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    It’s time to save Christmas! Some of Lakan’s evil minions have used his nefarious illusion magic and transformed themselves into fat little Santas. Now these phonies are running amok, spreading out across the lands and stealing presents from the children of all races and creeds. Find and hunt down these sham Santas before they cause any more havoc!

    As if that weren’t bad enough, these scoundrels are obviously planning something big… they’ve got hordes of combat items stashed away in a few big treasure chests. In each chest you’ll find 10x [Event] Ancient Wyvern Bones which can be exchanged for superb rewards.

    Go hunting Santas on these weekends:

    Friday, 7th December, 12:00 PM – Monday, 10th December, 12:00 PM

    • Fey Forest
    • Oblivion Woods
    • Tuwangi Mire
    • Valley of Titans
    • Celestial Hills
    Friday, 14th December, 12:00 PM – Monday 17th December, 12:00 PM

    • Blessing Basin
    • Essenian Crest
    • Blightwood
    • Timeless Woods
    Friday, 21st December, 12:00 PM – Monday, 24th December, 12:00 PM


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Calendrier de l'avent


Problems of Tera EU ! Gameforge does NOTHING !



Merge Killian and Mystel already.



Neuer KR Content 20.12.2018 Max Lv.70



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  • Efy -

    Liked Naomasa’s post in the thread Forwarded Problem with reputation quests.

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    Hello, thanks for reporting, AFAIK you should be able to do 10 Reputation Quests (20 with Club). I'll forward the issue and will get back to you when I have new information. :elin21:
  • Efy -

    Liked PizzaWarrior’s post in the thread Forwarded Problem with reputation quests.

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    I can confirm, after you do 8 daily quest (or 18 daily with Tera Club), no more daily will show up on map, and NPC will not give any more quest, so you're unable to do the 2 daily quests left. So this should be classified as a bug I think.
  • Falidae -

    Replied to the thread Grafikprobleme.

    Quote from Tomo: “vielleicht an der neuen graka? ?( ” Das ist mir klar, aber sie funktioniert ansonsten einwandfrei. Keine starken fps-problematiken oder andere Grafikbugs. Assassins Creed läuft ebenfalls wunderbar ohne Problemen. Nur bei einzelnen…
  • Pamplem -

    Posted the thread Calendrier de l'avent.

    Bonsoir, Il y a un event du 1 au 24 décembre avec un calendrier en l'avent, ma question, où récupérer le cadeau ? J'ai fouiller toute la boutique je n'ai rien trouver. Merci !
  • Falidae -

    Liked Kraxler’s post in the thread Grafikprobleme.

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    Lösche mal bitte die S1Engine.ini datei im Ordner TERA\Client\S1Game\Config aber nur die S1Engine.ini und nicht die default. Die S1Engine wird beim starten des Spiels neu generiert.
  • Falidae -

    Liked Tomo’s post in the thread Grafikprobleme.

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    vielleicht an der neuen graka? ?(
  • xLightz -

    Replied to the thread Problems of Tera EU ! Gameforge does NOTHING !.

    But what if the patient died? His insurance pays, but that doesn't apply here. If we leave, nobody pays.
  • xLightz -

    Replied to the thread Forwarded Merge Killian and Mystel already..

    100+ EP is nothing compared to what you might leave behind if the merge or transfers are delayed even more. In a month, in two months, then it will actually be "months" you are behind after transfering. Rather leave the little EP you got now, than leave…
  • Satsukii.chan -

    Replied to the thread Neuer KR Content 20.12.2018 Max Lv.70.

    Für komplette neulinge in Tera geht es so. Für welche die schon länger spielen und mats on mass haben die habens ruckzuck^^ aber selbst für neulinge ist es in nen paar tage erreichbar, mit club sogar etwas schneller denk ich mal also nicht ganz unmöglich :P
  • xLightz -

    Replied to the thread Is Tera worth starting for a new player?.

    Quote from Tera Rising: “Is TERA Worth Playing in 2017/2018? A TERA MMORPG Review (I also recommend reading all the comments from retired TERA players) ” Lol is this a joke or something, the video is from June 2016, the issues we have and the reasons a…