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    Guardians of Arborea, lend me your ears! From now, July 20th until 10 AM on Monday, July 23rd, you’ll earn additional rewards for completing missions for the Guardian Legion.

    Look forward to the following:
    Bonus Reward:
    • 10 Equipment EXP.
    • 125 Guardian Legion Reputation Points.
    • 5 Vanguard Initiative Reputation Points.
    • 5 Elleon's Mark of Valour.
    • You can receive the bonus rewards up to 40 times per day.
    • The rewards come in addition to existing rewards.
    • You receive the bonus reward every time you collect a “reward box”.
    Enjoy the event!

    The TERA Team

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My ideas for bringing some fresh air into the game and add some interesting things! :)


Verkaufe Komplettes Berserker Gear +9



Probleme beim Einloggen, werde immer wieder gesperrt!


Stamm LF DD



Verkaufe Krieger Set



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  • 1. Adding a walk, trot and high speed gallop to animal mounts such as horses, feline mounts, wolves. Flying mounts have been in the game for over a year and a half now, they have high speed flight and also the option to have a Mighty passive that effects…
  • Tomo -

    Replied to the thread Verkaufe Komplettes Berserker Gear +9.

    bitte Titel ändern in "Verkaufe/Tausche Zerk+9 Brust" -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Verkaufe nur noch zerk+9 brust für 1.1mio. Tausche auch gegen gleichwertiges oder für eine gunner brust ab…
  • Thalena -

    Posted the thread Probleme beim Einloggen, werde immer wieder gesperrt!.

    Hallo zusammen Ich hab ein leider ein ziemlich hartnäckiges Problem bei Tera. Ich werde ständig gesperrt. Angeblich verändert etwas in meinem System das Spiel. Ich hab dann den Pc neu aufgesetzt Problem bestand weiter Tera deinstalliert, neu…
  • JudicatorTv -

    Liked senita456’s post in the thread Good feedback on game management.

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    Yoopi got banned while Saucy is still out there? this game is hopeless :|
  • Divastator -

    Replied to the thread Stamm LF DD.

  • Fanaion -

    Replied to the thread Verkaufe Krieger Set.

    Push ~ Würde auch gegen gleichwertiges Gunnerset Tauschen.
  • Pig God -

    Replied to the thread Sammelthread BuddyUp! / Freundescode.

    Mein Charakter: Pig.God Server: (DE) - Yurian Code: Pig.God#3106
  • Rafera -

    Liked tobtheking2’s post in the thread Dreadspire Reset Scrolls.

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    "Hey, everybody. I wanted to update you on the latest news about Dreadspire. When Dreadspire goes live on Thursday, July 12, you’ll receive the Dreadspire Convergence buff while inside. Dreadspire Convergence increases Power by 33, Endurance by 23,
  • Rafera -

    Liked tobtheking2’s post in the thread Dreadspire Reset Scrolls.

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    Exactly NA has the same drops but 3 easy ways to get reset scrolls. I really don't see the point of limiting us that hard considering how expensive everything has become and especially looking at the next Patch....gearing will be so fking expensive o.o'
  • Rafera -

    Liked Xilokz’s post in the thread Dreadspire Reset Scrolls.

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    Tera 2018 .. When just playing the game costs gold....