battleground Rankings.

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    Since the new leaderboards is bad because you can grind for point even if u lose can you adjust it? I mean it should be possible that player who lose gets 0 rating while only wins gives rating (if 0 isn't possible then reduce points for lose just to 1…