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    Attack of the killer insects! Venture back to the Rift’s Edge from Tuesday, 18th September.

    For just a few weeks this dungeon is once again accessible in both normal and extreme flavors for anyone who loves annihilating giant flora and fauna. On the menu: Yativio, Vesporax and Koleogg!
    You can enter both versions of the dungeon daily—or twice daily if you’re a Club member—until the release of patch 75 in October. Take on this special challenge by traveling through the teleportal in the Timeless Woods, or by using instance matching.

    Rewards? You bet!
    (Details about it will be shared during tomorrow's maintenance).

    Normal difficulty
    • For 10-player raids
    • 1 daily entry (2 for club members)
    • Designed for item level 439
    Extreme difficulty
    • For 5-player groups
    • 1 daily entry (2 for club members)
    • Designed for item level 453

    Display Issues
    Since we are not able to fine-tune everything for our EU-specific dungeons, there are a few known display issues with this event:
    • No mini-map is displayed in

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Do new/returning players like myself stand a chance ?



Is it just me who sees it that way?



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  • TItle. Hope you won't forget. Give me my mask thank you :elin1:
  • dusi007 -

    Liked Stronk’s post in the thread masks when for merged servers?.

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  • dusi007 -

    Liked Kraxler’s post in the thread masks when for merged servers?.

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    Well it started again with first season ... Good joob. Why end season 1 day before merge when you can just fck up every player who try harded for their ranks ...
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    Liked Umi’s post in the thread WHY NO KILLIAN (Proxy) UP YET.

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    We do not want you to become angry or frustrated by our response. Rather, we encourage you to connect with other players. Whether Baraka, Castanic or Elin, we are certain you will find a nice player in-game, who will be happy to help you and possibly…
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    Replied to the thread Sammelthread BuddyUp! / Freundescode.

    BuddyUp Code: Peanerd#8102
  • Naomasa -

    Replied to the thread Späte Vorstellung.

    Quote from Arlos: “Mein Lieblingsspruch ist das Yurianmotto "Wipeout is Schuld!". Falls die Wipies mal nicht Schuld sind ist es Kuba. ” Kann ich nur so unterschreiben :^)
  • Naomasa -

    Replied to the thread Hello TERA Forum!.

    Quote from Moler: “That's fine. You should've kept going, though! It's always nice and useful to learn extra languages. I'd love to learn more japanese as well, as I only know some really basic words and grammar. Japan has such a cool history and…
  • Nuschell -

    Replied to a comment by Nuschell on Athena’s wall.

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    I started a conversation and hope that´s the right thing :D
  • Sblade -

    Liked Borsuc’s post in the thread Just another big rant..

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    Quote from Buschfunker: “He was banned and He is a moderator, thats exactly what i call a corupted compamy” Imagine you've been sent to prison wrongly based on a mistake from an incompetent judge and then not only did you have to fight your way out…
  • karma2012 -

    Liked Flaméfox’s post in the thread Do new/returning players like myself stand a chance ?.

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    Quote from karma2012: “Is there no open world PvP going on in Killian for instance? ” Of course there is open world PvP on Killian. Just go to VO and ask Tsunami if they want beef and then wait about 1 - 5 min. You will have half Saudi Arabia chasing…