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Pinned Sammelthread BuddyUp! / Freundescode



Beweis des Wandels



Patch 72 Disscusions / Questions



Proxy - erlaubt oder verboten



How the tera shop actually works?



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  • Chiriku -

    Replied to the thread Sammelthread BuddyUp! / Freundescode.

    Mein Charakter: Chiriku Mein Server: (DE) - Dagon Freundescode: Chiriku#2716
  • Arlos -

    Replied to the thread Beweis des Wandels.

    Wir können dir hier nicht helfen. Du musst damit zum support.
  • Kyureta -

    Replied to the thread Patch 72 Disscusions / Questions.

    ninja and brawler could always silence dodges but it's a bug... if you press any other skill you can dodge again
  • tobtheking2 -

    Replied to the thread Proxy - erlaubt oder verboten.

    Vielen Dank für die Offizielle Stellungsnahme Mr. Moorleiche. Thread kann geschlossen werden, we done! o/
  • Dennei3 -

    Posted the thread Beweis des Wandels.

    Hi bei mir sind heute Beweis des Wandels 20K verschwunden nachdem ich die verschoben habe ins inventar aus Bank :cursing:
  • Miriad -

    Replied to the thread How the tera shop actually works?.

    Quote from Vanli: “In case of many costumes the price is grayed out and you have to click on the name of the costume to get a sub-selection, where you can choose which exact costume of the featured theme you want to buy. ” Well, i didnt try costumes…
  • Miriad -

    Replied to the thread How the tera shop actually works?.

    Quote from Arlos: “Some items indeed have a level restriction but that shouldn't be every item you can't buy. About the rest I'm not sure. Maybe they are race or gender exclusives you can't use. ” Hm, i undestrand that but, for example, that box…
  • Icecream -

    Posted the thread Bug quête narrative "Vallée printanière".

    Bonjour Je suis à la quête "une sacrée colle", mais il me manque le "collier archidevan brisé". Comment réinitialiser l'ensemble des quêtes afin de pourvoir terminé cette partie ? Merci
  • kokojam -

    Liked jinh’s post in the thread Cannot progress in craft Alchemy.

    Like (Post)
    Quote from Nakuraku: “Quote from Mindstormer: “It says in the box to craft a minor battle solution, not major ” No. It's says major to craft as per highlighted item. ” Yes you are indeed crafting Major Battle Solution. However the TEST requires…
  • Buschfunker -

    Replied to the thread Patch 72 Disscusions / Questions.

    Today in CS i faced a ninja several times, and several times my dodges were silenced after he hit me. Is this now possible on ninja? It was not only backsteb, breakaway bolt was silenced too,- like on zerk