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Worth coming back after long absence?



439 Dungeons changes in Patch 72



Pinned BuddyUp! Codes



(Video) Hole in the boundary that lets you warp a continent away, fall off the map and others.



How the tera shop actually works?



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  • Moler -

    Replied to the thread Worth coming back after long absence?.

    hi and no xd 1. Barely 2. Yes but most of the pve endgame is done by statics and elitist guilds 3. yes it is, especially with all these cheater proxy kiddos playing the game, they had no (or sad) childhood so they have to live it out cheating in tera 4.…
  • Gyusza -

    Replied to the thread Worth coming back after long absence?.

    1. Imo the alive word can mean a lot of things, its only depend on the individual preferences. 2. Everyone able to dungeons. But low lvl dungs queue time can be ridiculous. 3. As in every game mostly the toxic players whom have attention grabbing…
  • senita456 -

    Replied to the thread 439 Dungeons changes in Patch 72.

    If you don't have any interest in contributing to the subject of the thread you may as well not post at all, especially if you all you got to say is just some personal attack on me. Also I wouldn't complain about people complaining (which isn't even the…
  • LeviathanX -

    Replied to the thread 439 Dungeons changes in Patch 72.

    Quote from senita456: “and why I am even the only one contributing here? :| ” because you are the only (supposedly unemployed) one who constantly complains about every shit in the game that matches in your (personal) definition of "scam" or "waste of…
  • White -

    Replied to the thread BuddyUp! Codes.

    #Updated Blue-Haze#9884 Realistic.Panic#0515 Panicked#3353 Kernel-Panic#8059 Syd#5754 Brawler-Panic#6195 Toxic-P#7939 Internal-Panic#7207 Kill.Senpai#6882 Switch-Blades#6035
  • CouchPotato -

    Posted the thread Worth coming back after long absence?.

    Hello hope not really dead forum, I used to play here like 2-3 years ago, so decided to come back play a bit till the game completely dies out (unless it already did), so my main questions are: - Is it still alive? - Will i be able to do dungeons? - Is…
  • One thing that usually works if unstuck or teleports do not is getting summoned by a healer or a friend. Also simply force closing the client may teleport the character back on the surface world if none of teleports, unstuck and logout works. I've been…
  • Vanli -

    Replied to the thread How the tera shop actually works?.

    In case of many costumes the price is grayed out and you have to click on the name of the costume to get a sub-selection, where you can choose which exact costume of the featured theme you want to buy.
  • So you found the probably best hide and seek position.