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    Get ready for even more PvP action!

    Patch 79 introduces a new battleground, improvements to existing battlegrounds, special PvP gear and more!

    New Battleground

    Target your enemies, cut through your foes and earn points for victory in the
    Shore Hold. Who will win the upper hand on this fast-paced 7v7 battleground?

    Equalized Gear

    Various battlegrounds have been updated, with the biggest change being that
    you’ll receive equalized gear in certain arenas. Your skills make every difference
    between victory and defeat!

    PvP Gear

    Fortunately, not every battleground will use this equalized gear. You can now
    take all those hard-earned PvP points and exchange them for new gear. This
    stuff not only looks fantastic, but the stats are tuned specially to meet your
    PvP needs!

    Training Dungeon

    Take your gear on a trial run and optimize your damage output! In the training
    dungeon, you can fine-tune your combat skills without having the boss breathing
    down your neck. All the while…

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Dungeon Loot Changes and Gear Item Changes.



is the cherry airwolf (flying) available in the store? (and other noob questions)


Pinned BuddyUp! Codes



Pinned BuddyUp! Codes



Make new items bankable


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  • CornishRex -

    Replied to the thread Dungeon Loot Changes and Gear Item Changes..

    Where's lakan's heart from VSN/H :elin11:
  • hi! brand new player here with a tonne of questions. i'd really like a bunch of stuff that i've tried on in the dressing room, but i have no idea how to get it / if i can. 1) the flying cherry airwolf or 'bloom tail' - the tags for this say it's a…
  • Skaild -

    Replied to the thread Dungeon Loot Changes and Gear Item Changes..

    regional loot is missing, no elleons marks in bahar and vshm edit: nvm just got some now, but somehow other loot is lost, dunno what happened there
  • FridayFox -

    Replied to the thread BuddyUp! Codes.

    Server: (EN) - Mystel BuddyUp Code: Stiletto#8854 Feel free to use it ^^
  • FridayFox -

    Replied to the thread BuddyUp! Codes.

    Hiya Server: (EN) - Mystel BuddyUp Code: Stiletto#8854 Fell free to use it ^^
  • Buxeri2 -

    Replied to the thread Dungeon Loot Changes and Gear Item Changes..

    Well is like new agroo on World bosses korea release was in september i think and 1 week later we got it in EU so no sense what they did on patchs
  • Contii -

    Posted the thread Make new items bankable.

    I don't know if anyone made this topic before but it is pretty much annoying to have items that are not bankable and being forced to keep them in the inventory. At least make them soulbound and let us bank them
  • Miriad -

    Replied to the thread Ghillie <3 glade drop rate nerfed?.

    Quote from Kraxler: “Diamonds can drop only in GG for around 1,5 years (since enchanting revamp) ” Nope. Its just rng luck. I already got other 3 diamonds yesterday. And 2 the week before. I mean, again it is RNG. If by now people dont know what that…
  • KYGAS -

    Liked Xtortion’s post in the thread Forge button.

    Like (Post)
    Delete the BASE_UI.gpk in your _S1UI or _Mods folder.
  • xLightz -

    Liked Kraxler’s post in the thread Dungeon Loot Changes and Gear Item Changes..

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    thx but i already know it. the point is we should get patchnotes about it. I mean if i didn't randomly clicked on a VG quest i wouldn't know about it. And since i usually run GLSHM and Bahaar only (which have no changes so far in terms of normal loot) i…