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    We will be carrying out server maintenance on 24/04/2018, starting at 09:00 CEST.

    The maintenance period is expected to end at approximately 11:30 CEST.
    All game servers will not be reachable during this time.

    In case of any changes to the timeframe, we'll keep you updated through our website, forum and social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.
    The TERA Team

    Additional information: As announced previously, we will exchange the Shroomie and Squidger pets and skills from player’s inventories for the two new rare kitty pets (more info here). For pets in the item claim, the exchange will be done in a future maintenance.

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  • Sirgoulas -

    Liked Kraxler’s post in the thread Nerf RMHM HP????!.

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    If u ever know each talent you will obviousoly see why talents are retarded for PvP. It just add more rng .. and rng is always shit for pvp. 19% retaliate reset can just destroy your finishing blow. The enemy didn't survive because he use retaliate at…
  • Sirgoulas -

    Liked Unborn’s post in the thread Nerf RMHM HP????!.

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    Quote from Uhrzeiger23: “Quote from Unborn: “But guess what will talents do? Destroy PvP balance entirely ” Nobody cares about pvp manholy shit ” Clearly Bluehole does (unintentionally)... Since they refuse to transfer talents to EU/NA due to…
  • Deflay -

    Liked Spatsu’s post in the thread Battleground Rankings - Season 2.

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    Instead of complaining you should be happy enough to get the rewards instead of a ban for cheating your way to them.
  • Valkyria -

    Replied to the thread BuddyUp! Codes.

    My character: Valkyrîa Valkyrîa's Server: (EN) - Mystel BuddyUp Code: Valkyrîa#2974 - 0/3 Use only if you are going to reach lv65 with that character please.
  • Sirgoulas -

    Liked jinh’s post in the thread Oldschool server please.

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    While the farm, gearing or event rewards were better, the content itself surely wasn't hard, what made it hard was that the game was somewhat new, people were bad,classes lacked tons of changes, such as glyphes or even skiills, we were undergeared (not…
  • Sirgoulas -

    Liked Unborn’s post in the thread Oldschool server please.

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    vm1 was grindy... but othet sets were easy. And difference between top and mid gear was small... unlike +15 vs +12. Bloodrave was basically free. MVA and MES were easy to farm... going +12 in one day was normal. For PvE you could go with bloodrave boots…
  • Sirgoulas -

    Liked Kumas’s post in the thread Oldschool server please.

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    I left current Tera some time ago, just can't play this game anymore. I don't like how things are now, bluehole turned this game into something that i can't enjoy anymore. If such a server would exist as OP says, just here to say that me and many my…
  • Sirgoulas -

    Liked HavocRL’s post in the thread Oldschool server please.

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    VM1 period pls. There was so many things to do everyday then. When you reached level 60 you had crappy non enchantable t12, and reaching full VM1 took extremly long cause you have many steps before. Farming enchantable t12 in many different dungeons…
  • Quote from Màyà_GM: “♠ Support can reset the quest for you *(from the start)* ♠ ” This. Keep cool Cute, I know this is annoying and no fun at all, but I had the exact same issue because of a disconnect while being inside the inbetween where…