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  • Hello TERA players,

    It is our aim to always bring you the best possible gaming experience. We know that it is very important for you to be able to find other players for group content quickly and easily at all times. We are therefore delighted to announce that we will be merging some servers at the beginning of May!

    In the future, this will mean you will have lots of new players to form guilds with, trade with, face challenges together, or compete against!
    As part of the server merge, servers of the same language will be combined. We will integrate the newer servers into the older servers of the same language.

    The following server merges are planned:
    • 1 PvE server (EN): Sikander will be added to MYSTEL
    • 1 PvE server (DE): Saleron will be added to YURIAN
    • 1 PvE server (FR): Amarun will be added to SEREN
    • 1 international PvP server (EN): KILLIAN will remain
    You will find everything you need to know about the merge soon in our separate FAQ. We really hope the merge will help you enjoy the…

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Discord server for Sorcs


Pinned Dear Atmorph, here is your Shop-Feedback :)



Pinned Fan Arts



Just another peaceful thread.



Es MUSS sich was tun [Ernster Beitrag]



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  • Tech -

    Posted the thread Discord server for Sorcs.

    Inspired by the Berserker Discord by @Yoopi I've put together a Sorcerer one (discord.gg/ZnBATQy). Feel free to join to share your rotations, glyphs, gear, tips and let's make Sorcerer great again!
  • Thern -

    Liked Deathkuba’s post in the thread Es MUSS sich was tun [Ernster Beitrag].

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    Also.. mal ganz im Ernst... Es sollte mehr ERP geben in tera.. bin für so ein Rotlichtviertel in Höhenwacht!
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  • Sybelius76 -

    Replied to the thread Dear Atmorph, here is your Shop-Feedback :).

    interesting answers.
  • KristenTheSeventh -

    Now follows Sunflare.

  • Thern -

    Replied to the thread Fan Arts.

    Das ist wirklich wundervoll geworden, jiji. Die Farben harmonieren sehr. Ich habe mit meiner besten Freundin eine "Manga/Comic Serie" angefangen mit für uns lustigen Momenten. Ich war mir aber bisher unsicher, ob ich sie hier posten sollte, da sie auch…
  • Thern -

    Liked jiji’s post in the thread Fan Arts.

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    hier ist so wenig los, da muss man ja direkt gas geben damit man mit sein bild noch fertig wird D8< hab mir gedacht ich spiel mal ein bisschen herum und versuche mal etwas zu designen und so weiß halt nicht ob es tatsächlich was geworden ist idk macht…
  • Kumas -

    Replied to the thread Just another peaceful thread..

    To me this looks like they don't even care about PC version of TERA anymore, imo awakening was created with a view for console players not PC honestly we didn't needed that. Btw I wait for Bless now to come out, maybe it will not be the same as TERA in…
  • Kraxler -

    Replied to the thread Es MUSS sich was tun [Ernster Beitrag].

    Queen hatte einen Forced Wipe nach 15 Minuten. Egal wieviel HP sie hatte.
  • Arlos -

    Replied to the thread Es MUSS sich was tun [Ernster Beitrag].

    Quote from Dana: “Quote from Arlos: “Quote from Raveout: “Wenn ich an Zeitriss zurückdenke... DAS war spannend weil der DMG egal war. ” Ich denke lieber an VM1 zurück wo die Gruppe zusammenarbeiten musste. Oder WH wo der DMG auch egal war wenn…
  • Kraxler -

    Replied to the thread Nerf RMHM HP????!.

    People still use proxy even if they have 30 or 40ms. Almost every top player abuse Proxy. Atleast one in every static. Ofc it depends on class. Mostly warrior, lancer use it .. basicly every class who have short combo where ping is dependent. Also Gunner…