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    Are you ready for the new Champion Challenges? From Friday, 15th june (10:00 CEST) until Sunday, 17th June (23:59 CEST) you can look forward to new challenges for reaping rewards.

    Event details:

    Mastering a challenge requires you to successfully complete dungeons during the event. You can view your current challenges by clicking on the little Elin button while the event is active. Each time you defeat the final boss of the dungeon, you will make some progress in the respective challenge.

    Antaross' Abyss (HM) - Clear Antaross' Abyss (HM) x times and get the following rewards:
    • 1 clear: 3x Strong bravery potion
    • 3 clears: 100x Elleon's Mark of Valor
    • 5 clears: 1x Smart Dyad Niveot Structure

    Challenge accepted?
    The TERA Team

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Sync in BGs



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Awakening Part 2



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  • Greensheep -

    Replied to the thread Sync in BGs.

    Problem exist since vm1, problem still remains. Would say you are done. Sometimes i wish BHS get some ass kicks (ಥ_ಥ). I mean it s just a fking match maker. You cant tell me this is some epic Science.
  • tobtheking2 -

    Replied to the thread Upcoming Dreadspire Problems.

    Valk does pretty much the same dps o:
  • Kraxler -

    Replied to the thread Awakening Part 2.

    Ich würde mich mal nicht so schnell freuen. Die werden sicherlich an das Talentsystem angepasst oder gar schlimmer sie bekommen komplett neue Talente. Ich halte das gesamte Awakening System eh für Schwachsinn. Die werden alle Inis dementsprechen jetzt…
  • Greensheep -

    Liked Rafera’s post in the thread Sync in BGs.

    Like (Post)
    problem isnt the players doing sync queue, the problem is the matching system. Matching system needs rework.
  • Inis spammen, Raid laufen ect. Das Attack on Titan Event konnte man sehr gut abusen. Hatte am Ende ca 8k Marken was mit 4 Drachen gebracht hat. Ab und zu kann es vorkommen das die vegilbte Rolle dir direkt einen Drachen gibt (sehr geringe Chance)
  • Marliku -

    Liked tobtheking2’s post in the thread Upcoming Dreadspire Problems.

    Like (Post)
    Gonna update my recent post with new highest EU Rankings: 1.) Archer EU 3.9m/s vs Archer KR 4.5m/s === Difference of +15% dmg 2.) Berserker EU 6.1m/s vs Berserker KR 6.9m/s …
  • steasyy -

    Posted the thread lf Static für tower.

    Wie es im Titel steht suche ich eine Static für den kommenden Tower Main: lancer Full +9 steasy-e twink: ninja Full +9 steasyy würde aber lieber tanken als dd zu spielen. Onlinezeiten eher spontan, lässt sich aber bestimmt alles absprechen,am…
  • Tomo -

    Replied to the thread Upcoming Dreadspire Problems.

    what about valkyrie? i mean, if you do the average, you have to include every dps char i guess :elin24:
  • Yoopi -

    Replied to the thread Dragon, Phoenix passives not procing.

    Hi, I seem like I am spamming this, but I will last comment on this until someone responds clips.twitch.tv/TentativeMoldyLatteVoteNay video of person who crits in pit of petrax and gets dragon/phoenix passives proced. Mine do not get proced. Guildie of…
  • Yoopi -

    Replied to the thread Low level Isle of Dawn > level 13 weapon skins Fashion coupon.

    Quote from Tomo: “would it hurt anyone if they do this? don't think so, so just yeah, implement them ” My thought behind my negative opinion towards this is : They have to focus on more useful , interesting things for the community such as events,…