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Pinned [BOARD] Team changes



Years later, still the same issue.



How the tera shop actually works?



lol you removed the green glow from mystic augmentation



Proxy - erlaubt oder verboten



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  • Xendy -

    Liked Buschfunker’s post in the thread 2 second gunner pit.

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    Quote from Ulith: “Quote from Xilokz: “i don't understand it either.. Why discuss about cooldown etc. Just give him/her a temp. ban for clever use of game-mech (knowingly exploiting for keeping full willpower upon entering endgame content ... :D) …
  • Xendy -

    Liked Buschfunker’s post in the thread 2 second gunner pit.

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    I dont know why you even try to argue this as a legit clear. As Maya posted, Kasea did this no Gold no problem video. He is able to manipulate the game and now you guys discuss about a legit or non legit clear. Lel
  • Wednesday -

    Liked Armai’s post in the thread Salix - ein neuer CoMa.

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    Kann mich Hypie da nur anschließen. Gerade bei diesem Thema Dreadspire Loot: Dreadspire Loot... Ausnahmsweise mal ne schnelle Antwort, Hoffnung. Und dann? Nichts .... nichts und nichts. Man muss erst in nem Stream spammen, um in nem kurzen Satz…
  • Andrea -

    Replied to the thread Team [BOARD] Team changes.

    Arikato sadly left the team as of today - He will surely be missed!
  • Arlos -

    Replied to the thread Years later, still the same issue..

    Quote from Greensheep: “Dont get me wrong but its more are individual issue for your state. I never got problems with the luncher past 5 years. Even after swap between 2 different PCs and 1 laptop it always worked well, for every system i run. (even…
  • Xendy -

    Liked Jixxy’s post in the thread Customer support feedback.

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    Normally stuff like this should be clearified right next to the wheel.. But your biggest mistake was spinning this scam anyways...
  • Xendy -

    Liked Buschfunker’s post in the thread Patch 72 Disscusions / Questions.

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    Today in CS i faced a ninja several times, and several times my dodges were silenced after he hit me. Is this now possible on ninja? It was not only backsteb, breakaway bolt was silenced too,- like on zerk